Sky trail, remember the Red Army Long March


On October 22, the Red Army Long March was the 85th anniversary of victory. The Red Army Long March set a strategic transfer to the Shaanxi -Gansu Revolutionary Base from the Soviet Union on October 10, 1934. By October 22, 1936 Second, the Red Army’s victory will end, which lasted two years and twelve days. This Long March is well -known. Under the correct leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Red Army of the Chinese Red Army has previously written a glorious chapter of unity and fighting. It is a great expedition.

Red Army Victory Society


During the Long March, the Chinese Red Army overcomes one difficulties after another. Blood battle Xiangjiang, Sudu Chishui, Qiao Dujin Shajiang, Qiangdu Dadu River, Feidu Luding Bridge, firmly focusing on the revolutionary spirit of “overwhelming all enemies and conquering all difficulties”. , Achieving one after another. We always want to follow the revolutionary martyrs and experience the difficult environment of the Long March. Now the outdoor sky trail project gives us this opportunity and allows you to experience the feeling of crossing heavy danger.

Liqi Exploration Sky Trail

The sky trail is composed of wooden stairs and metal platforms. The platforms are connected through metal support rods or ropes. There are different trails combined with each other. Visitors can climb, cross or even walk in the air. Unclear gameplay.

Outdoor Sky Trail

The sky trail can be hexagonal or irregular, and it is fully designed according to the actual venue. It can also increase rock climbing walls, bungee down, large swing, slide, rope net trampoline and even rail speed. The whole process is equipped with a security device, allowing us to experience the crumbling feeling again under the situation of ensuring safety. Coupled with the hollow design of the sky trail, we have added a different thrill and excitement in walking.


Indoor rope network sky trail

This entertainment project is suitable for all ages, and the audience is vast. Healthy people who are 10-60 years old, 1.2 meters tall, and weighing less than 130 kg can go to play. The sky trails can be set up indoors and outdoor. The indoor sky trail is biased towards the rope network adventure. Some parks will add additional obstacles. Due to the wide venue, the outdoor environment is often equipped with fast drops, zigzags and other projects. Everyone goes to everyone. Before playing, you must do a good job and choose the appropriate adventure park according to your preference.


The Red Army Long March has ended, and the dark days have passed, but their stories will be passed down from generation to generation. They exchanged huge sacrifice to today’s victory, and the spirit of the Long March will always inspire the Chinese people. Today, Guotai Min’an, we should remember the years of blood and fire, let us open our feet, raise awareness, enhance self -confidence, consolidate the spirit of the Long March, young people are strong, and strive to take the Long March Road of our new era. Essence