Hardware Department’s product knowledge catalog (the longest in history)


Introduction to electric tools:

hand operated tools

Manual tools can be divided into

l pliers

L wrench

L ham

L screw batch

L saw

L miscellaneous

The pliers can be divided into the use of its purpose

Steel wire

It is used for cutting wires, steel wires, etc., which is a tool for machinery. It is sturdy and durable and difficult to break. The specifications are 175 to 200mm.

Diagonal pliers

Used to cut the texture of the soft texture, such as (copper wire, wire, etc.). There are several specifications of 4 “, 5”, 6 “, and 7”.


The head is pointed, and it is used to clamp some places where the hands are not suitable or convenient to reach into, and the zigzag -shaped clamp. There are several specifications such as 4 “, 5,”, “, 6”, and 8 “.

Pingzui pliers

It belongs to the clamping tool, and the clamp mouth is smooth and there is no jagged, which is used to hold something that is afraid of wear. The specifications are mainly 4 “.


It is also called a tie tie, which is a professional machine tool. It is divided into two types: straight and curved. There are 5 “and 7” specifications. The powerful and durable recovery alloy steel has a rust -proof protective layer.

Pipe wrenches

It is a clamping tool. The clamp can be matched up and down, and the tongs can provide a strong clamping effect. Casting steel handles and forged tongs are heated and equipped with carbon steel rolling large nuts. Specifications 6 “, 8”, 10 “, 12”, 14 “, 14”, 18 “, 24”, 36 “, 36”.

Piping thread

It is used to cut off the wires, peel off the insulated material, cut the screw and flat workpiece. The specifications are mainly 9 “.

The wrench can be divided into the use of its purpose

L living, dead wrench

L plum blossom wrench

L cover wrench

Live and dead wrench

It is used for tightly snail buckles. The main specifications are 4 “, 6”, 8 “, 10”, 10 “, 12”, 15 “, and 18”. The material is steel.


The shape is plum -shaped, which can be stressed in multiple places, and it is lighter to use.


Most of them are hexagonal, and they must be used in groups to use the principle of leverage to work convenient and effort.

Hammer can be divided into use according to its purpose

L sheep horns hammer

L round head hammer

L rubber hammer

Claw Hammer

One can be used to pull nails, and the other is used to knock nails.


It can be used to knock nails, such as: Stanley, both sides of the hammer head, and the handle is walnut wood, which is strong and reliable.

rubber hammer

The material is rubber, which is used to knock on some things that are afraid of broken and cracking, such as: floor, floor tiles.


Screw batch

The screw batch is used to loosen the screw. All the cone is made of steel, and the hard knife head is magnetic.

⑴ Screw batch of the knife head can be divided into


¨ ¨ ¨

刀 Screw batch of the header of the knife can be divided into

¨ magnetism

¨ non -magnetic

可 The screw batch can be divided into the function as the function

¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨


Saw can be divided into use according to its purpose

¨ ¨ ¨ ¨

¨ steel saw

Wooden saw

It is a woodworking saw, and a geometric powerful sawtochrus, drying, sawing faster and flattering. Wood saws are divided into arc saws, blade, and fine woodwood saws.

Steel saw

It is used for sawing steel and sawing iron.

Measuring tools

The length of the measurement tool is divided into tape measure, steel straight ruler, horizontal ruler, thousands of feet inner and outer diameter, etc.

Wind tool

Wind dynamic tools, there are air pressure machines and accessories, spray guns, wind diamonds, wind batch, etc. In the use of the air, the air must be refueling the water separator at the source of the air, so as to better protect the tools and improve the service life. The air compressor is divided into a few pellets at 23, and the pressure is generally 8kg.

electrical tools

Definition: Hardware tools are mainly composed of electric tools, pneumatic tools, manual tools, etc. It is a necessary equipment for maintenance, installation and other projects

The development trend of hardware tools:

As decorative engineering is increasingly large -scale in the market and strong mobility, hardware tools tend to develop in two aspects. 1. Hardware tools are becoming more and more professional. Second, the hardware tools are diverse and easy to carry. Especially practical for DIY hardware tools are more popular

Mainly there are electric tools


Electric diamonds, electric hammers, impact drills, curve saws, corner grinders, cloud stone machines, wires saws, cutting machines, electrical planes, sandpieces, and related accessories, etc.

Electric tools can be divided into

Electric diamond

1. Function: It is mainly used for opening tools on wood, metal materials, and plastic. After the decoration has a positive and reverse switch and electronic speed regulating device, it can be used for electro screw batch. Some models are equipped with charging batteries, which can work normally without external power supply within a certain period of time.

Electric hammer

1. Electric hammer is also known as oil pressure drill. Some people in the market call impact drills, but it is actually incorrect.

2. Electric tools used for drilling such as masonry, concrete, artificial or natural stone, etc., generally have impact. Part of the type of electric drilling in the second gear of the electric diamond has the function of chiseling and actively impact.

3. The function of electric diamonds and electric hammer can be used for use. Light diamonds are widely used in SDS -PLUS drill chip and drill, medium and heavy hammer diamonds to SDS -Max chip and drill bitter

Electric screw batch

Function; electronic speed adjustment, positive and reverse function, you can install the cross -word head, you need to plug in.

