Rain dew is not nourished without grass, and wealth is not rich in the poor


Most buddies are more confused before standing thirty, or after standing? If people live in the world, they will graduate from a prestigious school, either intelligent enough or background, and noble people will help. Either a skill, or eat and wait for death. People like me, let me make a little bit of black money, there is really a way, but I can’t do it. Bingcheng has worked for 8 years and has done it. Although tired and stressful, I feel that life is very fulfilling, and I am used to blowing cows on the Internet.

When people do not have enough talents, they are prioritized to have a foothold and a place to stay! There is food to fill hunger. It is necessary to consider whether you can eat well, be comfortable for living, the problem of eating and living, and starting to think about making money. How to earn it?

When I was young, I watched the shopping mall and Wanda watched the movie. The seven -day hotel went to bed. In the year of standing, I was tired, tired, and shy. Don’t be arrogant and quick -profit, you will only destroy without changes. Money is not as profitable as expected. Some brothers posted on the short video platform and did not post it in a few days, but a few people issued hundreds of days or even thousands of days. Don’t be jealous if you don’t insist. fan.

The live broadcast room of Tieshan and mentor Tian Bin set off fireworks, planes, rockets, and endless streams!

Many buddies started a business in Bingcheng, engaged in cabinet vans as stalls, selling rivers and lakes, just to catch up with the city, urban management “rushed”, the location was gone, now I don’t know what the next step is. The difference.

There are too many industries now, and you can only deal with one meal for N -year. At the same time, there are too many industry profits, Very huge profits, but you can only say that Sorry. It is too difficult to have no teacher. Without a leader, he does not know that the next step should be left or right.

Is the pet hospital profitable? Is the beauty salon huge profit? Is the waste recycling huge profit? Is a few dime costs selling 20 huge profits? Is it profitable for weight loss biscuits? Is men spraying huge profits? Is the e -cigarette profit? Is it profitable to sell mink? Digital products, mobile phones, tablets, computers, high imitation, cottage, teng, assembly, renovation, returning to the factory, do you make thousands of dollars in a single profit enough?

Many buddies, now only need a mobile phone and a short video platform account. I still said that when I dropped out of school like me, I did n’t have any skills, and there was no resources. I advised you to do n’t imagine it. It is better to go to work regularly. Not to mention entrepreneurship, all those who open the spicy shop are bleak operations, ten, ten, ten, ten, ten, ten, ten Open nine levels.

I only know that on Douyin, there is a pair of couples who shoot some videos at will every day. I accidentally discovered them, and they have returned to their hometown to build a small second floor. If they use sound waves, they earn more than 500,000 in just one year.

If it wasn’t on the Internet, this couple would save 100,000 a year, and thanked Tian.

Rain dew is not nourished without grass, and the poor are not rich in the poor …

Many buddies! Especially brothers at the age of 18 to 23, they ca n’t do big things, do n’t want to do small things, so high. Graduated from junior high school or dropped out of high school, left and right, did three or four jobs, and did not want to do something to do, and even more technically learned.

The years are like a cricket, you are not young, and you’re on the age of marriage. The thoughts of anxiety, remorse, and blankness are rushing into your heart. White bars, the eyes are low and high, and I think about finding a job to work hard, but it is not enough to spend money and white bars every month 800 yuan per month. 2020 has passed, and 2021 has passed, and it came immediately in 2022.

I went to the sea for the first year of my business, defeated, and lost money. The partners also farther away because of inconsistent opinions. Go back to the unit to work again, and then start making a studio by myself. I pick up the bags. The wolves are less fleshy, the competition is large, and I am not hungry. Someone tells me to let go. I said that this belongs to my own cause. What is fragrant, there is a head. But work can only be worked and help others realize their dreams. If you reach middle age, it will be difficult to develop. While you are young and fight well now, people are dead eggs and never die for thousands of years.

Is there a huge profiteering project in China?

Clothing, food, housing, travel, technology, communication, energy, medical treatment … What are you ready to do?

God cares, all the way to bump all the way, work hard, work hard, laugh, laugh, cry, gain, confused, and even thank her all the way to work with me. Today, I never want to do what will happen in 3 years and what will happen in 5 years. I just want to do something quietly.

I have also had a frivolity who was scolded without speculation, and there were also somewhere that I was gifted by the evil words but could only grit my teeth home.

For more than 20 years, I can’t talk about ups and downs, and there are still bumps. After all, I am just an ordinary person who has no resources and backgrounds, and there is no intelligent IQ. There is no emotional intelligence in the Qiuqiu, and some are just this rich but not arrogant, poor but not complaining mentality.