Cui Kangxi also has it! During Korean Tie Shuai Eye Surgery, By the way, liposuction and double eyelids


Recently, in the past two years, the comparison chart of different facial photos of Shanghai Shenhua coach Cui Kangxi -one is 2020, Cui Shuai’s eyes and drooping are drooping and long; , And it turned out to be the most common single eyelids in Korean men, which also became double eyelids; the facial skin was also tight, and the famous Korean coach suddenly looked younger.

As a result, many fans speculated that this may be Cui Kangxi, who was born in a beauty country, and could not be exempted. Some people say: Maybe it’s just a beauty treatment in the photo?


Shenhua News, Ma Yue, officially explained this: When Cui Kangxi returned to South Korea during the offseason, Cui Kangxi had to perform eye surgery, while incidental liposuction surgery was performed.

Ma Yue said: “Haha, I saw Cui Dao who was discussing the” beauty “mode recently. In fact, Lao Cui was really not going to beauty. In last year, his eyes were a bit small. Check the accumulation of eye fat, some compressive nerves, and some other mild complications. “

“So, he took advantage of this intermittent period to return to South Korea and performed eye liposuction surgery. He just returned to Shanghai’s 14 -day isolation period, and it can also help recover. Shenhua led can also be renewed in the new season. “


However, for this official explanation, some fans thought: Are they afraid that people jokes Lao Cui such a lot of age, and is still a big master, but he has done liposuction and beauty surgery, for fear of becoming a joke? Therefore, Shenhua News Officer took this statement to help the past?

It is estimated that Lao Cui really has some problems and needs to perform surgery, and it is also a good thing to do with liposuction, leather, and double eyelids. Is this possibility the biggest?

Moreover, the South Korean Tie Shuai is not bad. He made a lot of money in the Chinese Super League teams. After Shenhua, it is reported that the annual salary is 8 million US dollars -this is 10 times that he in the north of South Korea! Then do a small facial liposuction, leather or double eyelid surgery. In terms of money, it is not worth mentioning.


However, from the old man of Tiekai Cui Kangxi, the old man will also have a beauty surgery. It can be seen that our nation’s neighboring country is really the country in the world that loves beauty!


There are people who love beauty -even Cui Kangxi has it. Then, after “Yirongshu” returns to Shenhua, Cui Tieshuai faces a more neat and strong team in the face of the players, plus the opponent Suning San, Under the weakest ten years of Evergrande, perhaps in the Chinese Super League this season, Cui Tie Shuai’s hands will also be a good opportunity and a good mood for the best opportunities and moods to win the beauty of the new face? [Original comment: Yu said to rest]