Charging drill

Function: Charging drills are generally used to screw screws. The heavy charging drill can be used with suitable holes with wood and iron drills. Except for special descriptions, it is generally not used for the opening of the wall and concrete. Check whether the battery is sufficient before use.


Shock drill

1. Function: You can open holes on brick walls, cement walls, wood, and metals, with key jacks. It has the function of impact and electrical drills, and some have the functions of positive reverse and electronic speed regulation. Passive impact.

2. Electric tools are mainly used for drilling holes such as masonry and concrete. When the impact mechanism is closed, it can also be used as ordinary electric drill

Curve saw

It is mainly used for cutting or swinging or swinging up and down on the top of steel, wood, plastic, etc., and is most suitable for cutting accurate straight lines or curves.

Angle Grinder

Mainly used for grinding steel and stone. The diameter of commonly used mills is 100mm, 125mm, 180mm, and 230mm.


1. Function: Suitable for cutting marble, tiles, cement products, red bricks, etc. It is easy to operate and can work with one hand.

2. You can choose dry or wet cutting. The commonly used saw blades are: dry saw blades, wet saw blades, and wet and wet. Household clothing is used to cut wall tiles.

3. Note: Cloud stone machines are not suitable for cutting metal objects. They must be sliced ​​with diamonds. Do not use damaged, deformed or cracking cut slices.

Cutting Machine

It is mainly used to cut aluminum, wood, etc. from different angles. When using it, pay attention to the tight saw blade and wear a mirror.

Profile cutting machine

1. Professional cutting machines are suitable for departments such as construction, hardware, petrochemical, steel metallurgy, ship repair, equipment and electrical installation. Mainly cut circular, alien steel pipes, corner steel slot steel, flat steel and other profiles. When it is used to cut stainless steel, bearing steel, various alloy steel, quenching steel and other materials, it has its outstanding advantages.

2. Precautions: Do not use a profile cutting machine to cut wood.

Inclined cutting machine

1. Cingard cutting machine is also called turntable diagonal cutting saw, which is mainly used for cutting aluminum, wood or similar materials.

2. Precautions: Do not use materials other than the oblique cutting machine to cut aluminum and wood, do not operate any hand in one hand, and connect the cutting machine with the dust collecting device when sawing.

Electric planer

1. Electric plans are suitable for placing flat wooden beams and bottom plates on a solid workbench.

2. Operation instructions: If the force is excessive when operating the machine, it will not only affect the work effect, but also shorten the life of the planer. Only by using sharp knife can improve work efficiency and then protect the machine. When processing hard materials, it must be reduced. Pushing the machine with appropriate power during operation can the machine be used to cut out the surface.

3. Note: Open the machine first to insert the plug into the socket. Only use sharp shaved knife, you must hold the machine while working, and ensure that you are firmly stable. When planing operations, the machine must be promoted with appropriate power, so as to scratch out the surface.


Used for polishing. You need to install sandpaper. It should be used for polishing metal. It is often used on the table


The engraving machine is also called electric wood milling. It is carved with different knives on the surface of the smooth and smooth wooden board. It is 13mm. Used to open edges, draw pictures, and carve wood.

Profile slice

Slice is also called sand wheel slices, which can be used to cut various metal profiles.


The repair knife is divided into a straight knife head, a U -shaped slot head, a V -head tank knife, a head -standing milling knife head, a composite knife head, a bonded corner renovation knife head, an inverted knife head, a half -garden knife head, and a half -garden knife head, a half -garden knife head, a half -garden knife head, a half -garden knife head, a half -garden knife head, a half -garden header, Rolling bead bearing knife head, pearl bearing outer round knife head, rolling bearing bearing edges and corner head, rolling bead beaded bead -shaped beaded edge, drum bearing half -garden knife head, and drolt bearing double -stage rounded corners head.


It is mainly used on the plate cutting, grooves, drilling, and carving simple patterns on the thin plates used on the surface of furniture such as furniture and other objects.

Note: Do not use solvents, gasoline, oil, etc. to wipe the bottom plate of the tools to avoid causing the bottom plate of the tool. Keep your hand away from the rotating part to prevent the tool from air

Radon saw

Suitable for cutting of wood profiles, which can accurately adjust the depth and inclinedness. In addition, electrical saws can also cut plastic workpieces, PVC and other profiles.


Suitable for polishing operations on the surface of paint, wood, thick cardboard, plywood, non -black metal, plastic, transparent polypropylene and other materials.

Note: Use a vacuum vacuum cleaner for external dust. Do not use the same type of sand metal and wood.

Sand machine

Suitable for dry grinding on the surface of wood plastic and filling materials. The vibration speed required by different materials is different. Only the actual operation can know the best results. When using the sand machine, please use the dust collection device.

Hot air gun

It can be used to bend or melt plastic, remove old paint, and warm up. In addition, you can also use this machine for welding, tin plating, melting sticky glue, and thawing water pipes (the hot air gun can be frozen for PVC tube).

Note: The hot air gun should not be used when the electric hair blower is used. Please wear gloves during work and stay away from flammable gas or materials.

