South Korea Duty Free Shop purchases MCM new pink tender backpacks


韩国免税店购入 MCM 新款 粉嫩双肩背包

Additional modification (2015-06-15 23:25:12):

Seeing a lot of questions about the leather … The slave family can only say that the explanation of this bag is written in the leather system, and the shopping guide is very clear. Maintenance, because light -colored leather is easy to dye. It is plastic, and the classic models do n’t know. The girlfriends buy all the skin, so the slave family thinks that the MCM family is all skin. that’s it. As for the mantra problem … just ignore it.

Hello everyone, this is the first time that the slave family has written the sun. I don’t know what it can be written.

This time, the MCM new backpack purchased at the South Korean duty -free shop at the beginning of the year (at least the clerk told the slave family).

It looks like this. (The picture borrows Xiamao)

韩国免税店购入 MCM 新款 粉嫩双肩背包

The picture comes from a certain treasure

The MCM brand is not introduced here. It is estimated that no one knows it. Now walking on the street, most of the girl’s backpacks are from his family (I don’t know if it is true or false). And look at the variety shows, entertainment news, the bag of M family is also often shot.

Below is a screenshot of the same backpack of Li Xiaolu’s back in “Dad is back 2”.

Because the slave family has not had the habit of carrying back bags, she has never considered starting. Until the resignation of resignation and planning to travel, I suddenly found that it was not convenient to carry the bag. Moreover, the slave family was a hand -lost goods. After a few times, she almost lost the bag, and finally decided to start a backpack. At that time, I was going to go to South Korea to buy things. MCM was the cheapest in South Korea, so decide, okay, buy one.

After a week of waiting for a week, the bag finally came.

韩国免税店购入 MCM 新款 粉嫩双肩背包

Not much nonsense, starting the formal order.

韩国免税店购入 MCM 新款 粉嫩双肩背包

There are white cloth bags in the MCM home bag.

韩国免税店购入 MCM 新款 粉嫩双肩背包图片来自某宝

After opening it, it is like this. Because there is nothing to put anything, it looks flat. Because it is a new bag, all the bags are wrapped in plastic. The color is very pink, with the illusion of black and white.

MCM’s backpacks are divided into four models of large, medium, small, and mini. Because the slave family feels that it is not too big to go out. If you travel, you will not bring too much with you, so you choose a small bag. It turns out that it is true, because the bag is pure skin, so the bag is very heavy, and it will be even more heavy if it is big. The picture below is a contrast between the size of the bag and the iPad4 (the wrong red lips on the right).

It seems that it should be no problem to put a PAD in the bag, but the fact is that it will be difficult to put PAD after the package is full. Although it can be pulled up, the entire bag is bulging. Fortunately, the slave family usually only brings a Kindle, which is just right.

The inside of the bag is this sample.

韩国免税店购入 MCM 新款 粉嫩双肩背包

It feels that the bag is small, but there are two internal organs. There are two small bags on the outside. Put a mobile phone, headset, small mirror, which is very suitable. Internal test, that is, below the picture, is a small inner bag, PAD can also be fully put in, and there are two elastic bands. If the large one is the same, there is no problem at all of a notebook, and it is also very good. The slave family must not be able to put the computer. Ha ha. There is a small pocket in the zipper, putting money, card, no problem, just to put a wallet is also full. Praise it.

韩国免税店购入 MCM 新款 粉嫩双肩背包

Next is a few shots of the appearance details of the bag.

The first is the sign, because it is taken with a mobile phone, so it is not very clear, but you can still see that the bronze medal of the trademark is well polished. The rivets are also square and bright. Here are a few tips to distinguish authenticity. First, it is the coding of the sign. The slave family is estimated to see clearly, but every encoding of the real package is unique. Second, it is also a sign of the sign, because the signs of the MCM family are twisted with the screws, which can be removed, and the type screws are aligned in a certain direction, either full rush, or parallel. Anyway, it is fake, or those who can’t remove it at all.

The third way to judge the authenticity is to see if the bag trademark can be perfectly paired. The following picture is fine. The docking of this bag is very beautiful. Can you see that this is actually the side bag of the bag? However, it is said that because of the large output, many genuine bags are also unable to perfect the subject, or high imitation bags can also be perfectly benchmark. However, the slave family is lucky, and the benchmark of the entire bag is perfect, otherwise obsessive -compulsive disorder will be mad.

韩国免税店购入 MCM 新款 粉嫩双肩背包

Next is the main reason why the slave family bought this bag. (Another reason is that this bag is particularly small. It is not easy to hit the bag.)

韩国免税店购入 MCM 新款 粉嫩双肩背包

The front bag on the front of this bag can be picked up, and the bag that can be memorized separately. If you go out and travel, you can remove the small bag as a handbag or messenger bag if you don’t want to carry a large bag. The price is more expensive.

Well, it’s here, because the slave family usually doesn’t like taking pictures, so there is no renderings of the upper body. Let’s use Li Xiaolu to make a reference.

Let’s talk about the price,

The slave family started in Korean duty -free shops. At that time, the price was about 4,000 yuan. When I went to Taiwan at the beginning of the year, the same bag was about 6,000 yuan. When I saw it in Hong Kong in April, the price was about 6,800 Hong Kong dollars. However, it is said that South Korea ’s MCM has increased the price uniformly, and the price at the checked at a certain treasure is around 4500.

The first section is over, and if you do, let’s take off the Saturn necklace of Vivian.


South Korea Duty Free Shop purchases MCM new pink tender backpacks