Can’t buy second -hand Fox? The gearbox “garbage” to no friends?


Fox is still a more controversial car in the second -hand car market. Some people who like it feel that it is powerful and powerful. People who do not like it may be because its automatic transmission shows “garbage” and suspects its fuel consumption. high!

In fact, after each car is close to the market, there will be different feedback and user experience. It is not that these experiences are not real, but the problems found differently from different angles will be different. As a consumer cannot look at the problem unilaterally, it is necessary to summarize and choose the feedback content.

Most of my friends who have learned about Fox have heard of Fox’s automatic transmission more problems. This is relatively objective. It was the dual -clutch version of Fox at the time. (I am responsible for this view) Of course, here is just the 12 -clutch version of the dual -clutch version of the manual version. The manual version of Fox is still more reliable. It can be said that the performance of the dual -clutch version has lowered the impression of Fox in the minds of consumers and will feel that Fox is an unreliable car.


However, as a consumer, it is still necessary to distinguish the situation, otherwise a good car will be ignored by you, such as the manual -blocking Fox.

The 12 1.6L manual fashion type mentioned today. At that time, the tax price of the new car was 144,300 yuan. This car was a card from May 15th. Two years later, the car dealer quoted 78,800 yuan.


It has been depreciated in less than 3 years. The preservation rate of Fox in the second -hand car market is indeed not very good. Compared with the same level of the same level, it is much worse than the preservation rate, so because the preservation rate is not very high. This car is not very high. This car is not very high. This car is not very high. The configuration is still very high. The front side of the front side air curtain, the remote control key, the ESP, the uphill assistance, the electric sunroof, etc. are all brought. Compared with Japanese cars of the same level, less money can be bought. It’s still very good, the cost -effectiveness of the second -hand manual Fox is very high.


Therefore, sometimes buying used cars does not have to buy Japanese cars. The preservation rate is a double -edged sword for used cars!



This Fox has been a quasi -new car for 15 years, and the appearance looks good. However, we conducted a careful inspection of the paint surface, and there were already many sheet metal and spray paint phenomenon. Fortunately, in -depth inspection of the sheet metal location, no accidents in the sheet metal part of the sheet metal part were found. (For a used car, it is a very common problem for board and paint, but this Fox’s sheet metal and spray paint are not more. It is not affecting the safety of the car, but this is you A standard for bargaining can also be inferred that this car may be driven by a lady or a “explosive” man)



There are many appearances, but the wear of the interior is still slightly mild. It is likely that the former owner is a woman. The hatchback of the hatchback is relatively ordinary in terms of space, and the performance of the back row has no advantage compared to the same level.


Engine compartment

Check the headlights, water tank frames, winged beams, cabin lids, beam heads, and suspension towers. There are no traces of replacement and maintenance, which can exclude accidents in the first half. Check the engine without traces of disassembly or oil seepage. This 1.6L naturally aspirated engine provides 125 horsepower. It is not a strong but oil response. The performance of the 5MT manual gearbox is still good, unlike the dual -clutch transmission to give you a “death stuck” phenomenon.

Since there is no deposit, the car dealer will not let you go to the shelves to check the chassis of the car. Since the car dealer has not checked the chassis situation next to us, if you want to buy it There is a big problem hidden in the place where you can’t see.


The offer of the car dealer is high, and there is room for bargaining!