Blow gun

1. Function: ① Sending the air ② vacuum processing

2. Note: After the switch is turned off the switch, the plug can be inserted into the socket. Put on the mirror and gloves during use. Do not blow the hot wind to others or animals. Do not let this machine start under no one. When using this machine, you must match the dust bag.

bench drill

Use the motor to drive the drill by the belt. There are multiple gears of the steering speed of the platform, and the adjustment of the speed is changed by adjusting the position of the belt. Taiwan diamonds can be adjusted at high and low, or can be rotated left and right. The depth is limited. It can tilt the drilling or processed workpiece with diagonal surface. There are two types of large and small models, which are suitable for industrial drilling processing and small -scale suitable for family or office use.


1. Diamond bits are divided into three categories: goldwork drill, woodworking drill, and stone drill bit.

The golden drill bit is mainly used for drilling on the metal, and the woodworking drill is mainly used for drilling on the wood. The stone drill bit is mainly used for concrete, brick wall and other materials.

Open -hole

The openings are mainly divided into woodworking openrs, golden workers, stone openings, and glass openers. The woodworking pore operator is mainly opened on the wood; the golden worker opening device is mainly opened on the metal plate; the stone opening device is mainly opened on the stone such as marble, granite and other stone. Among them, the stone opening device and the glass opening device.

First batch

The batch head is mainly used to remove the screws.

Straight grinding machine

Handheld polishing tools are often used for polishing and trimming points or small areas. With different grinding heads, it can polish metal/wood/glass/stone and other materials


Mainly used for cutting metal boards.

Cloud stone

Yunshi tablets are divided into dry pieces and dry and wet slices. Dry slices do not need to add water when cutting stones. Wet slices need to add water when cutting stones.

1. The sandpaper machine is suitable for dry grinding operations on the surface of wooden plastic. The vibration speed required by different materials is different. Only the actual operation can know the best results. When using the sandpaper machine, please use the dust collection device

2. Types of sandpaper:

“Red” sandpaper: processed various types of wood

“White” sandpaper: Processing pigment/paint or gap.

“Black” sandpaper: Materials with high hardness, such as stone, marble, granite, ceramic and glass.

3. Note: Do not use the same sandpaper sand grinding wood and metal.


1. Function: The polishing machine is suitable for the surface of the materials such as paint, wood, coarse cardboard, sand plywood, non -black metal, plastic, transparent polypropylene and other materials.

2. Note: Use a vacuum vacuum cleaner for external dust. Do not use the same type of sand and sand metal and wood.

1. The corner grinding machine is suitable for dry grinding and dry brushing metal. The cover must be used when cutting stone.

2. The grinding gear: slice, grinding, cup -shaped steel wire brush.

3. Note: The direction of the arrow of the cutting sheet when using diamond -cut slices must be consistent with the steering of the machine. When rough grinding, if the grinding tablets and the grinding stone are kept from 30 to 40 angles, the best coarse milling effect can be achieved. Do not repeat it when cutting, do not tilt, do not shake, control the power of pushing to the push according to the material of the cut material. The direction of cutting is very important, and the method of promoting must be the opposite of the machine running.

Welding machine

1. The welding machine, also known as the AC arc welding machine, is a power supply for AC arc welding by manual operation. It can weld various low -carbon steel and low -alloy steel components. In addition, it can be used as an arc cutting. The welding machine generally uses a two -phase 380V or single -phase 220V AC voltage with a winding tap or arc welding transformer to achieve multiple free adjustment and easy to use.

2. The supporting equipment of the welding machine includes: welding tongs, masks, sunglasses, lenses, anti -fur gloves, welding wires and other materials.


1. Definition: A device that converts thermal energy into mechanical energy through the combustion of fuel, and then converts mechanical energy into electrical energy through a magnetic field.

2. Category: The generator is divided into gasoline generators and diesel generators.

Gasoline generators are generally conjoined generators with small power and generally applicable to occasions with small field operations or small electricity consumption. Diesel generators are generally split -type generators, with a large rate of power. Generally, large projects or large electricity consumption are applicable.


3. Purchase of generators: Select a generator 30 % larger than the actual power based on the power required by the actual power.

Air compressor

1. Working principle: The air compressor refers to the rotation of the motor to drive the compressor to press the air into the gas storage barrel.

2. Category: The air compressor is divided into oil and air pressure machines and oil -free air compressors. Oil -free air compressors are divided into direct transmission air compressors and belt transmission air compressors. There must be a lubricating oil to work during the use of oil air compressors to work during use, otherwise it will be easily burned. The oil -free air compressor can work without adding lubricating oil during use.

3. Maintenance of air compressors:

Angle Grinder


Sand machine





a. Daily maintenance:

Please check whether the oil level in the crankshaft box is kept within the HL range before using it daily. If it is not enough, add it.

, After use daily, open the underwriting valve below the gas storage barrel to eliminate water in the barrel.

(3) Pay attention to what abnormal sounds, vibrations, or abnormally high thermal phenomena during operation.

b. Maintenance every week:

After the new machine is opened for 50 hours, the lubricant will be updated.

滤 Wash the filter in the air intake filter every week.

(3) Pull the pull ring of the safety valve to ensure whether the function is normal.

之 Check whether the function of the pressure switch is normal and set whether the pressure is within 8kg/cm2.

c. Maintenance:

⑴ Check whether all the air pipeline system is leaked.

