I bought the thick jacket in winter


Although the warmth and fashion of winter can be done by stacking, but the weather is cold, I start to be too lazy to clean up myself.

Sometimes it is not as convenient as a thick coat. You can get out of look without spending your mind.

However, there are many advantages of thick coats, and the disadvantages are obvious. Take the lamb hair coat, for example, it is more fashionable than ordinary down jackets, and it is warmer than many coats.

But because of its own swelling,


It is difficult to avoid the problem of bloating on the upper body

It is difficult for ordinary thick coats to take into account both fashion and temperature, let alone lamb hair!

So in the choice of lamb hair jacket, I prefer:


· Avoid the oversized version, otherwise you will get up with a bear waist

· Avoid too long styles, easy to look short and strong

· Avoid too fluffy fabrics, the upper body is a fat barrel

For example, this one breaks the thick impression of traditional lamb hair, in

Both the version and the outer coil velvet are very restrained

How can you be so light! So thin!

Still worrying about the little cute jacket next to the jacket, don’t be tangled, just pick it up!



Simple but not simple, versatile

I used to choose a long coat to keep warm in winter, but now I really find that short coats are easy to wear.


Because the coat itself has a certain sense of weight, coupled with the long design, it is easy to put yourself into a fat barrel.


That short jacket is different, with its own high waistline,

Divide 3: 7 golden body ratio

It looks more mentally capable. Even if it is made of lamb velvete, it will not feel the whole person’s bulging.


Don’t look at it soft, but because it is made of suede inside, it guarantees the layout of the version. One is responsible for the stiffness, the other is responsible for protecting the cold and keeping warm.

I think it

Unblocked design

It is quite special. One is to distinguish between ordinary lamb hair jackets at a glance, and the other is that the tolerance of other items is high.


For example, with some single -collar existence, it will not feel unnecessary,


Instead, create a layer of beauty.

The most common is, of course, with the small high -necked collar, the gap between different collar wing brings a strong visual impact, and the fashion index is directly full.

Black models are more versatile, and the choice in inside can be bold. Like this with a smog blue, the small area of ​​the small area will instantly break the boring autumn and winter.

Want to wear a sense of high -level lamb hair?

Then try to wear the same color. This rice white is my favorite color.

Milk Fufu ~


It’s too winter! Below with the same color half skirt, who can not love the tenderness of this overflowing screen?


By the way, because the cashmere of our surface is not exaggerated, it can not only wear it as a coat, but it will not feel bloated when the weather is cold.

Considering different needs, I also prepared vest models. It is especially suitable for the little cuteness that sitting in front of the computer like me for a long time,

Instantly liberate your arms for easy to do.

Alas, if the office is still heating, it will be worn with a bottoming shirt, which is warm and convenient.


The simple design allows it to make a high utilization rate, with a checkered skirt to create a British retro style.


H -type slimming small, keep warm and bloated

One of the biggest pits wearing lamb hair is: Fat. I have also been a few times before, and after wearing it, it looks like a mountain sculpture.

And the curl on the surface of this jacket is very convergent, and the upper body is thin.


On the side is a thin paper man.

With the H version, small and smart, wearing it, I feel that I have become smaller.

The place where the clothes are under the hips, the right length not only weakens the thickness of lamb hair, but also is friendly to all kinds of height.

In particular, the hem is still a short front and back design,


The front shorter can extend the leg lines, and the short back can cover the flesh of the hips.

There is also an open -mouth hem on the side, and there will be no stacking feeling when you sit down.


Looking at the local part, compared to a large and thick lapel, I recommend that there is no collar, showing the neck that looks a lot light, and can reduce the bloated feeling of dressing in winter.


In addition, a slightly falling design can make the shoulder lines more smooth, suitable for small and cute shoulder width.



Keep the cold and keep warm, and the material is solidly HIN

The most afraid of autumn and winter jackets is the sense of cheapness. After all, the proportion of a large proportion in wearing can be said to determine a person’s temperament.

Especially some lamb hairy jackets, although they look hair FUFU, are worn on it, and they are full of low.

And I was surprised as soon as I got it.

The fluff on the surface is dense

, Touch it to soft and waxy, just like a little lamb in RUA, high -level and comfortable texture!

However, the plush materials are more or less worried about hair loss, sticking to the dark colors, not to mention how embarrassing it is.

I have also tested this point. I will tear it strongly with tape without leaving any traces of hair loss.

Of course, all fashion also needs to keep warmth. Just looking at this fluffy feeling is very warm.

Coupled with suede inside, the two are joined forces,

Double -layer warmth inner and outer

The little cute winter in the south is properly worn!

And we choose suede and look at it, and it is not too much to buy a few hundred!


The details of zooming in clothes, exquisite workmanship, flat wiring, can’t pick any problems at all.


Simple and classic zipper design, smoothing and smoothing, not a stuck at all.

I prepared 3 colors this time:


The dark coffee color is very high -level, and it is a word to wear on the body: expensive! Black is relatively not so picky and very versatile. Khaki is very skin -lined, and wearing it in the dull autumn and winter is a very special existence.