To the eternal reason queen A TRIBUTE to Agatha


Wang Qianyuan

Double -breasted suit jacket, knitted vest, shirt,

Pocket towels, linen trousers, and loafers are all

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

Brunello cucinelli

Xin Yanlei

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致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

Wei Chen

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致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

On the quiet and romantic Nile, a carefully planned murder came quietly. The truth behind this thrilling night was slowly revealed with the layers of dumping cocoon.

The new masterpiece of the year 2022 will be released on February 19. Bazaar’s exclusive dialogue movie starring and production team, to consider the in -depth meaning of reasoning Queen Agansha’s works, and pay tribute to Agansa’s classic works “Uninhabited”, “Sin in the Sun”, “Sin in the Sun”, “Sin in the Sun” with actors Wang Qianyuan, Xin Yanlei, and Wei Chen Oriental Express Murder “. Let’s walk into the interlocking world of reasoning and feel the ups and downs of love and hatred with the film.

“No Life” is a novel created by Agatha Christie,

Published in 1939.

It is about eight people who have never known each other after being invited to the deserted island villa,

The serial murder case of successive victims.

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“Sin in the Sun” is a detective novel published in 1941.

Created by Agatha Christie,

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

With a beautiful and rich woman in the famous Gulf tourist area

The tragedy of murder,

It reveals the theme of “sin everywhere in the sun”.

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致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

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“Oriental Express Murder Case” was first published in 1934.

Created by British detective Agasha Christie.

The novel surrounds the murder of the “Oriental Express”,

It tells the story of the great detective Polo’s finally locking the true murderer.

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致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

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Bazaar’s exclusive dialogue movie starring and production team

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

“An interpretation of a classic reason”

Even if you are familiar with Agatha’s story “The Tragedy on the Nile”, you can still see surprises in the 2022 movie, especially its integration of contemporary temperament to interpret a new perspective of love, hate, and jealousy. A story that happened in the mid -1930s, how to show its long -lasting charm in the modern context? Bazaar interviewed Oscar -nominated director Kenneth Branagh and other members of the production team. From the arrangement of the story to the design of the scene and the costume, the behind -the -scenes team gave their answers.

Like the “Oriental Express Murder Case”, I still play detective Polo. Both of them and starring in the positions. In fact, in my opinion, there is no sense of “splitting”: Polo has been leading the advancement of the detection of cases. When he talks with every suspect, he will make them feel restless. He adjusts different questions about everyone’s personality: sometimes care for the other party, and sometimes it seems to be selflessly pursuing discipline, which has many dramatic components. Detective himself seemed to be like a director. To some extent, he and my other director’s identity were completely integrated.

At the end of the “Oriental Express Murder”, our screenwriter Michael Green left a question mark for Bolo for the “tragedy on the Nile”, so he once again on the road to solve the case in Egypt. Fortunately, we have the support of the Agatha Christie Foundation. After Michael obtained their consent, he returned a character in the “Oriental Express Murder” to return to this movie. Replace the original role in the novel.

For audiences who have watched the previous movie, they will see a continuation. The assistant played a key role in some comedy links and regrets, and it will also make the story more interesting, more, and more A sense of drama. Indeed, this is the arrangement we set at first.

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

“Share Cross -Terminal Travel”

The place where Agansa surprised me was the modernity of the times in her story. So when envisioned the specific image of the character in the movie, I hope they also show the classic feeling. The team said that although the audience knew that these characters lived in the mid -1930s, if they walked out of the movie and participated in a party tonight, there would be no sense of disobedience. So I care about the materials and colors of their clothing and jewelry.

I think Agatha’s novel also emphasizes this, so the full -color movie version shot with a 70mm lens must also highlight this characteristic. Of course, this group of outstanding actors not only interpreted the clothing beautifully, but also introduced the audience into the story in a way without trace. Fortunately, we can share this journey with them, but we will not be shrouded in the shadow of the murder, and we don’t need to worry about it.

Agatha has deep insight into the essence of human nature. I think she understands the weakness of human nature. When a person is filled with strong love, strong jealousy or strong revenge, she can fully understand the instincts revealed in these conditions. She can see the big, even in the depiction of group portraits, she will not miss the details.

Her story often occurs in a specific place, because of various reasons, isolated from the world. In this scene, human emotions will be further enlarged. In the story of “The Tragedy on the Nile”, she uses a special way to tell the passion, or even dangerous.