件 Check whether the screws or nuts of each department are loose

(3) Clean the outer accessories of the air compressor.

d. Maintenance per season:

⑴ For every 500 hours, please replace the lubricant of the compressor.

器 Replace the filter element of the air intake filter.

(3) Check the valve seat or clear the carbon accumulation.

塞 Check whether the cylinder is worn with the piston.

机 When disassembling any accessories on the compressor, please discharge the gas in the gas storage barrel to ensure safety.

4. The main accessories of the air compressor: air compressor, fast connector, oil and water separator.

5. Buyer purchase:

Buying an air compressor first depends on the gas consumption of the gas tools (20%larger than the actual gas consumption), and then buy an alternative air compressor. Generally, the tools for air nail guns can purchase air compressors with a small amount of gas, such as direct transmission air compressors. Due to the large gas volume of paint and coating spray guns, the air compressor with a large storage gas should be purchased, that is, the belt transmission air compressor.


Radon saw

Function: Suitable for cutting of wood profiles, which can accurately adjust the depth and tilt. In addition, electrical saws can also cut plastic workpieces, PVC and other profiles.

Curve saw

1. Function: The curve saw is suitable for cutting wood, plastic, metal, pottery and rubber on a fixed bottom pad. The curve saw can be cut into a straight line, and the diagonal angle can also be cut. Select the heavy type (high power) of the saw metal profile and choose a high -quality saw blade, which will be much durable.

2. Note: Since the curve saw high temperature when cutting metals, the cooler must be applied on the sawdr.


1. Definition: The nail gun is a kind of device that can quickly push out of the gun nail that is adapted to the gun through the top nail in the gun. The nail gun is generally suitable for the connection of home private or wooden plates.

2. Classification of nail guns: mosquito nail guns, straight nails, code nails, cement steel nail guns


3. Note:

a. The refueling water separator should be kept in front of the nail gun to keep the air clean and dry.

b. With a pressure range of 4-7kg/gm2 (60-100psl), it must not exceed 8kg/gm2 (100psl)

c. The exit of the air compressor must install the pressure regulating valve and the pressure gauge to ensure stable pressure and use safety.

d. Different hardness and nails of different lengths should be used to ensure the quality of nails.

e. Do not put the gun at random, put it in a nail or not to install it, otherwise it will damage the parts in the gun prematurely


f. The nail gun is not allowed to knock on the object. In particular, be careful not to fall from the high place, otherwise it will severely damage the nail gun.

g. Slowing the pad of the nail gun is easy to be damaged. Pay attention to the inspection and find that the damage is replaced in time, otherwise it will severely damage the nail gun.

h. Before use, 2 to 3 drops of lubricating oil should be dripped in the inlet of the gas source daily.

i. It is strictly forbidden to use flammable and explosive gas or high -pressure air compressors such as oxygen as a source of power.

Category of Gun Nails: Mosquito Nails, Code Nails, Nails (Nails), Cement Steel Nail

Materials of Nails: Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel

Building the nail gun: Select the corresponding nail gun according to the type and specifications of the guns you need.

spray gun

1. Definition: The spray gun is a device that uses the compressor air as the power source for the power source.

2. Category: paint spray gun, coating spray gun and sandblast gun

3. Note:

a. Do not use sharp metal silk spray nozzles and airflow nozzles for small holes, otherwise any damage will cause abnormal spray.

b. The lacquer gun should not be soaked in a thin solvent for a long time.

c. Do not disassemble and repair it when the paint is bonded.

d. The main parts of the spray gun are made of aluminum alloy and brass materials. It should not be exposed to a medium with strong acid and alkali to prevent corrosion damage.

e. Buying guns: Generally, spray gun caliber can be painted below 2.0mm, and more than 2.0mm is spray coatings.

hand operated tools

1. Manual tool classification: pliers, woodworking, muddy, stone workers, special tool groups, ruler categories.

a. The clavors include: pliers, cuts, wins, sleeves, screw batch, fitter hammer, steel saw, saw piece, double stone hammer, gold worker.

b. Woodworks include: sawing, planing, chiseling, 锉, ax, woodworking hammer, rubber hammer, rubber, ink, ink, threading, oil stones, media, and hand -shaking diamonds.

c. Muds include: clay knife, mud, hanging hammer, pink bucket, steel wire brush, glass knife, hot rubber gun.

d. Stone workers include: stone hammer, stone chisel, pry rod, heavy hammer.

The ruler class includes: steel straight ruler, steel angle, horizontal ruler, rolling ruler, laser ruler, and oil ruler.

Common symbols of electric tools

绝 “Back” means dual insulation symbol

The attachment of electric diamonds can be divided into

□ Templlar drill □ Open pores □ wooden drill □ glass drill bit

Twist Drill

The most suitable for materials such as iron and aluminum alloy. It can also be used to make wooden materials, but the positioning is inaccurate and easy to be crooked.

Open -hole

Applicable to open holes on iron and wooden materials.

Wood drill head

Specially used for woody materials. Bring a positioning rod to accurately locate.

Glass drill head

Applicable to punching on the glass.

