The windfire wheel in the cloud, long -legged beauty uses Segway balance wheels to shoot a blockbuster!


This article is by a polar fruit experiencer


Rosetea Tian Zhen


Last week, I was honored to receive the new SEGWAY new balance wheel W1 sent by Jiguo Jun. Due to the urgency of time, you can’t wait to practice after receiving the product. Although it is extremely painful to practice gliding on a hot day, everything is worth it.

When I topped my feet for the first time, I felt that this was an irreplaceable task in an instant. Compared with my previous electric skateboard, this was even more difficult. When you stood unstable, how could you shoot! The sense of balance itself is not so strong. Ji Guojun always gives me this high difficulty exercise. My heart is actually rejected, but with serious responsibility, I decided to learn after overcoming various obstacles ~

In the process of learning, men’s tickets are also very careful to guide. Some of the techniques he understands during the process of playing. After all, when he gets, he will learn. Where is the center point where the balance wheel will slip forward when your hand starts from that position …, when you feel how to promote power, you will easily grasp its motivation, (Of course, Hahaha is very useful for me. Compared with others, you may try it too), so I used it for almost half an hour to learn, hahahahaha is very excited! Intersection Intersection Intersection

This is a thing that I think it is impossible, but the discovery later is actually the case. If you have something to learn or not, please rest assured, really master it for 5 minutes. If you learn it, you will find that it is quite fun. Essence

So I finally waited for the weekend, drove to the suburbs to experience some balance wheel W1, and then share the experience after the experience for your reference.



It feels at first glance! The real version of the wind wheel!

The color black and white match is simple and atmospheric, and I also do very delicately in detail (I think in my heart, is it possible to get a red hahahaha ~)

The white outline of the outer frame, whether it is usually the visual sense of the visual technology when it is slippery. In the presentation of video and photos, the white outline brings a dynamic feeling. It is also very textured. There are LED lights to adjust monochrome and color, making you a gorgeous color in the night ~

Each balance wheel has a handle on both sides of the wheel, which is convenient to carry. The total weight girls of 7kg can also easily take a while.


Actual measurement

First of all, the process of practice is practical on the tile floor at home. Because the tile ground is very flat, there is no problem to practice. Hahahaha ~

Then arrogantly got the outdoor to play, the outdoor ground was not as gentle as indoor, and the uneven outdoor road surface was not particularly flat. You will find that the balance wheel’s requirements for the ground are very harsh. The reaction of the slight changes in the balance wheel will be obvious. Like the deceleration belt, small obstacles, grooves, etc. cannot be collapsed. So don’t try it to use it. It is really dangerous. After all, its positioning is entertainment.


It is still possible such as open spaces on the square, shopping malls, etc., but pay attention to safety and small stones on the ground will trip. I have tried to play a balance wheel on the road on the suburbs. It is done at a very slow speed, and there is a little horrible. In short, the balance wheel is not problematic during the measurement of the balance wheel, and the requirements for outdoor grounds are very high! Intersection So please choose the right ground to play when used.


Another warm reminder is that when the balance wheel is started, it cannot be lifted. The wheel that lifts up the balance wheel will rotate. If you lift it up, your hand is easily injured in the wheel. In the process of using it, remember to shut down and move.

In terms of endurance, it is officially given 45 minutes. In actual experience, if you play alone, I bet that you do n’t want to play or you wo n’t use photoelectric. The shooting experience video actually spent a whole day. There are 2 grids at night to go home at night. Electric, so don’t worry about it at all.


Experience the fluctuations of the SEGWAY balance wheel W1 are very large. In fact, the balance wheel is not so difficult to learn. It is very easy to get started. Small courage).

The design of the appearance is also a sense of technology, the design of the handle is also very convenient, and the balance wheel cleaning is also very convenient. As long as you use a cloth slightly to wipe some water to wipe it, just like the new one. You can play very cool.


However, the disadvantages are also obvious. The requirements for the road surface are extremely harsh, the waterproof performance is poor, and cannot be used for short -distance mobility. It determines that it can only be used as an electric wheel skate.


Of course, it fulfilled my Nezha dream, the price of 1999, buying a big toy that is suitable for all ages, and after the tea after meals, it is also good to take it out to exercise. After all, it is still very tired.


So, do you like SEGWAY W1, a big toy with a sense of technology?