Patriotic goods? Talk about feelings? Play retro? Back force cloth shoes small sharing


Author: ENSUN


Dear friends, happy May Day!

Today I have time to share with you the receiving goods yesterday!

Of course, you know the first picture. Today’s protagonist is to return the small cloth shoes! Gold Award WB-1B, blue model.


When it comes to back force, it is estimated that everyone thinks is the keywords of “domestic goods”, “feelings”, and “retro”. In fact, I am not so profound. I said that I bought the frozen chicken of this pair of shoes, that is, when I was sitting on the subway, I looked at the mobile phone and then looked up. Cloth shoes, red and white models, yes, the most classic one, suddenly I feel that this leg … it is quite good to match this small cloth shoes, so I took Taobao with Taobao, and then I was still looming around. There are land, the baptism of so many years, the price is still very friendly, so I have the idea of ​​buying a pair …


So, in the end, I started with these small blue cloth shoes.

Official cat purchase link:

Returning the classic spring men’s shoes and women’s shoes couple canvas wear-resistant retro tide sports running training shoes WB-1B …

Now that when it comes to back force, let’s introduce its history. After all, many children of 90 and 00 may not be so familiar with this brand: (the following introduction comes from the official website)

Shanghai Huili Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. is an independent legal person company invested by Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company. , Europe and the United States, including dozens of countries and regions.


Hui Shoe Shoe Industry was founded in 1927 and has a history of 87 years. The “back force” trademark was first registered in 1935 and was identified as a famous Shanghai trademark in 1997; it was identified as a well -known trademark in China in 1999. The “back force” shoe products won the National Quality Silver Award, the Ministry of Chemical Engineering and the Shanghai High -quality Product Award. For several years, it has won the title of Shanghai Famous Brand Products and the export exemption certificate of Shanghai. The enterprise has passed the certification of the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system.


Based on the development concept of “people -oriented, advocating sports, and promoting health”, the back -force shoe industry is based on technological innovation as the core. While actively developing and popular, popular sports and leisure shoes series products Professional sports shoes and outdoor fitness sports shoes have strived to contribute to improving my country’s competitive sports and national fitness sports; they also expanded various light -plastic leisure shoes, rain shoes, sandals and other products by brand operation and technical management.


To put it simply, the post -80s partner must have seen classmates who have never worked as a child. Let’s take a look at the details of these shoes:

Although there is always a less chance of hitting this shoe, I still chose less people to wear blue:


There seems to be several models. I did not compare in -depth comparison. This is called the gold medal series, and the soles are also blue:

The sole design is very special. I haven’t stepped out of the water and tiles yet, so I don’t know how non -slip, but it should be good:


The toe and the edge are pattern, so many years have been like this:

Look at the heels of the shoe, the quality of the font printing is a bit worse, not evenly:


Look at the workmanship of the toe, the wiring, lace, eyes, and sticky glue are satisfactory:


Arching design -back force bumpy type, and the degree of sticking foot is OK. Compared with the Ghost Tiger:

The overall is almost the same:


Finally, come here a few real beasts, otherwise you are sorry for everyone:

All in all, shoes are simple and generous, comfortable and cost -effective. The shoes will be a large yard!

Back force has been working hard over the years, there are many intentional designs, and some products of other people’s styles. After all, in this era, blindly use the aura of domestic goods to promote, use the feelings of feelings, and use nostalgic taste from Zi, which cannot guarantee how far he can go. Will it accept the back force?


Having said that, there seems to be a good response abroad:

There are still a lot of such photos on the Internet, or is it the official shooting?

In addition, there is information on the Internet that in 2011, Patta, the best Sneaker specialty store in the Netherlands, and STAEDTLER, Germany’s first -style pen brand, and three parties cooperated to launch a shoe:

So can you play, why not go back to the country?

I hope that Hui force will adhere to tradition, open up and innovate, and create more cost -effective shoes! (Anyway, I dare not compliment the style on the official cat)

Okay, here is the end today!

In other words, if you encounter a mushrooms wearing a red style of small cloth shoes on the road, will there be no sense of intimacy in your heart?