Other tools

Other tools can be divided into

L spraying gun

L air nail gun

l air compressor

l cleaning machine

L labor supplies


Spray guns for paint spray.

Nail gun

Connect to the air compressor, use compressed air to blow out the nails in a fixed magazine or nail slot from the muzzle, and shoot into an object that needs to be connected to achieve the purpose of connecting fixing. Industry use. There are straight nail guns, code nail guns, mosquito nail guns, with different straight nail needles, code nail needles, mosquito nail needles, used for nail lines, plates, furniture, etc.

Air compressor

Commonly known as: air pump. Working through the motor, the piston movement is driven, the air in the cylinder is compressed into a pressure air, and it is stored in the gas storage tank until the pressure is set to set aside.

washing machine

It is used in conjunction with tools such as cleaning guns and is often used for car washing or cleaning doors and windows, walls, etc.

Anti-labor supplies

Generally refers to the safety protective gear at work.

Labor supplies can be divided into::

In addition to gloves, earplugs, masks, safety, shoes, and mirrors, labor insurance supplies also include helmets, ascending boards, climbing ropes, leather belts, cowhide eye covers, electric bags, sleeve covers, meals, and work clothes.

Welded eye mask

Prevent foreign bodies from entering the eyes, or prevent arc burns.

Safety earmop

Prevent no noise shock to the ears.

seat belt

Protects the safety of at high altitude operators and prevent falling.

Dust mask

Used to protect the respiratory tract at work.

Working gloves

It is divided into two types: ordinary and dotted shapes. Plastic gloves have plastic dots on the palm of the palm, which can be non -slip.

1. Gloves can be divided into: dust -free gloves, gauze gloves, plastic gloves, garden gloves, waterproof gloves, heat insulation gloves, and anti -cut gloves.

2. The earplugs can be divided into: disposable earplugs, common earplugs, impedance earplugs, and impedance earplugs.

3. Mask can be divided into: disposable masks, nine layers of gauze masks, dust masks, anti -virus masks, active carbon.

4. Shoes can be divided into: mining shoes, anti -smashing leather shoes.

Mirrors can also be divided into: sunglasses, UV mirrors, flat light mirrors, windproof mirrors, protective mirrors.

Hardware Accessories

There are many types. Furniture hardware has drawer guide rails, clothing accessories, cabinets, furniture legs, shelf sales, connecting parts, shoe racks, wire covers, clothing hooks, foot pads, children’s protective supplies, etc.; Class, guide rails, hinges, handle, ground springs, closed doors, bathroom glass clips, unity, door suction, cat eye, door gear, magnetic door suction, beads, anti -board support, door cards, etc.; Nails, flooring nails, decoration nails, cement nails, shoe nails, linoleum nails, self -attack nails, wood screws, special nails, dry wall nails, expansion nails, advertising nails, mirror nails, rubber plugs, standard parts; Tool packages, toolboxes, combination of finishing racks; wheels include rubber wheels, nylon wheels, metal wheels, polyamide wheels, etc.; Iron ring chain, sleeve, safe unloading, flower blue screws, S hooks, etc.; Handling tools include hydraulic forklifts, flat -screen carts

Nails can generally be divided into

L auto nail

l custard nails

l cement nails

l rounding

L line card nail

L floor nail


Used for wood and wood, wood and wall connection and furniture industry.


For fixation of linkee and other objects. (To prevent leakage at the nail hat, generally installed oil felt pads)

Cement nail

Used for cement walls with rust -proof function.

Round nail

For wood products, it is generally used in industrial and agricultural, construction and furniture production.

Thread stuck

Used for fixed wires, telephone lines and other objects.

Floor nail

For fixed wooden floor, the common size is 1.5 inches, 2 inches, and 2.5 inches.

Screws can generally be divided into

L wooden screw

l self -attack screw

L expansion screw

Wood screw

The connection and fastening of wooden products is widely used in home decoration. It is an ideal supplies for artificial boards and plastic parts. It has sharp blades and good product hardness.

Self-tapping screws

It is suitable for metal and wood, and is mostly used to connect thinner steel plates and non -ferrous metal plates. When connecting, use screws to directly attack the thread.

The hinge can be divided into the door and door frame cover method to be divided into

L internal Tibetan

L half cover

L full cover

Mainly used in the cabinet door, furniture cabinet door, furniture and other places.

Internal Tibetan

After closing the door of the cabinet, the entire door frame can be seen at the door and door frame connection (that is, the entire width of the door frame).

Semi -cover

After closing the door of the cabinet, only half of the door frame can be seen at the door and door frame connection (that is, only half of the width of the door frame).

Full cover

Also known as straight arm type, after closing the door of the cabinet, the door frame cannot be seen at the door and door frame connection (that is, the door frame is covered).

Hands can generally be divided into

l Gate pull hands

l small door pull hands


It is generally made of stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, stone, etc., and is mostly used for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other doors.

Small door pull hand

It is generally made of stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, plastic, ceramics, wood and other materials, which are mostly used for cabinets, drawers, wardrobes and other doors. Commonly used wooden furniture handle pitch is 32mm 64mm 96mm 128mm 192mm.


1) Function: When installing the door (except the glass door), you need to connect the door fan with the door frame with the pages. The club door is the door frame connecting parts.

