Ten minutes to get a peanut filling dumplings! It’s the best meal


This year’s Lantern Festival happened to be a dumplings at home during the Beijing Winter Olympics.

BY simple to transparent 2013


150 grams of water mill glutinous rice flour

15 grams of corn starch

140 grams of boiling water



70 grams of cooked peanuts

Cooked white sesame 20 grams


40 grams of fine sugar


50 grams of butter or lard

Practice step

1. Water mill glutinous rice flour and corn starch are mixed evenly and add boiling water to stir well with chopsticks. After the surface is slightly cold, we have gloves and a smooth dough.

2. The dough and the rear cover are lid with plastic wrap.

3. Fry raw peanuts with low heat, and then peel.


4, peanut filling ingredients are ready.

5, cooked peanuts, cooked sesame seeds and sugar together to put them in the cooking machine.

6. Put the peanut powder with melted butter or lard stir evenly and place it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.


7. Take it out of the refrigerator into a small ball of 8 grams, and then put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

8. The glutinous rice dough is divided into 18 grams of a dong, and the peanut filling is covered and rounded on the middle.


9. The dumplings are fine, the water is open and the dumplings are boiled. Soft glutinous sweetness, delicious and delicious.


The wrapped dumplings can not be frozen in the refrigerator once.


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