Korean women’s group wears “open crotch pants” to sing! The black bottom pants are indecent, confused and worn


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On the evening of July 3rd, some netizens posted a post on the stage shape of Tian Jizhen, a member of the Korean women’s group “Girls this month”. The strange costumes caused a lot of heated discussions.

Tian Jizhen is a member of the Korean female singer and a member of the women’s group “Girls this month”. She has attracted much attention from the high value. After a new song, a concert was also held, and the development momentum was great.

This time Tian Jizhen’s controversial clothing was on the stage of the concert.

Judging from the exposed live video, Tian Jizhen’s golden hair, with a white T -shirt, was full of vitality on the stage, refreshing and vibrant.


However, with the movement of the camera, Tian Jizhen’s pants frowned many audiences. The blue and white trousers turned out to be “open crotch”, revealing the black pants worn by Tian Jizhen’s inside, which looked a little indecent.


Many netizens commented that “I can’t understand this”, “I am derailed with fashion”, and “open crotch pants”. This strange dress has been talked about by everyone.


Later, a fan came forward that the design of this pants itself was not just on the crotch. In fact, it kept opening to the waist, but Tian Jizhen covered a too large shirt on the upper body and blocked the waist. It looks a bit like open crotch pants.

At the same time, fans also emphasized that Tian Jizhen was not wearing bottom pants, but black high -waisted shorts, which can be worn outside. I hope everyone should not look at this set of clothing with colored glasses.


And not only Tian Jizhen in the Korean women’s group worn this pants alone, and Lisa, a member of the popular female group Blackpink, also worn during the performance.

But the difference is that LISA is wearing a black suspender on the top of Lisa, which shows the design of the entire pants. A little strange.

Although the original design of the pants is like this, some netizens said: “It is normal pants inside, and this design does not feel any beauty.” “I think even the pictures explained in the comments are not very good. “Everyone still doesn’t understand this confusing design.


This “open crotch” clothing itself can easily cause controversy, especially when wearing women, which will cause netizens to have some bad associations, and it will inevitably be spit.

I have to say that the singing clothes of the Korean women’s group members are really weird. This kind of confusing stage clothing is not the first time.

The original women’s group members would have a large action when they danced on the stage, but their clothing fabrics were still “saved”. Mini short skirts and shorts were shorter than leggings. vague.

When the female group idols perform on the stage, they have to sing and dance while taking care of them, and constantly organize clothes. It is not convenient. They look very emotional with the scene of the short singing clothes.


Every girl who pursues dreams on the stage exudes endless charm, which is enough to attract people. The real stage charm is the performance itself, not the eyeballs with explicit clothing. What do you think of this situation? Intersection

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Author: Tao Tao Cans

Responsible editor: Seventeen