This is the autumn and winter dress that middle -aged women should have, turtleneck sweater+skirt, elegant and temperament


In autumn and winter, the weather is getting colder. For middle -aged women, warmth is undoubtedly the focus of wearing this season. When it comes to warm and comfortable autumn and winter wear, naturally, we must not help but say that wearing and wearing knitted sweaters inside and outside. As one of the essential fashion items in autumn and winter, it is simple but indispensable.

The gentle and comfortable knitted sweaters, due to the special fabrics and the variety of colors, have a strong advantage in dressing. Take the collar design of knitted sweaters, the common collar type of knitted sweaters has simple round necks, generous V -neck, and of course there are necks of high necks, pile collar, and semi -high collar, each collar, each collar, each collar The type can correspond to the corresponding season.


In the Mid -Autumn Festival, wearing sweater is the most common way of dressing. At this time, the common collar types are round neck and V -neck styles. However, as the temperature gradually decreases, the weather becomes cold, and knitted sweaters will also change from the outside to become inside. The collar type also changes from simple round necks and V -necks to half -necks and high collar and high neck -resistant cold -resistant and high collar and high. collar.

For example, for young girls, the common turtleneck sweater is worn with jeans. This kind of matching is young and young. For middle -aged women, it is necessary to ensure the mature charm and reduce the age. Then the best way is to wear a half -body skirt, generous and elegant, and can reduce age.

Let’s take a look at the correct dressing demonstration of high -necked knitted sweaters in the autumn and winter of this year!

1. Demonstration of high -necked knitted sweaters

The reason why knitted sweaters are so popular is that everyone knows the reason why it is OK in the inside and outside. So let’s go from the high -necked knitted sweater here!

1. Fisherman hat+turtleneck sweater+skirt

In the early autumn and Mid -Autumn Festival, the weather is not very cold, so everyone will choose to wear a knitted sweater to wear. Popular earth -colored high -neck knit sweater, short and loose version design, there is no constraints to wear. Coupled with a long skirt with a similar color system, it seems to be integrated up and down, mature and generous.

However, the matching color system will make the overall dress look a bit monotonous. At this time, you can use the contrasting color to wear to modify it. The white woolen fisherman hat is worn with black black stockings pants, and then a pair of white high heels. Simple colors collide, elegant and age -reducing the age of mature femininity.

2. Gray turtleneck sweater+pleated skirt


For middle -aged women, mature and elegant wear is more suitable for going out to wear, so it is not suitable for brighter colors.

The gray -neck knit sweater on the upper body is just right. The loose version design has no constraints to wear. The following dark -colored pleated skirt is wearing, and the color of the middle -aged woman is mature and stable on the color tone. The loose version also makes the overall matching a little more lazy and casual.

2. Demonstration of high -necked knitted sweaters


The inner wear of knitted sweaters is the most common way of dressing in autumn and winter, and the special collar design of high -necked knitted sweaters is also a popular collar in autumn and winter. more choices.


1. Mao woolen jacket+turtleneck sweater+skirt

Just like the caramel -colored woolen coat above, a turtleneck sweater with the same color system is worn, gentle and comfortable knitted material, which is very suitable for autumn and winter to wear, warm and cold. Below is also paired with a long skirt and a personality printed long boots to wear, showing a sense of fashion.

2. Vests+high -necked sweater+skirt

Of course, in addition to the woolen jacket, this cotton cloth vest with turtleneck sweater is also in line with the characteristics of autumn and winter. The thick cotton cloth vest, with a gentle knitted sweater, and a eye -catching yellow half -body long skirt, middle -aged women can also easily control, easily reduce age and young.

3. grid coat+turtleneck sweater+skirt


However, the long woolen coat seems to be the main theme of autumn and winter. Whether it is a young girl or a middle -aged woman, it loves the warm and warm long woolen coat. A black -and -white large -textured woolen coat with a high -necked sweater with the earth color system is simple but not monotonous, generous and elegant and age -reducing.


Below with a eye -catching red skirt, you can attract the attention of everyone from a distance. Whether it is paired with boots or Martin boots, it is also OK. The simple and bright way of dressing, age -reducing fashion, and the elegant charm of mature women, so it is loved by middle -aged women now.


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