Closeness! New color Nike Mercurial Touch Elite Gloves


Since the opening of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, players have been attracted by various new boots with new colors, new styles and new technologies. However, an innovative product that quietly launched and worthy of our attention is the Mercurial Touch Elite Gloves released by Nike.

The new Nike Mercurial Touch Elite goalkeeper gloves have become new weapons of some goalkeeper this summer, including the Bartland of England, and this new goalkeeper gloves will also become a high -end style in Nike’s new season goalkeeper. The latest “RAISED On Concrete” color matching has become the latest color matching of this revolutionary product.

近观!新配色Nike Mercurial Touch Elite门将手套

Nike questioned why the goalkeeper gloves must have the design of the wristband, why must the back -to -back play area be added to the raised filling area, and why the goalkeeper gloves are assembled from such a lot of parts. As a result, the goalkeeper gloves look so thick and weird, so that you wearing it is like a gardener from Mars.

近观!新配色Nike Mercurial Touch Elite门将手套

Before designing Nike Mercurial Touch Elite Gloves, the designer draws inspiration from the gloves worn by surfing, baseball, American football, and golf players. As a result, a product that can provide goalkeeper that can provide goalkeeper in the competition, a product that abandons the complicated design and let them focus on the game.

Nike Mercurial Touch Elite’s appearance, comfort, and wearable feel is different from traditional goalkeeper gloves. In contrast, smaller volume and more flexible materials allow goalkeepers to better release the potential of the hands. The traditional band is replaced by flexible wrist hoop. The wrist hoop extends from the wrist joint to the lower arm to ensure better flexibility and comfort.

近观!新配色Nike Mercurial Touch Elite门将手套

Having minimalist style Nike Mercurial Touch Elite Globe Gloves are 33%lighter than the past goalkeeper gloves and 47%thinner. The hollow design of the third and fourth joints plays a role in dividing the boundary, so that gloves will not be piled together with wrinkles. Ready and spiritual, this is a new revolution brought by Nike to the goalkeeper, isn’t it?