What are the small black spots and black edges on the car glass? Have you studied?


What are the small black spots and black edges on the car glass? Have you studied?

Do you notice that there are many dense black spots on the windshield of the car, and the edge of the glass has black edges. From the perspective of beauty, if these black spots and black edges significantly affect the appearance, do you want to remove it?

*What is the use of small black dots on the glass?

1. In order to prevent rupture, heated the glass evenly

In summer, when the door opened, a hot air made many car owners unbearable. The glass surface of the car was directly exposed to the sun, and the temperature continued to rise. In the case of uneven heating, the possibility of glass rupture is very high.

At this time, the black dot played a great role. These small black spots can quickly absorb heat and storage heat on the black spots of various sizes, and evenly pass on to the center of the glass.


Take a closer look, the smaller the black spots near the edge of the car glass, the smaller the spots near the center. This alleviates the effects of thermal expansion and contraction, and accelerates the heat transfer in order to make the calories of the car glass uniform, thereby controlling the risk of the glass explosion to minimize, making it almost zero. This can improve the durability of windshield.

2. Protect the driver’s eyes

At first glance, the small black dots that look inconspicuous, not only like and not big, you can put it in, or you can put it in the place you like. Can’t underestimate. For example, its area and location are correctly calculated and designed by glass manufacturers.

These small black spots will not try to cover the driver’s attention as much as possible, but it will reduce the angle of direct sunlight, reduce strong light damage to eye lens and retina, help protect the eyes, reduce driving fatigue, and ensure driving safety.

In addition, in high -end models such as autonomous driving cameras, sunlight, rain sensors, and automatic wiper sensors, there are also these black parts. Because they are all black, it does not look particularly conspicuous.

*What is the purpose of the black boundary line of windshield?

1. Prevent glass sealing bands from aging, extend the period of use

The windshield of the car is fixed with rubber strips and sealing rubber. If the use of the car is longer, aging will inevitably occur according to the daily wind and the sun.

At this time, the black edge on the edge of the glass starts to work. The location only needs to cover the sealing strip, which can cover the sunlight that is directly shot to the sealing strip to prevent the seal damage caused by direct sunlight. Therefore, the black boundary line can prevent the aging of the adhesive bar and the adhesive, maintain the viscosity of the windshield connection, and extend its life limit.

2. Black boundary line plays an occlusion and beautiful role

In addition, the windshield and fuselage are fixed with rubber strips and sealing rubber, but the sealing glue can fix the windshield well, but it is completely not beautiful and you can see the adhesive. Only this black edge that can be blocked. The appearance is also very refreshing, combined with a more beautiful and larger car.

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