How about the quality of red dragonfly leather shoes red dragonfly leather shoes


How about red dragonfly leather shoes? When we buy leather shoes, we mainly pay attention to a quality problem, so everyone is more trusting brand goods. For example, red dragonfly leather shoes are very good. How about red dragonfly leather shoes? You must really want to know the solution and answer of this problem. Then the following editors will lead you to find out.

How about red dragonfly leather shoes

Red Dragonfly Group has become a national medium -sized enterprise, the top 500 Chinese private enterprises, the top ten national industries, a key private enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and the “five batches” enterprises in Zhejiang Province. And enterprise.

Red Dragonfly has successively obtained “National Inspection Products”, “China Famous Brand Products”, “Chinese Leather Shoes King”, “China Famous Trademark”, and has been rated as “the most satisfied brand of consumers” for many years. “China’s Most Valuable Brand”, “China’s Most Influential Industry Brand”, and “Zhejiang Provincial Quality Award” and many other honors.

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红蜻蜓皮鞋怎么样 红蜻蜓皮鞋质量如何

How to distinguish between red dragonfly leather shoes

The genuine red dragonfly men’s shoes are scalded by the machine, with a strong sense of unevenness. Most models use silver paint, and the letters are the same as the size of the letter, and the thickness is the same. Of course, the imitation red dragonflies will not be in place in such details. Generally, there will be different thickness of the letters and different distances between letters.

To identify authentic leather shoes, you can press the edge of the upper of the sole with your fingers. The cowhide is cowhide, but the high -quality cowhide shoes are not obvious, and there are more leather shoes with other leather. It will disappear. And synthetic leather shoes will not have wrinkles, and there is no natural disappearance. The shoe box of the genuine red dragonfly shoes is printed with obvious specifications setting signs, and there are breathable holes settings, moisture -proof bags, shoe boxes are integrated, and they will definitely have a quality inspection label. The shoe boxes of imitation red dragonfly men’s shoes are mostly assembled, and there are many places with glue sticking traces. In addition, the internal logo printing is unclear, and there is no quality inspection label or irregular label on the qualification certificate.

红蜻蜓皮鞋怎么样 红蜻蜓皮鞋质量如何

Precautions for leather shoes maintenance

(1) If the leather shoes are wet, the water of drying the upper should be wiped with a dry cloth. For those in severe cases, you can put the paper that is easy to absorb in the shoe cavity and let the leather shoes dry naturally.

(2) The surface maintenance of the leather shoes is best to use colorless high -grade shoes, and it is best to maintain it without light, otherwise it will cause pseudo -coating to fall off.

红蜻蜓皮鞋怎么样 红蜻蜓皮鞋质量如何

(3) If the leather shoes are damp or too much sweat, etc., the surface is white, salt and cream, etc., and you can use lightweight soft cloth to dip the vinegar and then rub it, and then dry the same color shoe cream.

(4) Leather shoes cannot be washed with water. There is dust on the leather shoes. Do not wash it with water. You can brush with chicken hair brush. Alternatively, it is also possible to use a clean and dry rag. Because the leather shoes washed with water, the upper upper will slowly turn into ‘sub -light’. There is no gloss.

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