Song Yanzhang’s sexy photo, tube top skirts are dazzling and solid vest lines, and the whole body is accidentally exposed to defects


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Recently, the waves of the waves of the waves of “Oh, a good figure”, the actress Song Yanhuan also had a joining program, shooting the seaside sexy photo high -profile publicity, and the mermaid and beauty of the white skirt incarnate on the seaside, which attracted the attention of many fans.


Speaking of the effect of Pian Ruo Jinghong, the most beautiful little white skirt. Song Yanxuan chose the tube top set look and enjoyed the firming vest line. Xiaoman’s waist is gripped, tight and linear, perfect and flat, the figure management of female stars is really powerful!

However, this time I accidentally exposed the flaws. The devil’s figure was also short in the camera. It may be the expansion effect of the white system.


Without losing the courage, taking pictures of barefoot is still a bit disadvantaged.

Song Yanxuan raised her hair naturally, leaving a strand of hair on both sides, and the style was feminine, with a halo of beauty.

The golden earrings and necklaces are full of boldness, the golden chain is thick and flashed, and it is very expensive at first glance. The presence is too high.

If you want to show your retro style, the first choice is such a romantic bubble sleeve. The big shape is light and exquisite, like a pair of Peter Pan’s wings to satisfy the girl’s heart in each woman’s heart, the princess dreams.

The so -called beauty requires 360 ° without dead ends. The white tube top can show the exquisite butterfly back. The skin is fair and delicate. There is no trace of pores. It is really convincing!

Each part is exquisite and beautiful, and the lives that are alive are really beautiful!


There is a slit tailoring behind the skirt to make the white and straight legs looming, creating a sexy effect of exposing and resting. It wraps out the sexy and elegant of the mermaid, enchanting and charming.

Song Yanxuan raised her hands and made a lazy Pose mode. This posture has a lot of good mirror, and the whole person has been stretched, and it is even more immortal.


Coupled with the swan neck, fine collarbone, small waist and jewelry, each subtle movement is a drama. She can’t help but be attracted by her.


Song Yanzhang’s face is also good, three -dimensional and exquisite, tall nose, fair and tender skin, no flaws, almost no dead ends, can completely stand the test of “face shot”, can it be super? Intersection

It is reported that,

CECILIA Song Yanyi

It is also a standard fitness expert. As long as you have time, you will be soaked in the gym to “iron”, and occasionally sharing your own fitness Tips.


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