The college style children’s clothing strikes, let your bear children turn into Mengwa immediately!


When more young parents choose children’s clothing for their children, not only the quality of children’s clothing is not only the quality of children’s clothing, but also the style of children’s clothing. Choosing a set of children’s clothing really shows that children’s clothing can not only make children stand out among their friends, but also reflect the eyes and level of parents. baby!

★ Two pieces of casual children’s sportswear ★

A sports suit with a college atmosphere. The black and white color is simple and generous, very refreshing and clean. The striped stitching decoration design adds a lot of decoration effects to the whole suit, which is very good.

★ Exquisite cartoon embroidery loose Korean jeans ★


The design of this Harun jeans is very bright. The exquisite embroidery of the cartoon pattern is very suitable for cute baby, full of childishness. Haron’s style will not be too tight and comfortable to wear. A simple match with a T -shirt is a very good choice.

★ Block denim children’s pants ★


A pair of high -energy and thin pants. Comfortable, stylish, versatile! Joined the most popular denim block elements in autumn and winter this year. It is very big. The bead chain embroidery is also embroidered at the block, adding small details. Pockets are not like ordinary jeans design.


★ Girls White Dress ★

A small fresh dress, the small princess wardrobe must be available, simple and elegant color, but the version is playful and cute, the babies can wear it when they start school, the cotton cloth is very soft and breathable ~


★ Irregular British style striped children’s clothing jacket ★


A great windbreaker, stitching front and back is particularly stylish and personality. The design is also in place. This fabric is high -quality gauze, environmentally friendly and safe, and gives the baby better care. The position of the zipper head position of the neckline is added to protect the baby’s chin ~

★ Girls lace denim vest skirt ★


Using high -quality denim fabrics, comfortable and soft, V -type neat sleeveless design, chopped ruffles edge of the hem, showing baby is sweet and cute, and the effect of the upper body is much more beautiful than imagined. White shoes are wearing, full of infinite and beautiful atmosphere ~


★ Children’s back trousers ★


A backbite jeans with a stylish sense of mixing and matching in autumn. This strap pants, whether the match is an ordinary T -shirt or a personalized top, can wear fashion in minutes. Very recommended one.

★ Children’s sweater wool shirt wide -leg pants two -piece suit ★

Selected high -quality knitted fabrics are soft and comfortable. The unique twisting design on both sides of the body and pants, with simple flower type, looks fashionable and casual. Normal loose and wide legs are comfortable to wear, the upper body effect of the whole clothes is great ~

★ Children’s jacket ★


The autumn wind is strong, and such a windproof coat is needed. The design of the hat is very special, with a loose band, which is not easy to slip. The version is also a loose style. You can also wear this coat in a thicker dress. It is very real.