How much is a wedding car? How do you spend a wedding car?


It will definitely make up to increase the attention of the wedding. Generally, we will look good. Let ’s take a look at how much money? How do wedding cars look good and grade?

How much does a wedding car spend?

The price of the wedding car tie flowers is generally related to the material of the flowers. If all of them are used to insert flowers, it will be more expensive. The retail price of the rose is five yuan per flower. Roses, the cost is more than 500 yuan, and the flower shop also collects design costs. If you choose to use a fake flower to make a wedding car, the price will be much cheaper, which is equivalent to renting fake flowers with flower shops.

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Some places to rent a wedding car also help people design wedding cars. Generally spend between 100-500, because they are done in the same family, the boss will definitely be cheaper.

Seasonal varieties of different flowers are the same. The most common wedding cars are lily, carnations, roses, Phalaenopsis, and so on. It mainly depends on whether your front flowers are all flowers. If so, the price will be higher. If you use some flowers with less flowers, if you use more leaves, it is usually 500 yuan.

How does the wedding car tie flowers look good and have grade

婚车扎花多少钱 婚车扎花怎么好看有档次


The header of the wedding fleet is the facade of the wedding car, and the layout must not be too simple. We can use roses to put on the name of new people; we can also use roses to lay a love shape; we can also use puppets or dolls, put a loving shape on the front of the car, and then fix the doll in it. When you arrange it, you should pay attention not to let the flowers affect the driver’s field of vision. The doll must be firmly fixed, otherwise it will be embarrassed by the wind.

Second, door and body

If the door and body and the body, we can use the veil and color to bring a layout. Fix a ribbon flower in the handle hand, and fix the veil around the body. When the car is driving, the veil fluttering with the wind, the visual effect is very good.

Three, the rear of the car

The rear of the car is a place that is often ignored by new people, but its layout is as important as the header. If your car car is decorated like the first point, then the rear of your car is best decorated with roses, echoing back and forth, shaped, and swinging.

Wedding car tie skills

1. Simple atmosphere

There are many ways to get married by wedding cars. Generally speaking, it is made of a heart -made shape. What is slightly more complicated is to visit a bunch of dolls or something in it after becoming a heart shape. The technical level of the teacher. The head car of the wedding car that day generally choose some high -end high -end cars to be on time, so it is very eye -catching to walk on the street. At this time, if the flowers are too dazzling, it covers the famous car itself. Charm, so simple atmosphere is the most beautiful way of spending.

婚车扎花多少钱 婚车扎花怎么好看有档次

2. Color matching

Black wedding cars are generally paired with red or pink flowers, but as far as Xiaobian’s personal experience, the most suitable black wedding car is red roses. This is the most eye -catching and the most eye -catching. If it is a silver or white wedding car, then pink flowers are the most suitable. It is both fashionable and atmospheric, giving a noble and elegant feeling.

3. Details

After the front decoration is completed, don’t forget the parking space. Although simple is beauty, it will lose perfection if it is too simple. Therefore, after finishing the front of the car, it is best to dress up other details such as parking spaces, so that it will not look particularly monotonous.

The above is how much money I share with you about the wedding car, how to look good with the relevant introduction for your reference.