Men’s special issue! The most warm down jackets are here


“Down jacket” is the most favorite jacket in winter, and its warmth is much stronger than coats. Because it is lighter than other long winter clothes, you can enjoy a variety of ways to wear. This time, you will choose a urban fashion adult dress. From casual elegance to sophisticated suits to avant -garde styles, you have compiled a down jacket with a list. You can refer to it now, please be sure to view it.

The long down jacket will not feel heavy, and you can easily dress with men.

In South Korea, which is lower than zero in winter, down jackets are called “long down jackets”, and men and women like to wear them. Today, South Korea’s fashion has attracted much attention, and it is also effective to use it as a production trendy clothing. The longer the length of the winter jacket, the heavier it will become, and often the shoulder becomes stiff and tired because wearing it to improve the cold weather, but if you have a down jacket that will not make you feel heavy, you will not make you feel heavy down jacket Essence You can wear it. Even dark items such as black, naval blue, gray, etc., there are places that look not heavy in a fluffy and light atmosphere ◎


Flly and down ratio is the key to choosing high -quality down jackets.

The “filling power” often heard in down jackets and down jackets is a unit that shows the fluffy of down. The degree of expansion of feathers per ounce (28.4 grams) is represented by cubic inch (2.54 cm cubic cubic). The larger the value, the more air contains. It is said that the down due to the insulation of a large amount of air, good heating, is generally 700 fluffy items or more is regarded as high -quality down. In addition, the proportion of down and feathers is also very important. It is said that the ratio of 70%~ 90%to 90%and feathers is not deforming, and the insulation is good. If you pay attention to design, but also pay attention to down quality, cold prevention and warmth, you can consider filling the intensity and down ratio as the focus of choosing down coats.

If you want a down jacket with a business style, you must pay attention to the texture and length!

Herno, Moorer and other brands develop down jackets are very suitable for business style, because there are many sophisticated styles, it is easy to match suit and jacket styles. In particular, the length of the jacket’s hem, and the length of the outer material with high -quality wool and cashmere material, create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere, and add a sense of grade to the style.


Hard -noodle knuckle down jacket makes your winter leisure dress unique

The Canadian coat brand “Moose Knuckles” is known for its theme of elk footprints. This down coat is made of luxury fox hair specially purchased from Finland. It is exquisite and modern, with a unique and calm color, showing a luxurious atmosphere. Accompanied with casual pants such as denim and diagonal cotton pants, it is a big charm to enjoy various styles.


The down jacket with a down jacket makes you feel like wearing a belt -free jacket.


This person chose the classic down jacket “Hurricane” from the Italian brand Pewery. This style is based on a fur hooded jacket to use luxurious rabbit hair in the collar. With slender gray jeans to create a unique adult atmosphere.

Integrate Stone Island down jackets into a suit and show the mixed style of leisure style

The men’s clothing brand “Stone Island” familiar with the compass logo, because of the cooperation with Supreme, suddenly became popular on the street. The brand produced by this brand is endless with innovative technology. It mainly receives the support of men with vision. It is good at matching the mixed style of suits and casual clothes to be assigned in proportion. Don’t miss the key points of the Lenar badge on the left sleeve. Almost all items are equipped with it, not just down jackets.


The down jacket with fur is a classic fashion person to create a luxurious atmosphere and improve the dress.

There are down jackets with fur details on the hats, such as fox hair and raccoon hair, which is a must -have for fashion people, creating a luxurious atmosphere. Because as a bottoming down jacket is an outdoor style, it can improve your dress without creating a gorgeous or gorgeous atmosphere.

Fashion monotonous suit with camouflage down coats shows outstanding temperament.

Fashion monotonous suit with white turtleneck sweater, black ripped tight denim and black side zipper ankle boots, and camouflage down jackets, showing outstanding temperament. This is a monotonous clothing. It often gives a mild impression due to its high complexity, but it is also easy to integrate into a high -impact coat without feeling uncomfortable, so it is best to use it strategically.

By combining the exquisite impression of the navy blue, gray and black projects, down jackets coordinated.


If you want to show a down jacket suit that maintains a moderate beauty, it is best to combine unique men such as blue, gray and black. Through a combination of multiple colors, you can easily create clothes that are not too messy or too simple. It is also good to add a basic color pattern stall and give it a harmonious match like this.


Men’s down jacket with clever colors, connect the color with cross -border

The colors of down jackets and tailoring jackets are matched with navy blue, the lining of the down jacket and the vest color of the vest in the jacket with olive green. A good example is that if you insist on the color in the down jacket, it will enrich the expression of this dress. Adults can see and hide in hidden colors, which are obviously different from this gimmick.


Well, this is the sharing today, I hope to bring you some inspiration to wear, a new day, happy