“Inner welfare” is here in summer.


Summer is a period of mosquito, and the screen doors and windows are installed at home to block mosquitoes. However, there are many brands of screen doors and windows, and there are great differences in styles and prices.

Today, I want to recommend a good place for the screen door and window to you -Xinrui Good Door and Window. Since 2008, it has entered the door and window industry. It has been more than 20 years since it has witnessed the development of Qingdao and witnessed the development of the door and window industry in Qingdao. The shops and window products in the store are mainly branded products. Insects and mosquito and anti -theft are easy to disassemble.


Products Recommended

1 fixed push -pull/flat screen window


Product advantages: Hidden switches do not occupy space, 45 ° cutting is strong.

[Real Display of Xinrui Good Door and Window Products & Cases]

Recommended reason: anti -mosquito and insects, invisible transparency, high cost performance, high transparency, removable, easy to clean. It is safer for users with children and elderly people at home.

2 fixed push push -pull/flat yarn door

Product advantages: thickened aluminum and 304 diamond nets, a variety of spraying processes, without painting and not fading.


Recommended reason: not occupying space, freedom in and out, dustproof, mosquito prevention, ventilation. Hidden and transparent, anti -theft children when locking. Multi -color optional, easily integrate into modern home improvement.

Different screen doors and windows have different functions. Generally speaking, you can choose a suitable screen product according to your needs.


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[Real Display of Xinrui Good Door and Window Products & Cases]