Canvas small white shoes yellow how to turn white to learn how old shoes change new shoes in seconds


How to turn yellow for canvas white shoes, how to turn yellow in canvas shoes, can be said to be common. Many people may feel that there is no way to solve it. It may not necessarily. Learn the following methods. Old shoes become new shoes in seconds!

How to turn yellow in canvas white shoes

帆布小白鞋发黄如何变白 学会方法旧鞋秒变新鞋

Use paper towels to wrap

① Brush the yellow -haired small white shoes in a conventional method with soap.

帆布小白鞋发黄如何变白 学会方法旧鞋秒变新鞋

② Wash it with water, and then soak in water for a period of time to ensure that the soap is left off.

③ Do not dry directly, but wrap the small white shoes with a white tissue, you can pack a few more layers.

③ Dry it in a sunny place, but you can’t expose it ~

帆布小白鞋发黄如何变白 学会方法旧鞋秒变新鞋

After drying it, you will find that the paper towel wrapped outside is obviously yellow, because some of the molecules that are residual in the shoes are adsorbed on the white paper, so the shoes become white and the paper is yellow. And when drying, the fluorescent agent in the white paper absorbs ultraviolet rays, so it also helps small white shoes to increase white ~

In fact, washing white is not the only way. Drying is also a very critical step. It makes it whitening during drying. Such a method is the simplest and practical and practical. So to push this method ~ Why should I replace a pair of new shoes with a few pieces of paper? But if your canvas shoes are already very yellow, it may not be completely solved. You can only use the following method ~

帆布小白鞋发黄如何变白 学会方法旧鞋秒变新鞋

Use blue ink

帆布小白鞋发黄如何变白 学会方法旧鞋秒变新鞋

① First of all, you need to clean the small white shoes first, and then put the cleaned small white shoes aside first.

② Drill a pot of water, then drip a few drops of blue ink (choose pure blue, blue and black), stir the water evenly.

③ Put the washed small white shoes in the pot and soak for about 15 minutes.

④ At this time, the water generally becomes clear, and the yellow shoes can also see a lot of white, then take out the shoes and rinse it with water (preferably wearing a glove, otherwise the hand will dye the hand to dye To.

⑤ Finally, wrap the small white shoes with a paper towel and put it in the ventilation place to dry ~

When you retract your shoes, you will find that it is already bright and new. Is it very magical? In fact, there is a substance in the blue ink that can restore oxides, so as to remove yellow stains ~ Of course, there is another reason. It is colorful. It looks clean, and now many whitening agents are the principle ~

Use 84 disinfection

If the little tricks can no longer solve the problem, then use a brutal way!

① Pour 84 disinfectant in the water and stir well.

帆布小白鞋发黄如何变白 学会方法旧鞋秒变新鞋

② Put small white shoes into soaking and decide the time according to the degree of yellowing.

③ Wash the disinfectant on the small white shoes with water.

帆布小白鞋发黄如何变白 学会方法旧鞋秒变新鞋

④ Wrap the white toilet paper, put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry

This method is to ensure that small white shoes can be turned white immediately. After all, the bleaching ability of 84 disinfection is not to be questioned, but this method can not be used without any need, which will cause certain damage to small white shoes. And, can only be used on canvas shoes and white shoes! If it is a leather or other materials, it cannot be used!