Just five tricks, China Telecom teaches you to take the standby time of your mobile phone longer


According to the news on December 12, some consumers said that after a period of time, the standby ability of the mobile phone became worse, so China Telecom published a long -term standby time for long cultural and educational consumers. Come and take a look.

Picture source: Weibo

1. Turn off WiFi and other power consumption settings:

Once the WiFi is turned on, even if there is no WiFi network, the mobile phone will always search and consume the power. In addition, there are Bluetooth, GPS positioning, etc. After finishing use, remember to turn off, otherwise the power will be fell down!

2. Close the unused background program:

The background of the Android phone application is very headache. Even if some software does not need to run in the background, it will automatically push the message and consumes more power. It is recommended that consumers develop the habit of cleaning up the background in time when using mobile phones.

3. Appropriate reduction of sliding screens and unlocking operations:

Patients with obsessive -compulsive disorder are in mind that the endless slipping and unlocking, and then watching the message, going to the red dot, and completing a series of actions to be relieved. This behavior is very wasteful. Appropriate reduction of slip screens and unlocking can reduce power consumption.

4. Reduce screen brightness:

The screen has always been the “big power consumption” of the mobile phone. Although the mobile phone can automatically adjust the screen brightness, it is best to darker the brightness as much as possible. And do not play mobile phones under the sun. At this time, you need to be quite high to see the screen content.


5. Open the power -saving mode:

When turning on the power -saving mode of the mobile phone, the mobile phone will reduce power consumption and achieve the purpose of power saving. If the screen fails, or the phone suddenly shuts down automatically, don’t panic, put your phone in your pocket or cover it with your hands, and then turn on it.