Chen Shu’s red carpet is beautiful, Jiang Qinqin Chen Yanxi is elegant, “Little Dragon Girl” Li Ruotong is very immortal


On December 28, many actresses gathered in the red carpet, and the shapes are very eye -catching.

Actress Chen dwelling wore a black tight skirt to suppress the overseas gas field. When she turned around and signed, she revealed a large smooth back, showing a good figure.

Jiang Qinqin was wearing a black off -the -shoulder dress. The hazy tulle material showed her temperament and elegance, her skin was white and tender, and the retro goddess Fan was very grasped.


Chen Yanxi wore a mustard yellow off -shoulder dress. Her temperament is fresh and pleasant, her body is much thinner, and she has restored her original campus goddess.

The boxing champion Zou Shiming also appeared, and this time the couple showed affection. Ran Yingying was wearing a lace off -the -shoulder dress, her body was bumpy, and her upper circumference was full.


Wang Likun, who has always been known as the goddess of plain face, wore a purple lace dress, which became more and more delicate in white and tender, like a fairy. Li Ruotong is also wearing a fairy blue dress, and the tube top design shows her skinny figure. The face value and the dragon girl have not changed.

Hui Yinghong was wearing a sequined long skirt with a dignified temperament. When he waved his hands with the media staff, he smiled and had a big sister with a big sister. Deng Cuiwen wore a black dark V off -the -shoulder dress, wavy curly hair to enjoy the style of Hong Kong. There is a retro old age beauty, and it is also very eye -catching on the red carpet.


The red carpet of these female stars is really amazing, and each has its own beauty, which maintains a good figure and state. I look forward to gaining something at the event tonight, and I wish them to continue to bloom dazzling light in the future acting career and bring more good works to the audience.

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