Zhangye detected 10 batches of unqualified products, and the brothers, Yanyu, Hengnu, Shuiyunjian and other brands lay their guns!


On February 15th, the test results of the inspection of commodity quality sampling in the circulation field carried out by the Ganzhou District Industry and Commerce Bureau in the fourth quarter of 2016 showed that 59 batches of qualified goods were sampling and 10 batches of unqualified goods.

In the fourth quarter of 2016, the Ganzhou District Industry and Commerce Bureau conducted a quality spot check on cotton clothes and warm underwear sold by major shopping malls, supermarkets, and clothing stores in the region. Inspection Co., Ltd. is performed. Main quality testing of cotton and cotton shoes, warm underwear, product use instructions, fiber content, water -resistant coloring, acid -resistant sweat -resistant coloring, and velvet content and other indicators. This quality sampling involves 57 brands including brother and brother, sound rain bamboo, Hengnu, Shuiyunjian, three shots, fiber birds, Aokang, White, and royal penguin. 10 batches of qualified samples.

The test report shows that the main items with unqualified quality of cotton shoes and warm underwear are fibrous content, water -resistant solidity, acid -resistant and sweat -resistant coloring, and velvet content. For unqualified goods found during the sampling inspection, the industrial and commercial quality supervision department will severely order the operator to remove unqualified goods from delisting, and investigate and deal with illegal acts of unqualified goods in accordance with the law. (Wang Mengting)