This story is well -known, and there have been successful movies adaptation before. I need to achieve a balance. On the one hand, I am surprised to those audience familiar with Agatha’s story and her characters, and on the other hand, they will not make them feel that the movie is a product of the same way. As I mentioned just now, we have a role that continues from “Oriental Express Murder”, but in the original book, she is a novelist who writes a romantic story, but in the movie, she is a nightclub singer, played by Sophie OkoneDo Essence

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

We arranged many such “specious” details in the movie, so that even for those who are familiar with Agatha’s novels, we can see more confusing (even shocking) in the story. It cannot be said that this is a kind of “advancing with the times”, but we want to make the movie viewing experience more special. Of course, the premise is that I hope that these adaptations will not destroy the audience’s expectations for the original.

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

“What role is Polo’s role for Agatha?”

Of course, I like the “tragedy on the Nile” very much. For Agatha, even if this is not her own favorite, it is one of the most special stories, because its title is “heartbreak”. But my favorite is actually a novel that is not so famous, “The Murder on the Evening of Halloween”. It is full of mystery, and it can even be said to be a bit weird because it involves some surreal power.

I am very pleased that the film is still produced by James Prichard. He is the great -grandson of Agatha, and he and his father gave us a lot of opinions. For example, I have always been curious. What role is Polo? Because many people think that Agansa is a bit trapped by this role, he is too well -known so that readers may ignore other wonderful characters.

But they told me that this was not the case. She didn’t feel that way. She likes the kindness of Bolo very much, and this trait plays a pivotal role in the “tragedy on the Nile”. Although these early preparations and must be used directly in the movie, it is very helpful for how we accurately interpret the characters in the play.

This is my second time I have cooperated with director Kenneth Branager. In my opinion, he really wants to create a multi -meaning world, and then immersed in it for a series of creations. He really wants to create a lifelike world, and then he can be immersed in and freely. Kenneth likes the way of setting up. We sometimes come to the field, but the scene can better control problems such as lighting. From design to construction, we spent almost six or seven months before and after, and it took about 16 weeks to shoot.

Before the shooting of the “tragedy on the Nile”, we inspected a lot of possible real scenes and watched a lot of ships, but none of the gorgeous sense we wanted to meet the gorgeous feeling we wanted, or the size did not meet the shooting requirements of the shooting. Essence In Kenneth’s view, the story took place on the Nile River decades ago, but this ship is separated from a rich and luxurious world, which is no different from modern. In order to present this just right, we simply built a ship ourselves.

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

“Back to Huayi style”

Shipbuilding is one of the most challenging parts in this project. It is obviously a big project because it must seem very realistic. At the beginning, we planned to make this ship in the UK and then transport it to the lake, but there is a real problem that many of the actors participating are the front -line big coffees in Hollywood. Be careful with the design.

We are also looking for other alternatives, such as developed digital technology that can be produced. One morning I received a call from the director. He said that we don’t need to drift the boat to the water. We can place the ship in the parking lot behind the studio. In the final part of the water surface, we are synthesized with digital later. I was relieved of this.

The only difference between the ship and the real ship is that it is put on the track instead of in the true sea. We can freely move it out of the studio: we need to shoot the overall appearance of the ship, the lens under the sun, or the daily activities and the deck. When the scene, we entered the shed to shoot.

This time, Kenneth invited one of his fixed teams and Haris Zambarloukos as photography guidance. He used many long -focusing shots to make the audience feel immersive. Essence Our entire filming team really took a boat to visit the Nile River for a long time, just wanting to feel the real hotness in person, and look at the magnificent scenery. So there are many true feelings in Haris’s lens.

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

The manufacturing process of the Karnak ship is the perfect combination of design and technology. Thanks to we have a unreasonable team, the construction team is particularly excellent. The leader John Bohan has very strong professional knowledge and comprehensive consideration. For example, I consider how to present the era in the details that was affected by the ART Deco trend and how to place those beautiful furniture, but John considers the load of the entire ship, worrying about whether it will exceed the orbital wheels of the boat down the ship. Undiated ability. Every part of the ship’s ship must be carefully weighed to ensure that the total of everything will not exceed 250 tons of weight.

We also went to Egypt to see the Abu Sima Temple, because some scenes happened there. However, we encountered some logistics problems, coupled with too hot local, and there were many restrictions on the shooting of the monuments, so in the end we still copied a temple with polystyrene and gypsum. The process is complicated, but it looks very realistic.

“We all try to build a bond,

Connect that era and modernity “

I hope the whole atmosphere can make the audience feel that the story does happen in that era, but I can feel the contemporary sense. I have a close cooperation with PACO design with the design of costumes. He hopes that he can restore the times of the times and give them contemporary fashionable interpretations. —— Even if you walk on the street in one of the costumes, you will not feel obtrusive. We all tried to build a bond between the two eras.