2) Material: Mainly there are copper union, stainless steel hi.

3) Specifications: The combined specifications are described as:


Bearing diameter length width thickness thickness

4) Purchasing precautions: The door closure page is generally selected according to the size of the door. The door, the door uses a 4 -inch (length) combination,

Kitchen door, wall kitchen, written door door selection 2-2.5 -inch union.

Hinge: (Vulgar bidding hinge, door hinge)

1) Function: Various cabinet doors (small cabinets, such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, combinations), and other connecting parts with the cabinet. 2) Specifications: Hive specifications are generally three types: metal (straight), semi -lid (Zhongheng), and inner (tycoon). Generally, the hinge opening angle 110. There are also special angles 180. , Inner 45. Outside 90. , The above describes are suitable for wooden doors. The glass cabinet door must be dedicated to the glass door hinge. Its open -hole diameter is generally 530mm and 35mm. 3) Purchasing matters: According to the purchase, there is a general installation hinge, and the hinge is quickly installed. And the adjustable door seam size, three -dimensional hinge, (so -called three -dimensional, that is, the door fan can be used up and down compared to the cabinet, front and back, left and right position adjustment).

Door Stopper

1) Function: The door suction acts between the door fan and the wall or cabinet, avoid damage caused by the door body and the wall when the door is opened. And because of its magnetic force, the door can be fixed to avoid accidents from the wind or other effects.

2) Material: There are two types of copper and alloy.

3) Specifications: The door suction is based on different installation positions. The wall suction (the base is installed on the wall, and the metal suction is installed on the door with the position as the base position). The ground suction (the base is installed on the floor, and the metal suction is installed on the door).

4) Purchasing matters: Select wall suction and ground suction to visual wall surface, ground material and its decoration environment to determine. If you do n’t want to destroy the ground material, you can use the wall to suck it. On the contrary, if you do n’t want to destroy the wall or wall in the wall due to punching, you can choose the land suction.

door closer

1) Function: The device used to automatically rebound off after the door is turned on. Installed between the door and the door frame. The closed doors are generally only applicable to one -way door, my eyes

2) Specifications: There are several types of the door closed according to the size and weight of the door they are applicable.

In addition, the closing speed of the closed door can be determined by adjusting the speed regulating screw at the end of its connected seat. Its adjustment method is slow clockwise, and the direction of the counterclockwise direction is fast.

3) Purchasing matters: It must be pointed out that the closed doors must have 90 degrees and 90 degrees in accordance with the principle of no principles. 90 degrees can be positioned at 90 degrees to automatically fix the position without rebounding. If you need to close the door, external forces must be applied. 90 degrees irregularity without this function, customers can choose as needed.

Ground spring

1) Function: Install large -scale glass doors (such as sliding doors, gates) must be used for ground springs. Its function is mainly to bear the opening and recovery of the door. Installed on the ground (slotted) and the corresponding position at the bottom of the door.

2) Specifications: The specifications of the ground spring are also divided according to the size and weight of the applicable door. It opened, and the rebound force rely on liquid oil pressure in its components. Therefore, the internal component of the ground spring is equipped with speed regulating screws (adjusting the measurement size by adjusting the measurement size). But remember to adjust the trace adjustment when adjusting the screw, you must not be adjusted at one time, and the amplitude is too large. Otherwise, the oil body overflows. Eventually destroy its function.

The following is the three specifications of the ground spring: (take SOB as an example)

Ground spring model

Applicable door specifications

Gate fan size: width * height (mm)

Gate (kg)

SOB -2201 (light type)

1000 * 2200


SOB -2202 (medium)

1100 * 2300


SOB -2203 (heavy type)











1300 * 2600


3) Purchasing matters: When buying ground springs, according to the specific structure and decoration of the door frame, you must also buy accessories above the supporting facilities, down door clips, top clips, curved clips, clips and other accessories. The specific situation is as follows:

1. Wooden door frame, glass door wooden frame, only the straight and lower clamps are selected.

2. The glass door frame, the glass door has no border, the upper, lower clamps (top or curved) must be used.

3. Locking clips are generally suitable for glass doors with wood -free border.


1. Hands are generally: plastic, stainless steel, zinc alloy, wood, organic glass, etc.

2. The distance between the handle of the handle is: 32, 64, 96, 128, 160, 192, 224, 320.

3. The customer’s purchase of the handle should be purchased according to its applicable door or drawer size, and the size is to choose the handle of the fitting distance. Colors and styles can only be based on their own taste. In addition, glass doors are generally pulling hands with glue pads. Generally, single -sided handle is not used.

Yitong, Yitong seat

1. The clothing pipes are mainly divided into two types: circular tube and flat pipes. Materials are generally composed of stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The clothing pipe is mainly used for hanging clothes in the wardrobe.

2. The clothing seat is used in conjunction with the clothing pipe. It is a supporting part of the clothing pipe. It is also divided into round tube seats and flat pipe seats.

Drawer guide

1. The drawer guide rail is divided into two -section and three rails.

2. The difference between the two -section track and the three -section track:

a. The two -section rail can only drag the drawer out of 3/4, and the three -section track can be pulled out of the drawer.

b. The second rail is a pulley, and the three -section track is sliding. Therefore, the three -section rail is stronger than the second rail, but the second rail has a self -slip function.

c. Three sections of rails are 45kg.

d. Section 2 is 18-25kg.

