Raise posture! It turns out that there are taboos on the car ornaments on the car.


Chinese people pay attention to the importance of Feng Shui. From ancient times to the present, feng shui is a science. When you go to the big, you can choose to choose the cemetery, the address built by the large palace, and even the opening of the mountain. The orientation, even a few fish in the fish tank, have to follow the guidance of Feng Shui division. Today, Brother Tea talked to everyone about the feng shui taboo on the car.

1. Don’t put on beautiful photos

Male owners hanging beautiful women in the car will not only affect driving attention, but also avoid from the perspective of Feng Shui.


2. Do not place edges and corner perfume bottles


The perfume bottle is generally glass, which can reflect the image of people. When there are angles, it will form a multi -faceted face. This is also called sharp horns and light evils in Feng Shui, so don’t put it in the car.

3. Do not place cartoon characters

From the perspective of feng shui, such cars have the meaning of villain.

4. Do not put on knife, sword, tiger, leopard and other weapon shapes and this fierce animal shape car decoration

The sword symbolizes murderous murderous, fierce animals such as tiger and leopard are likely to cause psychological hints, which will promote the irritability of the owner, which is not conducive to driving safety.

5. Do not place the same ornament as your zodiac, or


For example, the owner’s zodiac is a chicken, then do not put chicken in the car. If you can place animals with the zodiac signs. The zodiac rat was avoided, the cattle, the cow bogey the sheep, the tiger bogey the monkey, the rabbit to avoid the chicken, the dragon bogey placed the dog, the snake to place the pig, the horse bogey placed the mouse, the sheep bogened to place the cattle, the monkey Avoid placing tigers, rabbits, dogs avoid dragons, pigs to avoid snakes.


6. Do not place the broken car decoration


During the driving process, it will cause the decoration of the glass. Once damaged, the mascot will no longer be auspicious, and it should be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the owner’s fortune. At the same time, do not discard those damaged jewelry at will, and use red cloth to collect or bury them into the soil.


7. Don’t put the direction of the wrong mascot

The direction of some mascots will determine the effect, otherwise it will be counterproductive. For example, when the wealth cat is placed, the front of the fortune cat should be facing the front of the car instead of the driver, so as to allow the wealth cat to recruit foreign wealth.

8. Don’t put on the ominous car decoration

Some ominous and unlucky items will cause reaction, which will affect people’s fortune and driving safety. Therefore, placing a mascot to choose the car ornaments of the quiet and meditation. For example: Ping An Buddha, Transfer Ball, etc., which means auspicious, can also be meditated.

I don’t want to be fooled by buying a car

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