Hasbao will register the unique smell of Peilo colorful mud as a trademark


According to foreign media reports, there are currently many different ordinary trademarks, but the smell is the most rare. This did not stop the Hasbro toy company to register the unique smell of the PLAY-DOH as a trademark. The manufacturer believes that since PLAY-DOH has been launched in 1956, this smell has almost no change, which is one of the unique aspects of this product.

“The smell of Play-DOH compound has always been synonymous with childhood and fun.” Jonathan Berkowitz, senior vice president of brand global marketing, said that this news is talked. “By formulating the landmark odor, we can protect brands and fans in the future.”

Hasbao believes that protected Play-Doh smell is a complex odor. It is described as “a sweetness, slightly macro and vanilla mix, with a slightly cherry flavor, as well as the natural odor of savory wheat dough.” It is reported that this is not the first approval of the US Patent and Trademark Office Unique odor. In fact, the trademark law is theoretically protecting the smell, sound and taste. Suppose their creators can fully demonstrate that they have intrinsic uniqueness.


This is also effective when a specific fragrance is related to a particular commodity, even if there is no natural connection between the two. For example, in the middle of 2015, Grendene tried to obtain a trademark of “Bubble Sugar”, but not suitable for actual bubble sugar.