Furniture hardware also includes: cabinet foot, table legs, shelf sales, connecting parts, shoe racks, wire covers, clothing hooks, foot pads, children’s protection supplies.

Furniture Hardware: When buying furniture hardware, you must first satisfy your furniture design style and personal hobbies, followed by your home improvement budget to buy the corresponding price -grade product.


1. Classification of locks:

a. It can be divided into: spherical locks, hand locks, anti -theft locks, double -sided, single -sided enhancement locks, hanging locks, door locks, etc.

b. It is divided into: stainless steel locks, copper locks, zinc alloy locks, aluminum locks.

c. From the function of locks: door locks, door locks, channel locks, bathroom locks, glass locks, drawer locks.

2 locks:

First, choose the lock of the adaptive function according to different functions, and secondly, choose the spherical lock or hand lock according to your own love, and then select the material of the lock with the color of the lock. In addition, the width and thickness of the door cover are also one of the important criteria for choosing locks. General door locks are adapted to 3.5-4.5cm thick doors, and some special locks can be installed with 4.5-6cm thick doors. The door lock is generally adapted to 2.8-4.2cm thick door. The length of the lock core is divided into 4cm, 4.5cm, 5cm, 5.5cm, 6cm, and 7cm. The open -hole door must pay attention to the length of the lock core. Generally, the door lock is a key. The bathroom and channel locks are without keys. According to the direction of the door (left, right), select the direction of the hand lock.

Moving the door pulley and pulley

1. Function: In order to save room space, the door suspension is opened through the role of pulley and pulley.

2. Classification of pulley:

a. According to the material: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel.

b. Putate: monorail, dual -track (door thickness 2-4cm). The heavier dual -track cannot exceed 45kg/each.

3. The monorail is suitable for rooms, balconies, living rooms, kitchens and other places. The thinnest door thickness should not be lower than 2cm, and some cannot be lower than 3.5cm (A Tongmu). Dual -track is suitable for the cabinet door.

4. Types of pulleys: side -loading wheels, plug -in suspension wheels, Anqi suspension wheels, thrusting wheels, muffled suspension wheels, folding wheels, side hanging wheels, extra large four wheels, heavy gate, wall cabinet doors Essence

5. The material of the pulley: nylon and engineering plastic.

6. Pay attention to the selection of slide rails and pulleys:

a. The slide rails and pulleys must be supported to use.

b. Determine the application (where is used).

c. Choose the sliding door is a single door or folding door.

d. Select the positioning method: surface positioning (fixed on the wall) or the top fix (in the beam or empty wall).

e. Measure the width of the door and determine the length of the sliding rail:

f. Surface fixation = open width × 2 (space for door to stop)

g. Fixing the top = open door width × 2 (empty wall sliding door)

h. Select the door type and indicate the door material

i. Measure the width and thickness of each door

j. Determine how many door do you need

k. Determine the weight of a single door

l. Choose the corresponding price level according to your own economic ability.

Safe box (cabinet)

1. Definition: Special box (cabinet) with certain prevention capabilities.

2. The difference between safe and safe:

a. Safe: The shape of the size is less than or equal to 450 * 300 * 320 (high * width * depth).

b. Insider: Any size of any 450*300*320 (height*width*deep mm).

3. Safe (cabinet) classification:

a. Press the principle of password locks and different divisions of electronic safe and mechanical safe (cabinet).

b. According to the prevention capacity, it is divided into three types of safe (cabinets): A, B, and C.

Category A: It can prevent the use of the use of ordinary tools to achieve the purpose of abnormal opening.

Class B: It can prevent the use of ordinary tools, and the flame cutting welded torch cooperates with each other to achieve the goal of abnormal opening.

Class C: It can prevent the use of ordinary tools, flames, and TNT explosives to cooperate with each other to achieve the goal of abnormal opening.

4. Building of safe (cabinet):

a. Look at the steel plate selection.

b. Look at linear and welded.

c. Look at anti -corrosion treatment.

d. Look at the anti -theft agency.

e. Look at the lock.

f. Look at the auxiliary parts.

g. Look at the appearance.


h. Look at manufacturers and brands.

i. Look at the after -sales service.


a. divided into two types: direction wheel and universal wheel according to function.

b. According to the appearance, it is divided into a flat -header, a rod wheel, a screw LUN. The material is divided into rubber wheels, nylon wheels, metal wheels, and polycani wheels.

Rope chain:

Rope chains include pallionic rope, polyester rope, acrylic rope, nylon rope, pet chain, decorative chain, iron ring chain, sleeve, safe unloading, flower blue screw and S hooks.

Hydraulic vehicle: Hydraulic vehicle, also known as diocha, manual forklift, is divided into 2 tons and 2.5 tons.

Tablet carts: divided into two types: large load -bearing 300kg, small load -bearing 150kg, can be stored for folding.

Bathroom glass clip: the connecting parts of the glass door and the glass curtain wall for the bathroom and other places. The thickness of the glass is 8mm -12mm, the material is stainless steel, and the load is 168kg. There are multiple angles and models to choose from different needs. Door gear: not magnetic, protect the role when the door is opened. There are also two ways: wall installation and floor installation.