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

I am also a loyal fan of Agatha. When I was young, I read a lot of her works, but I never thought about it. One day I would participate in a movie adapted from her novel. Kenneth and I have collaborated on the “Oriental Express Murder” and “Tragedy on the Nile River”. If there is still a chance to take another one, I will hand over the right to the director. I have cooperated with Kenneth and photographer Haris four times. We have the tacit understanding of knowing and knowing each other, so that I can put more energy into the design itself.

I like Agatha’s novels very much and read most of her works. So when the director Kenneth invited me to design the movie “The Tragedy on the Nile”, we made a match. He always said that he wanted to shoot a story that happened in the 1930s, but the overall feeling was very contemporary, and the audience could not feel the gap between the times.

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

Taking this as the main purpose, I don’t want to design the ladies’ clothing from scratch to toe. After all, in that era, they had special dress norms. You know, no one can put it on the street in the 1930s in the 1930s, otherwise passersby may be a bit shocked to see it. Every time the fashion has its own characteristics, some will disappear together with the passage of time. But there are some long -lasting qualities that they will endure the test of time and have been circulating.

“Show presentation party”

I checked many fashion magazines and Hollywood movies in the 1930s. I think that the “contemporary nature” to be displayed means that you will not see some of the characters in the play. The machine crossing the old antique. Some antique clothes still look fashionable at the moment. For example, a oblique skirt in the 1930s, now you can still wear a wedding or party, but some wear it, you seem to be exaggerated to participate in the carnival.

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

Sometimes, clothes look “outdated” not because of themselves, but how to shape. You can wear ancient embroidered shirts with jeans. No one will find it strange, but if you match with gloves, shoes, hats, etc. like a lady in the 1930s, it is a bit strange. I have always liked the process of breaking, reorganization, and mixing, and I also hope to give the drama the charm that spans time and space.

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

In the whole movie, I only used an original antique jacket in the 1930s. It was a skirt and belonged to Rose Leslie, who played the maid Louise. All other costumes are redesigned and produced, with a total of more than 250 pieces. There are about 13 to 14 main roles in the play. Each person has 12 to 14 sets of clothes and changes at least 12 times.

Even if there are not many roles, such as the hotel’s front desk, they have their own clothing series. After all, people who belong to those classes at that time belong to those classes, and they have to be replaced with matching clothes every day according to different occasions. There are at least three or four differences: breakfast in the restaurant is one, visiting the pyramids, returning to the boat to use it for use During dinner, you have to put on a formal dress, and the ladies need to wear a long skirt.

“I have always liked to break -the process of reorganization,

I also hope to give them a charm that spans time and space “

Obviously, Gal Gadot’s Linnet Ridgeway Doyle has the most clothes. Time is very tight, and her clothes are particularly consumed. As far as the chiffon texture is concerned, although it looks simple in style, it took us three or four weeks to complete it, and the process was extremely complicated.

Because there is no suitable ready -made fabric, we have to start making from dyeing, followed by version. Because it is sewn in a diagonal way, we also need to consider the details of the cutting film from the perspectives to ensure that the final garment and the actor’s body are strictly seamless. The patterns on the clothes, such as those birds, first paint on the fabric first, and then spread on the embroidery, so the effect in the end is between the feeling of hand -drawn and embroidery. This is really time -consuming and laborious skirt!

It is conceivable that the workload is very large. Fortunately, we have a very powerful young team. Whether it is playing, sewing, hats or shoes, everyone has completed the task well. The process is really hard, but we are really happy.

Recommended by actors Wang Qianyuan, Xin Yanlei, and Wei Chen, the new masterpiece “The tragedy on the Nile” has officially landed on the theater line today and entered the theater with Bazaar to enjoy the suspense classics.

Invited photography/Yin Chao

Preparation/Wang Xiaobai

Image/Yu Kun (Wang Qianyuan, Wei Chen), NEO (Xin Yanlei)

Makeup/Zhang Yishuo (Wang Qianyuan), Sherwin.L (Xin Yanlei Makeup),

Wen Zhi (Xin Yanlei hairstyle), A Xu (Wei Chen)



Production/Kuang Anan


Fashion Coordinating/Tanya, Xiaoshi (Wang Qianyuan, Wei Chen),

Qin Lei Chinle (Xin Yanlei)

Fashion assistance/komi, Chiba (Wang Qianyuan, Wei Chen),

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

Wang Xinyue (Xin Yanlei)

Assistant/Xiao Yan, Peili, Dong Yu

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha

Art/Shaobin BIN

致 永远的推理女王 A Tribute to Agatha


Xie/20th Century Pictures