The flat -bottomed Martin boots, young fashion girls wear a lot, lace -up and zipper styles are very positive


In the fashion block, many young girls like to wear short boots, and there are many flat styles. The current short boots, zipper styles, and lace -up styles, set off their own fashion feeling. This beauty chooses a one Black leather Martin boots, lace -up styles, a little tall boots, with meat pink leggings, a black tight skirt, a black leather jacket, this is very textured, light gray bag, There is also a black knitted hat, simple and stylish.

Flat -bottom boots, the girls wearing will be very young, and Martin’s style is well set off. This beauty chooses a black lace -up Martin short boot, flat bottom style, with a small feeling, with white leggings, one Black dress, a short coat combined with dark green and black, is very beautiful, and it looks very personal. The bag in your hand, a bit of carton style, looks very fashionable.


Different short boots will set off a different fashion feeling, and there will be new changes in the match. This beauty chooses a white zipper boots. It is a popular style in recent years. White, it feels fair skin, with a white shirt, a gray medium -long coat outside, there is no button, the dark gray fur of the cuff, which increases the decoration and also has a warm effect. , Set off the girl’s youth.


In the early winter season, many people pay attention to their warmth, and also wear them according to their own ideas. This beauty chooses black Martin boots, lace -up styles, and round head design. This will appear a bit neutral, and also show There is a beautiful fashion feeling, dark gray tight jeans, which better set off the figure. With black jackets, girls wear jackets, and they must be matched with simple styles to look better. Do not wear bloated effects.


Every girl will match it according to her own ideas. This beauty chooses a black patent leather Martin short boots. The high -necked small shirt, a fashionable trench coat, is white inside, black outside, increases color contrast, and also looks very beautiful. The shoulder bag in your hand is not hung on the shoulder. Essence

Choose a flat -bottomed boots to match in the early winter season. You must set off yourself well, and the clothing must also be matched with a sense of layering. This beauty chooses black flat boots. The leather and cloth surface will be combined. Underpants, light pink high -waisted short skirts, better set off her body proportion, blue wool knitwear, placket in the skirt, the girl will pay attention to the layering of matching, and know how to set off her body proportion Essence