Cat’s eye: Also called door mirror, used outside the door observation door. There are two specifications, 180 degrees and 200 degrees.

Magnetic door suction: The closing positioning of the cabinet door is used by magneticism. There is a difference between wooden doors and glass doors. The glass door magnetic door suction has the function of closed positioning and supporting. It is an engine plastics with permanent magnets inside.

Touching beads: The closed positioning of the cabinet door is achieved based on the principle of mechanical elasticity. The main material is copper. Another door marble can be used for closed positioning of larger door fans.

Reverse panel support parts: supporting parts used to open up the cabinet door. Elastic support and air pressure support.

House cards: There are digital door signs and signs. Install two ways: nails and glue.

Hardware locking parts:


1. Ordinary solid nails, also known as head round nails, materials, copper and iron, etc., widely used in nail furniture, packaging wooden boxes, branches

2. The headless and round nails are also called furniture nails. The material is the same as the head of the head. It is generally used in places where the solid surface is required.

3. Flooring nails, the material is the same as above.

It is generally two types of galvanized and colorful zinc. It is mainly used for the nails of wooden floors, and some can also replace ordinary round nails and headless round nails. It is not easy to loosen with the above two nails, and has anti -rust resistance. The most nails are 1.5 inches, 2..0 inches, 2.5 inches, 3.0 inches.

4. Cement nails, steel, can be directly nailed into the low label concrete, brick masonry and thin iron plate.

5.U -type nails, also known as riding nails, used for copper mesh objects or internal and external cables.


1. The bolt has a cross, a cross, a cross -headed head, a cross round head, a cross -headed head, a hexagonal and inner hexagonal head, with iron stainless steel,

Copper, the general cross bolts can be used without nuts, which can be directly opened on the connection object. The inner hexagonal bolt is characterized by the head buried in the machine parts, which is large and the accessories are used in multiple accessories.

2. The nut has hexagonal nuts, nylon tight nuts, butterfly nuts. Among them, the nylon nut function is to prevent loosening.

Commonly used for large vibrations. The characteristics of the butterfly nuts are used on some parts that often need to disassemble and pair the connection intensity.

3. There are flats and spring cushions in the pad. The flat pad ring is cushion under the nut to prevent the surface of the part from being abras’ and reduce the nut

In the pressure of the unit area, the spring pad is to prevent the nut from loosening.


1. Wood screws, iron, copper material, for general wood fixed metal parts or other items.

2. Fiberboard screws, material steel, are all the main features of cross -seal and large heads, which help it set in high -density fiber boards.

3. Self -attack screws and wall plate screws are characterized by it can be used directly on thinner iron or plastic products.

4. Drilling tail self -attack screws and temple pull screws. The main feature of the drilling tail self -attack nails is that they can directly determine the knife. The characteristics of the wall pull screws are characterized by numbness, and the role is to make a day of the monk hit the paint for one day, and it is used to fix it for the lacquer noodles.

5. The most commonly used specifications for self -attack filaments and wooden screws are 3.5X16, 4.0×16, 3.5×30, 40×30, 3.5×35, 4.0×35, 4.0×35, 3.5×40, 4.0×40. Number represents length.

6. Metal -style expansion screw cover is generally used in fixed specifications of objects with high connection intensity and walls:

65, 6 * 80, 8 * 110, 12 * 110.

The materials are: iron, stainless steel

7. The outer and extension expansion screws are characterized by the expansion of the inner teeth can be connected to the boom and screws, and the case where there is a poor wall can also be fully expanded.

The above two kinds of peaceful heads are swollen and tired, and they are generally used on the surface of fixed objects to require the overall beauty as a whole

8. The hollow expansion screws are used for hollow and hollow -up wall fixing objects.

9. Most of the products of Huiyu are sold or glue for nylon or gels. In conjunction with exhaustion nails, they are used in some occasions with high connection intensity requirements.

Furniture Hardware

1. Furniture connecting parts, including direct furniture overhauling, plates are connected to the silk field, the universal wall -angle connector angle connection parts, and the codes. Rastex connector, where the Rastex connector is the dark -proof -loaded connector, which is generally used in high -end furniture, such as tables, combination cabinets, etc., which is characterized by easy disassembly, dark installation, and different connections above the above varieties. Specifies different connection requirements.

A. Section 2 is generally used in high -quality steel. The pulley uses high -intensity engineering plastics. The main feature is that generally there is a self -driving function, that is, it can be closed by itself at 60mm.

B. The three -section rail uses high -quality steel and steel balls sliding type. The height is 45mm, and most of them can weigh 50kg. The surface treatment is generally black -plating, zinc and zinc, and the installation of the pumping switch is demolished. Too many draws can reach 100,000 times.

Table leg

1. The table foot can be fully folded and can be installed with wheels. The cabinet foot specifications are 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 200mm, and there are two materials: beylum and alloy aluminum.

2. The specifications of stainless steel pipes are 16, 19, 25. They are equipped with corresponding bases and gold and copper flange.

3. The clothing pipe is used in the cabinet, with round shapes, and the materials are aluminum aluminum, steel, stainless steel