Bai Lu has passed, your sweater chain is going to wear up


As the saying goes, the summer of the summer is difficult to retreat, and the white dew is cool. Although the weather in Guangdong is still a maverick as usual, the cities outside Guangdong have passed the autumn. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large. The sweaters in autumn and winter always make people look very heavy, so at this time, a delicate sweater chain is needed to break the deadlock.


Recommend a few sweater chains suitable for autumn and winter, each one is super beautiful, the quality and beauty value coexist, adding flowers to your combination

1. Zegl long sweater chain


This position where the length is fast to the navel has a visually extended effect. It instantly helps you lose weight on heavy sweaters and can have a slimming effect.

2. CHANEL CAMELIA series long necklaces


Camellia has always been the exclusive sign of the Chanel family. This double -layer long necklace is matched with heavy sweaters. In fact, it will not appear bloated at all. Instead, it will be very delicate and neat. It can be perfectly cooperated

3. Lucky Gira inlaid diamond maple leaf necklace

“If you grab the maple leaves down, the love of the people walking together will eventually be realized.” The designer cleverly outlines the outline of the maple leaves with simple golden gold, making the maple leaves more lifelike. The small pendant hangs around the neck, and it is not monotonous with a V -line sweater

4. Faluni cherry pearl neck chain

Princess Diana said: If a woman can only have one jewelry in her life, it must be pearls, so the necklace of pearl elements will not be outdated.

5. Jay four seasons green bamboo sweater chain

The slender chain, the long extension chain hangs down, not only can be worn alone, but also combines it, stack it with a short chain, a small pendant is very textured, and it is very simple and beautiful to match.


There are also many autumn and winter accessories waiting for you to unlock it, hurry up and match it.