At the end of the year, there are tastes for taste.


Feiya Watch Four -leaf Cao series “Chinese Red” ladies mechanical watch: fusion real diamonds and natural pearls and ciner materials and cold enamel craftsmanship, dyed the oriental Swiss color with all kinds of styles, implying the red transport permanently.

Chopin’s new Happy Sport series: The smart diamonds on the dial are free and vivid. The watch is equipped with a 36mm case containing an automatic clinic movement, with a metal bracelet with a warm color tone and refined texture.

The special model of “Ru Tiger” Big Bold: The diameter of the dial is 47 mm, decorated with a striking shiny tiger head pattern, and made from the micro -structure 3D printing technology of the metal texture. The design is full.

At the end of each year, the peak season of the watch is. Whether as a gift or a reward for his hard work for one year, watches are the best choice. According to industry insiders, the price of watches has risen this year, and the promotion at the end of the year may be relatively rare. Watch money that meets his own heart can be decisive. However, with the maturity of the market, the liquidity of the second -hand watch has gradually increased. For consumers who want to buy watches, the new and unused two -handed watch may be a higher cost -effective choice.

Text, Picture/Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Long Lele

年末购表指南 有品位有着数

Bullet explosion models have frequently decreased promotion amplitude

In everyone’s impression, there is always a good opportunity to buy watches at the end of the year. The festival is tie, the demand is strong, and the dealers are also happy to launch various benefits, but this year’s situation may be a bit different. “At the end of the previous year, the promotion activity was the store in order to make performance, but this year’s store sales were very good.” A watch dealer revealed to reporters that the sales store he operated in the first 10 months of this year has already sold It exceeds the level of previous years. Since the beginning of this year, multiple Swiss watch brands have jointly raised prices, ranging from 5%to 30%, which also confirms the market’s fiery from the side.

On the one hand, this kind of fiery is due to the lack of supply in the current market, and on the other hand, it is also due to the “holding” Swiss watchmaking brand in the past, which is becoming more familiar with the “explosive” law in the Chinese market. The enthusiasts who are concerned about the watch bezel must notice that the “explosive models” of high -end watches in the past year have significantly increased. It has always been “a watch” Rolex “Green Water Ghost” and Patek Philippe “Nautilus”. It is necessary to say that even the relatively niche brands have occurred in seconds. “Some watches do have the ingredients of speculation.” Some people in the industry said that the purchase of “explosive models” watches in one -handed stores is obviously not a rational choice, and sometimes it needs to pay a premium. In fact, although the degree of fineness of the movement is different, the watchmaking strength of the same brand is almost the same on different tables. Choosing those styles that have been tested after the test but not stir -fired by the market are rational choices.

People in the industry also said that when buying watch at the end of the year, the watch price of the watch must have reasonable expectations, and the possibility of obvious promotion is not high. “But considering that the rise in watch prices in recent years is obvious, you can start as soon as possible when you encounter your favorite.”

年末购表指南 有品位有着数

The three most popular words in the festival season

年末购表指南 有品位有着数

For consumers who choose to buy watches at the end of the year, they always hope that they can add some special New Year at the same time as they meet their daily needs. So, these three keywords can be paid attention to.

年末购表指南 有品位有着数

Keywords red

Red represents joy, celebration and excitement. But in fact, the dynamic vitality of red does give a trace of dynamic watches, especially suitable for young female consumers. At the same time, the red color gamut is wide, so it has extensive use and matching, and has a good brightening effect. If you want to wear more occasions, you can choose the combination of red straps and classic dials, and you can also leave space for the later strap; and if you want to have more personality and eye -catching effect, you can choose a red dial and and The matching of the golden strap, even wearing a full red watch.

Keyword jewelry

Jewelry is undoubtedly the most popular category at the end of the year. In fact, many high -end watch brands have good jewelry manufacturing strength at the same time, and they are even from jewelry dealers, such as Chopard, Cartier, Earl, and so on. For consumers who have more parties and banquets on weekdays, those who have strength can choose jewelry watches directly. Even ordinary office workers can choose watches with jewelry elements such as precious metals and diamonds to achieve higher cost -effectiveness to enhance the gorgeous sense of the watch. z

Keyword zodiac signs

Next year is the year of the Tiger, and many watches have launched the year of the Tiger Year of the Tiger. In fact, the zodiac watches are a “watch feast” specially created by Chinese consumers at the end of each year. For high -level watch, this category is often a competition for aesthetic and handicrafts. It shows the strength of high -end hand -to -high handmade manual inlaid and embroidery. For many fashion tables, this category is often fun competition. However, the zodiac watch obviously cannot be your first or even the main watch. Of course, if this zodiac has a special meaning to you, it is the reason for buying.

TIPS: If you use it yourself, consider the second -hand second -hand

For many people, buying watches is a large investment in wearable supplies. If it is used for itself, the almost new and unused watches in the second -hand market may be a more cost -effective choice. It is understood that the current mainstream watch brands have a discount, which ranges from 30%to 50%. This means that if you do not pursue explosive models and do not mind second -hand, it is likely that it is likely to spend 50 % off the price of your heart.

It is worth reminding that when purchasing, it is recommended to choose a professional watch website instead of a comprehensive e -commerce website. The former is more professional in supporting and maintenance services such as appraisal and maintenance.