This pair of Martin boots must wear


At a glance, it came to the tail in October. It could not pass two days and officially entered November, and the breath of autumn and winter was getting stronger.

I want to ask me what shoes are the highest rate at this time, that must be



It’s right. Whether in terms of versatility or warmth, it is the best choice for my autumn.

But give me more inspiration in the boots

Martin boots

Whether it is matched with various pants or skirts, it can be well integrated and not obtrusive, it is simply

Wanjin oil in the matching world




I noticed some fairy before saying themselves


Wearing Martin boots will grind the back

If you ca n’t wear it for too long, you will be uncomfortable. It must be that your laces are wrong.

Teach you a trick, you can try to solve this problem with a parallel laces.

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Anyway, since I learned, I have been so tied, and the instep has not been oppressed again, so comfortable!

Methods, let’s enjoy the wonderful performance of Martin boots in autumn and winter today with Liya ~

The leather coat itself has a cool and handsome character, which coincides with the atmosphere created by Martin boots.

The combination of the two is completely reflected in the free and handsome aura of women. It is the sweet and spicy girl’s dish!


Black leather clothes are simply

The incarnation of the sexy royal sister

Let’s put on our leg king -Xuanmei God, this temperament is too good!



The ankle and calf connection are covered

Living, the toe is a very obvious round head. In contrast, it is not surprising that the calf is thin.


You can also choose a high gang like Xuanmei. One of the long sweaters cover PP,

Create “lower body disappearance”.


This is especially suitable for the fairy with pear -shaped figure. The fattest part is hidden, which will make others feel that the part you cover is as thin as the part you exposed.

Over 100? Who Cares? Intersection Sister is as thin as!

The weather is slowly cold, and everyone’s coat begins to thicken. Don’t worry about it if you encounter such a large size jacket.

The upper body style is complicated,

Let’s do a subtraction


, A simple black leggings, divert viewers’ attention.


Selecting the heavy Martin boots on the shoes echoed with the upper dress, and the overall coordinated.

Some fairy should ask: liya liya, my legs are not good -looking, thick and short, really can’t wear tight pants!

It’s ok,

Long coat+sports pants+Martin boots

The formula for wearing is taught to you. The ability to modify the leg shape is nothing to say. The upper body is casually paired with a short sweater.


With a pair of Martin boots, you can plug your pants into your shoes, and suddenly

Reduce most of the bloated feeling

, Everyone becomes spiritual!

There are many types of pants. Can each one be matched with Martin boots? Intersection


I have to answer: yes. These shoes have such magical ability.

Types must be covered with the upper? See how these Martin boots are controlled,

Put the trousers into the boots

, Loose above, tighten below, put it on the whole

Increase the highlights and look more neat

For a while, I was really confused about this kind of straight pants. Of course, wearing high -heeled shoes is very temperament, but it is not always wanting to stare at high heels. Moreover, some people do not wear it.

But with Martin boots

A state of comfort and beauty coexisting


And I have to say that when the two are together, the legs really look thinner and straight!

Speaking of Martin boots, how can Martin’s boots be missing my favorite LISA, she also brought a good head for the dancers.

Such loose and obese pants can easily make people fat and short, but use a pair of thick Martin boots,

Visual extended leg lines


And when dancing, it will not be disturbed by the pants, which is very refreshing.

A short top with a casual upper can look thin and sexy!

There are more ways to wear cigarette pants. In addition to stuffing pants into the boots, you can also

Choose seven points, or cropped pants

, Then connect with the boots, and the whole person suddenly tall a lot.

Of course this

More suitable for high

The fairy with good legs will be better.

In addition to the above pants, there is also a style of jumpsuit. This is also a style that makes many fairy headaches do not know how to match.

Actually you can choose

This low -top Martin boots,


Because it is also an increased effect, and there is no boots, it will not be too eye -catching, it is just suitable for leisurely leisure.

If you want to be more cool and handsome, you can increase the boots

Switching at will is also a must -have skill for many fashionable essence.

If you want

The cuteness rises straight, then the level of the toe should be increased

, Increase the thickness of the sole.

At the same time, don’t choose the pants too long. It is best to leave a charm for the socks in the middle. Whether it is school or going to school, it is absolutely eye -catching!

Many people wear skirts and Martin boots. Many people will feel strange. They feel that the style is not matched and the fusion is not together. In fact, this is extra worries.


Martin boots have a variety of styles, according to

The height of the toe, leather, and boots is different

The atmosphere created is also different.

You can choose from this kind of air -style wind and wind.

Martin boots without shoe lace

Because the style is simple enough, it will not grab the focus of wearing, the so -called low -key advanced level is so!


This dress can be said to be a template level, including the stacking, not exposing ankles we have said before, and use it.

Fairy can learn this

Low Martin Boot+Middle Stockings

Even if the weather is colder, a coat is added outside, and still retains a sense of fashion!

Directly exposing socks is to enhance the sense of vitality, so direct

Use the dimension of boots to modify the leg shape

It is the favorite of temperament Girl.

Leave room for the calf, and the legs will look thinner in comparison

The top is a skirt, covering PP and thick legs. This is suitable for all kinds of figures, which can be called “not to pick people”!

Coco is a blogger I like very much. Her style is the feeling of Korean lady style.

Like a dress outside the dress, with a pair of thick Martin boots at the same time,

There is a trace of straightness in the leisure

, Also in line with her character.

This round head and belt -dense Martin boots have always given me a French classical tone, so with this elegant skirt and a suit jacket, it shows femininity to the fullest.


And this style

real! of! OK! foot! Small!

Go for me!


After saying so much, the sharing of “Martin Boots” is over again. I don’t know if there are some help in the thinking of the fairy, you can be in the idea that you can wear it.

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In fact, autumn is very easy to be lazy, for many people, it is just an excessive season. But in fact, at this time it is the time to exude charm, like


Knit sweater, sweater, suit, windbreaker

You can create a very woman, so the fairies must grasp the unique beauty of this season!


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