The bow T -shirt style that must be bought this summer, these 5 models make you fashionable and girl!


In summer, almost all girls will fall in love with sexy shorts/skirts, but I think the most indispensable thing in summer is a bow tie T -shirt. The following 5 models make you fashionable and young girls!


Shoulder bow T -shirt


【style 1】

The cool and pure white T -shirt is a fashion item that adds a sweet Feel for girls. It can be seen from the butterfly strap on the shoulder. Visually bring you a very special fashion style. Simply matching a denim skirt can easily wear a novel and unique sense, showing a different fashion charm.

Wrapped chest bow T -shirt

【Style 2】

Sweet enough to make you recognize at a glance, maybe you won’t think of a white T, adding a sweet bow on your chest, the foundation T can be so eye -catching instantly, the smooth and smooth -three -dimensional sense is full The bow of the bow will make your curve instantly up, and light the soft micro -bullet fabric, so that the skin is suitable for warm care. Just a sweet T -shirt full of design can bring you more possibilities.

Clothing Bow T -shirt


【Style 3】

A T -shirt with a very sense of design is a basic model with strong matching. The strap design is popular, and there are irregular stitching cross -cutting. The big bow has a strong sense of presence, and the age is thin. It is suitable for summer with a denim skirt to make you fashionable. The fabric is also pure cotton. The fried chicken is soft and comfortable.

Lace bow T -shirt

【Style 4】


The soft and skin -friendly knitted fabric is very comfortable to touch. Such a short design is cool and breathable and fashionable. The classic round neck design, the lines of the neck of the neck can also set off a better face shape. The back is a lace bow knot. The design has a little elegant temperament, with a black pleated skirt to create a different charm.

Bow on the chest bow T -shirt

【Style 5】

The simple and stylish oversized round neck design just shows your sexy collarbone, and it is very small to wear. It is equipped with a gender chest strap design. The tightened body is comfortable to wear. The butterfly straps makes the solid -colored T -shirts full of fun. It is matched with irregular denim skirts.

The bow T -shirt style that must be bought this summer, these 5 models make you fashionable and girl!