Ten artistic atmosphere (canvas bag)


The elegant white skirt, beautiful wide straw hat, and delicate and elegant makeup seem to be close to the goddess of literature and art. Who knows that old and outdated student bags instantly destroy the beauty of literature and art, and it is better to look at the 10th summer fresh summer recommended by Atu to you. Canvas bags, even without white skirts, beautiful caps, impeccable faces, an elegant shoulder canvas bag can still make you beautiful and beautiful!

① [Flat handmade literary cloth bag]

Cloth handmade literary cloth bag leisure Big Big Big Big Women’s original cotton and linen minimalist shoulder canvas bag bag bag

The utensils can reflect a person’s charm, not just taste. The elegant and tranquility of this bag is the materialized carrier of its designer. The designer cloth, small to the needle line, is so large that the fabric must be selected in person. The purchase of raw materials, design and production, and the hand -sewing of the master and the control of the details and quality are not comparable to the same bag. The fabric is not fixed after coloring, and the lines are unique, and it is difficult to get the same color fabric on the market. The band of the bag is sewn with 4 layers of cotton linen, which is naturally natural and strong. It is a rare ingenuity.

② [There is a short text literary canvas bag]

Original Ruo Liangpin Simple Printing Fresh Literature and Art Trendy Shoulder Female Solo Canvas Bag Environmental Bag Korean Version

A canvas bag with a tone. On the front is “free”, the opposite is a two -dimensional cartoon character. If you like it, you will not be able to love it. Canvas bags are more interesting than the letters and patterns of the letters that have been popular for N years. After all, personality is not dead, youth is not old!

③ 【Cotton and linen shoulder bag】

Literary and casual cloth Baosen women’s canvas canvas shoulder bag hand -handed cotton linen big bag Japanese minimalist small fresh female bag

Because there is no need for pigment to open up personality and interest, the white canvas bag is the purest state of the canvas bag. The clean style is only a quiet and gentle girl, so even if many girls are risked by white and dirty and diligent, they can’t help but choose this white. In summer, it is definitely a powerful match!


④ 【Lope -striped shoulder canvas bag】

Ruosu new products! Small fresh cat grid striped hand -lifted female shoulder canvas bag environmental protection bag simple cloth bag

A very simple shoulder canvas bag, stripes, plaid controls of the hearts of the people. Girls who usually love the Korean style style can buy a simple canvas bag with wide -leg pants and cocoon -shaped skirts. There is a sense of fashion. Striped and grids are several types of patterns. If you don’t like too fancy designs, the effect of subtraction can also greatly exceed the messyness.

⑤ [Song Hye Kyo Same Canvas Bag]

Korean drama Sun Hyepermia Song Hye Kyo, the same bags, canvas bags, women’s bags, shoulder, Korean literary messenger bag


The recommended one is not exactly the same, but Atu rushed, it looks better than the goddess Song in the play. Similar to the bucket bag design, the safety is more practical; the body canvas material, the PU embellishment at the beam, so that this bag has a rough feeling, which is very resistant. You can use your shoulders, you can use it, and use it flexibly. The four -color style of rice white, dark gray, black, and dark blue, the easy matching performance of the color is still very strong.

⑥ [Painted cloth bag literary shoulder bag]

And canvas bags, shoulder canvas bag hand -painted hand -painted hand -painted printed student zipper bag literary small fresh women’s bag


Painted canvas bags are literary and artistic matching items that are not absent throughout the year, especially suitable for warm summer. The painted canvas bags with colorful colors, clear and unatient to ink, and solid coloring and colorless coloring are worthy of rotten when buying home. This painted bag pattern is partially Japanese and Nordic style, but the clean composition is very unique. Cat slaves and animal controls can start.


⑦ 【Small House Cartoon Food Mobile Pack】


Pocket Bao Xiaopu customized small house food Korean retro shoulder oblique cross -bag literary and artistic Japanese mobile bag soft girl small bag

Cheese, shrimp rings, donuts, ice cream, this small bag is really full of atmosphere, it can be drooling! The small bag is not large, the vertical version is designed, and the mobile phone bags for food and shopping are for food. The small bag is too cute, but if you like the minimalist department of Europe and the United States, you can’t hold this childlike bag.

⑧ [Mori mobile phone fabric bag]

Original handmade cloth bag fresh literary shoulder -shoulder bag canvas bag Korean female bag college wind bag tide


I just go out and eat with good girlfriends. I do n’t want to get a big bag. I still have to take my mobile phone and wallet. What should I do? This Mori Fabric mobile phone small bag is the answer that Atu gives you ~~ The pattern of the bag is very unique. Essence The casual clothes such as white long skirts and linen tops, carrying this small flower bag at will, really have a bit of gentle temperament next door!

明 【Fresh fruit transparent PVC canvas bag】


South Korea Ulzzang Dongdaemun fresh fun fruit transparent PVC shoulder bag student canvas bag handbag

Different from the previous one, this shoulder -handed packet is more playful. In the background of the plain canvas, the gorgeousness of different fruits made the colorful color of the midsummer break away. The material of PVC is light and clean, which is very suitable for casual and lively girls. With colorful shorts+cartoon T -shirts, the image of cute girls is so easy to get it.

单 【Rain Point Mori is a shoulder canvas bag】


Yun Duo Factory Spring New Shoulder Pack Practice Transparent Big Bag Waterproof Shoulder Bag Creative Dual -use Bag

Is it like me, when I saw this cute owl at first glance, I fell in love with this bag? The style and pattern that is difficult to hit the bag is really because it is too unique! White canvas material, colorful owl, blue raindrops with dark blue bag, very refreshing and playful rush; canvas bags and plastic bags outside can be disassembled and split. For girls who are afraid of white dirty, it is natural The protective layer, rainproof, dirt resistance, easy to clean.