Do you want to choose constant temperature shower? It is not too late to understand these advantages and disadvantages


I believe that when you take a bath every day, you pay special attention to the water temperature of the shower. Especially in the winter, what we most afraid of was to wash, the temperature of the water suddenly decreased, and then the whole person was aggressive and messy in the bathroom.

Due to this kind of water temperature adjustment problem, a product called constant temperature shower was derived. What is the difference between this constant temperature shower and ordinary shower? And, is it really better than ordinary shower?


The so -called constant temperature shower, as the name suggests, is the water temperature that can maintain a constant shower. This kind of shower appeared in two automatic temperature adjustment methods as early as 2014, mainly in which two different thermostat valve cores were divided into two different constant temperature valve cores. One is a thermostatic valve core of the aquarmers of paraffin -waxed thermostats, and the other is a constant temperature valve core that uses a shaped memory alloys (SMA) spring.


Both constant temperature valve cores have their own thousands of autumn. For example, the advantages of the original valve core of the paraffin temperature are high manufacturing accuracy and are applicable under high -pressure and vacuum, which is resistant to impact and vibration. The SMA spring constant temperature valve core is more abrasion, corrosion -resistant, and not prone to bad. As for which one to choose, you can actually choose according to personal circumstances.

There are two biggest differences between constant temperature shower and ordinary shower:

First, the water temperature is constant.

Under normal circumstances, we will adjust the water temperature at 40 ° C, because this temperature is similar to the temperature of the human body, and it is also the most comfortable temperature. Moreover, the temperature will not be like ordinary shower, and the temperature is unstable.

Second, different use.

The standard constant temperature shower faucet is divided into left and right buttons. The button on the left controls the water temperature. When you want to raise the temperature, twist it back, and the cooling is twisted forward. Generally, 40 ° C is the highest temperature. If you want to heat up, you need to hold down the red button. The right button is to control the amount of water and water out of water. The amount of water from the shower is twisted back, and the water is screwed forward.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this constant temperature shower than ordinary shower?


1. Advantages

① Safe.

Compared with ordinary shower, it is definitely safer in terms of water temperature. If ordinary shower is out of control in regulating temperature, it is relatively prone to scald. This situation is particularly aimed at the elderly and children at home.

② Convenient.


Because the water temperature of the constant temperature shower is already fixed, it can be used directly when it is turned on. It does not need to spend time to adjust the water temperature. This is more energy saving and will not waste water.

2. Disadvantages

① Water pressure.

Use constant temperature shower, the normal use of water pressure is to be


0.05MPa ~ 0.6 MPa. This is also a test of water heater. For example, gas water heaters with small water supply, hot water heaters, solar water heaters, etc. are not very able to use constant temperature shower.

Water quality.

The constant temperature shower is required for water quality. If the water quality is too hard, it will not be used.




Compared to ordinary shower, the price of constant temperature shower is high. If you buy this, you still have to look at your personal situation.


Through the above comparison, I think everyone should have a bottom in my heart. Have you ever used the heating temperature? Welcome to discuss in the comment area.

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