Share children’s toy house appear in Changsha to save money and environmental protection parents.



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共享儿童玩具屋现身长沙 省钱又环保家长齐点赞


Share toy house.

Red Net Moment May 25th News

共享儿童玩具屋现身长沙 省钱又环保家长齐点赞

(Reporter Yang Ziwu Wu Sijing Correspondent Qin Ping) Many parents like to buy toys for their children, but as soon as they arrive at the age of enrollment, these toys have become furnishings. It is a pity that they do n’t lose them.In response to this situation, the Jianxiangxin Village community in Wujia Ling Street, Changsha City thought of a good way to collect all children in the society as shared toys. This can save many unnecessary expenses for many families.Disinfection.