What material’s earrings are not allergic to sterling silver earrings to solve ear swelling and pain


Improper choice of earrings will cause allergies, so

What material’s earrings are not sensitive

• The editor of the face takes everyone to see what material’s earrings are not allergic? Silver earrings solve the swelling and pain of the ear.

There are many girls who ignore the choice of earrings for the beauty of the aesthetics. Many girls who had pierced ears couldn’t wait to wear the long -lasting earrings, but problems such as pus allergic ears also appeared. The trend of pierced pierced piercedness comes a few waves every year. With ears, almost any earrings can be held easily. The style of the earrings is diverse, and it often makes people look at it, but the most important thing to pay attention to is the material of the earrings, comfortable. In fact, wearing sterling silver earrings can reduce the degree of earlobe inflammation.

But reflecting the sterling silver earrings

Recommended 1: Danish Star’s Bright Silver Earrings

Danish Pandora’s earrings have been a fire in recent years, and the unique style design is always so eye -catching. The starry sky has always given people unlimited reveries, and the design of the five -sided blunt corner has also reduced unexpected damage. The dazzling shattering stone in the middle is like a starlight, and the material of the sterling silver is suitable for you who are particularly allergic. At the same time, you add another beauty to you.

Recommended 2: Gradient color Swan sterling silver earrings

The proud swan with proud you can’t get better. The elegant gradient color shows infinite charm. The shape of the white swan is almost suitable for each age group. At the same time, the image of the swan also symbolizes pure and beautiful. The material of the sterling silver is almost the gospel of allergies.

Recommended 3: Korean cute cartoon sterling silver earrings

This cartoon image of this cartoon of Kakao Friends in South Korea not only sets off the child’s childlikeness, but the different cartoon images exude different charm. The material of the sterling silver also reduces the injury of just pierced ear pierced and reduces the chance of allergies. The pendant was caused by the Schilo Wah Shiqi crystal, which was worn on the ears, which was smart and simple.

Recommended 4: Ms. Shirshi Ms. Shijia Silver Earrings

Do you dare not wear your favorite earrings because of your ears? This earrings with modern European and American modern styles should be worth noting! This earrings made of sterling silver and 14K gold, polygon diamond design plus shiny, shiny The material of the vermiculite is very fashionable and casual. The combination of gold and silver always gives you unique recognition in the crowd.

Recommended 5: shiny and exquisite vermiculite sterling silver earrings

Jewelry is a well -known American jewelry dealer. The perfect combination of flowers and arcs is set against the white shiny vermiculite material to make the entire earrings noble and gorgeous. The face looks thinner. Even if you are allergic to the sterling silver, you can wear it beautifully.

Recommended 6: American daisy sterling silver earrings

The allergic girl who likes daisies pay attention! The image of the daisy almost appears on any small jewelry of the girl, and even the earrings are no exception. The small and exquisite daisy image of Daisy London in the United States has a youthful and lively feeling. At the same time, the petals of sterling silver are also more vibrant.

Recommended 7: Cute puppy sterling silver earrings

Girls’ exquisiteness is always reflected in subtle places. Many girls have a unique love for dogs. This puppy -shaped earrings. The sterling silver material is suitable for you. The earrings are small and exquisite, simple and stylish, and the design of diamonds has grasped people’s attention. A small silver accessory can also make you easily hold the pierced pierced pierced.

Recommended 8: Exquisite Champagne Gold Silver Earrings

This Laguna diamond -packed petal earrings use champagne golden system, which brings a noble feeling. The sterling silver anti -allergic material is good for health. The design of the surrounding crystal is dazzling, and the gem is also hand -processed. The entire earrings are a beautiful and generous feeling.

Recommended 9: Exquisite Lake Blue Silver Silver Earrings

If you are easy to be allergic, you must want to pursue uniqueness. It is also a Crystaluxe brand from the United States. The difference is that its color is a quiet lake blue. The sterling silver -shaped design and the central crystal of the lake blue show the beautiful tranquility of girls. At the same time, the collision between silver and blue will also look bigger and brings a dreamy feeling.

Recommended 10: Lucky four -leaf grass sterling silver earrings

Girls are always looking forward to the legend of clover. The four -leaf grass itself symbolizes luck, beautiful, peaceful blessings. Jewelry’s crystal green four -leaf grass earrings, under the silver waiting for me, have no imagination, and the exquisite design will make your heart allergic to your heart. #p#subtitle#E#


First of all, you must go to a professional hospital to avoid infection. Secondly, try to wear honeysuckle as much as possible after you finish the pierced pierced. Do not wear fake to prevent skin infection. Finally After all, sweat shower gels, etc. in summer, can easily cause inflammation of the ear and even pus ulcers. Of course, if the ears are already inflamed, take off the earrings quickly and do anti -inflammatory treatment as soon as possible. Don’t be stubborn.

Precautions for wearing earrings

First, prevent earrings from accidentally falling off

什么材质的耳钉不过敏 纯银耳钉解决耳朵肿痛

1. Choose a thick earrings in the ear pierced, and the diameter of the silver needle rod is 0.7mm or above the tight plug;

2. If you choose the silver nail

3. Bend the small ring behind the silver nails (forbidden to bend straight) to ensure that it will not hang on the pillow towel. In these three types of wear methods, the earplugs should leave a 2mm gap with the ears to facilitate breathable, medicine, and rotation.

Second, the earrings are unexpectedly behind in one month, and then wearing other earrings or if you want to change other earrings.

Within one month after the pierced ears, there is a process of regenerating the skin in the hole. It has just formed a thin and tender layer of film, which is not enough to resist any slight scraping outside the outside world. Or if you want to change other earrings yourself, you find that you ca n’t wear it anymore, it will cause scratches and bleeding, and it will be inflamed after bacterial infection. Some friends said that because the ears are obliquely, you can’t wear it. In fact, you think that if you really wear it obliquely, you should wear it. To make sense, it is best to find a professional store to help you wear it if you accidentally fall off or nail for the first time.

Third, the choice of silver nail quality

When changing the earrings, I feel painful, cannot wear it with the quality of the earrings and the shape of the nail head. Nowadays, there are many types of earrings and earrings in the market. Some varieties of processing process are delicate. The end surface is smooth, arc -shaped, and comfortable to wear; there are also some Tremella (ring) processing process. The silver nails are directly processed after cutting the finished product. In terms of friends, wearing this earrings is more likely to wound ear pierced ear pierced ear pierced ears.

Fourth, do a good job of cleaning care

Some friends have been very good after playing the pierced ears, and they care not to control it. Sometimes they hurt after touching, and they do not have timely anti -inflammatory care after bleeding, causing inflammation of the ear pustules. Therefore, cleaning care afterwards is also important. There are pierced ears. Alcohol and cotton swab should be a commonplace. Within a month, you should use alcohol cotton to clean the gaps in front and back of the pierced ears, just like to wash your face every day. Do not care about medicine and care. Only by careful care can the pierced ears and healthy and healthy.

What material’s earrings are not sensitive