Four well -known toner, hydrating, moisturizing and antioxidant, fresh and moisturizing bottom, the effect is good


Lifangquan acne clean skin refreshing water


Liguanquan is the skin care brand series of L’Oreal Group. The product line is also wide, and the main water brand in L’Oreal’s product camp, of which the large spray is its star product. This acne toner is purchased before, the main water and oil balance adjustment function.

In terms of composition, it contains transgender ethanol. Glycerin, proply glycol, etc., the efficacy ingredients include salicylic acid (acne ingredients), but from the perspective of the composition table, the overall as a whole is relatively average.


In terms of experience, it is a refreshing type similar to UNO. Because it contains ethanol, it will have coolness and not greasy, but the moisturizing time is very short.

PAPA Recipe spring rain honey moisturizing toner

Chunyu PAPA Recipe is a cosmetic brand from South Korea. The establishment time was 2012. The brand history is very short, but the original intention of the establishment is to improve the skin of the daughter with allergic skin. The all -natural ingredients are made into the safest cosmetics, so the ingredients are more particular, and the reputation in the past two years is also good.

In terms of ingredients, there is no alcohol and artificial pigment, containing a variety of active ingredients such as honey, sodium hyaluronic acid, olsine, tea, and Houttuynia crata. The overall safety is still very high. adapt.


In terms of experience, it is basically consistent with the ordinary toner’s skin. It will not be greasy, the texture is refreshing, there is no special fragrance, light and moisturizing, moisturizing time average, overall experience is great.

Dr. Harino converged water

This convergent water with shrinking pores can be said to be a star product of Cheng Ye’s family. The large pores are a problem that plagues many girls. This effect of converging water to shrink pores is good, but it is not recommended to apply it often. Although there is no alcohol, it is added with fruit acid components. Stimulate.

Because it contains fruit acid, it is also effective as the secondary cleaning of the skin. It can remove excess oil and old keratin. Babies who are prone to oil or blackheads can also be used to remove blackheads. The acidity ingredients inside can dissolve The oil in the pores dredge the pores. In addition, it is not recommended to use sensitive muscles. The ingredients of fruit acid are slightly exciting for sensitive muscles.

Huayu collects hydrating moisturizing toner


Huayu’s hydrating beauty can be called the “immortal water” of medical beauty, which is simply the price of civilians and the enjoyment of nobles. It is not lost to those thousand -dollar skin care products, a bottle of the skin is tender and smooth, the hydration and soothing, the elasticity of the muscles, refreshing and delicate. More than 90%of rice fermentation ingredients

Infiltration of the skin can form a protective barrier for the skin, it can effectively lock the moisture and ensure that the skin is not dry

Perseverance for a long time will make the skin smooth and delicate and elastic. The yeast is also the rice bran fermented. It has a smooth skin, brightening skin tone, firming pores, anti -wrinkle and making the skin more fair


This toner, the taste is a good natural rice aroma, moisturizing and not sticky. After use, you can obviously detect the changes in the skin, and the skin texture is getting cleaner, and the temperament of the whole person has risen a lot. To persist now, I have to boast about the state of the face. The skin is getting smoother and more delicate. Compared with the skin texture of my previous, I will now counterattack into a goddess.

Four well -known toner, hydrating, moisturizing and antioxidant, fresh and moisturizing bottom, the effect is good