Korean girls have a black bottoming shirt, wearing fashion and advanced, temperament is not as good as supermodel


South Korean girls have a black bottoming shirt, wearing fashion and advanced, temperament is not as good as supermodel


Black wild -looking, never out of date, no matter which age and style of women, a black bottoming shirt is needed. It can not only be thin, but also match any color. Even if it is black with black, it can also look unique and mysterious charm. As a trendy capital, South Korea is almost a black inner inside in the street shooting. It is fashionable and advanced, and the temperament is not as good as the supermodel. Get up and see the Korean personality black bottoming shirt.


With a colorful jacket


It is not difficult to find on the streets of South Korea. More and more girls are wearing non -ferrous jackets, and they are no longer monotonous dark colors, such as black, gray, Tibetan blue and so on. More colorful jackets such as caramel, brown, dirty orange, etc. Some people also add patterns such as lattice, stripes, totems and other patterns. In addition to common style woolen coats and down jackets, many suit styles have emerged. Whether it is slim or loose The version of the silhouette is a black bottoming shirt inside, which can be thinner and hold the colorful jacket, maintain the texture of the styling while not losing its personality.


Multi -layered stacking

Stacking is one of the common matching methods of Hanfeng. Through the thickness of various fabric clothes, wearing the layered sense of clothing, the innermost layer is mostly black as the base, which is warm and versatile; the middle layer can be paired with a zipper -hooded sweater, leather jacket, jacket, denim, baseball jacket, plus plus plus Thick shirts and other thick cardigan jackets; while the outermost layers are coats, thick warm coats such as down and lamb hair, and multi -layered and multi -jacket matching, which can not only meet the different temperatures of the outdoor room, but also enrich the overall styling. It is also necessary to lose a layer of coat without losing the integrity of the shape.

Decorate with necklaces

In order to avoid being too depressed and monotonous in black, lack of freshness, and you can wear necklace for decoration. You can choose a silver or rose golden color chain to match it to increase the bright spots and fashion sense. You can also wear pendant styling necklaces to enhance women’s exquisiteness. At the same time, it can be combined with two or more different material necklaces to wear, so that the overall shape is rich in details and highlights the distinctive personality.

Mid -high -necked bottom shirt

Generally, girls with long necks can choose black high -necked or semi -high -necked clothes to base, which can not only play a role in the cold and cold, but also increase the sense of layering, and highlight the exquisite makeup and elegant temperament. If the neck is shorter, more fleshy, and a large face, it is not suitable for such high and semi -high -necked bottom shirts, otherwise the shape of the high -necked high collar can easily appear more depressed.

Low -neck bottom shirt


Low -neck bottoming shirts are suitable for various posture girls, such as round neck, flat mouth, square collar, V -neck, and oblique collar. Properly exposing the neck skin can help modify the face lines and make people more feminine. For girls with slender necks, you can use a hair style or scarf, silk scarf, etc. to weaken the neck lines to avoid too long neck and long neck.

Semi -translucent gauze base


In addition to general cotton, knitted, sweater bottoming shirts, in recent years, semi -transparent tulle, lace, fishing nets, thin Modal and other fabrics have also been popular. Proper exposure of the skin, showing personality and fashion, but also not loses women’s unique sexy, seemed to be pure and desired. When the weather is appropriate in spring and autumn, you may wish to break through the past style and try this trendy dress.