Electric vehicle modified twin light lens, the effect is good to pave the way, much better than LED


Because the lens is one circle smaller than the original headlights, as long as the strong hands -on ability is played, a few link rods are hand -made with a 4 -square -meter copper thread, and then fixed with screws

Do your homework before the modification and prepare materials.I bought a 30A converter, relay, 35W stone fence air lamp suit, 2.5 -inch Weishitong dual light lens

Model Super Eagle (Bachelor), the original car is also a lens, halogen bulbs, dim.With the help of the original car light rack, it is easy to modify


Inch Wei Shitong dual light lens.It is also wrapped in aluminum foil to prevent the ash, and fix it on the original headlight rack with screws.


Kinxing effect, beautiful cutting line

The high beam effect, the picture is a bit too explosive, it is actually not so bright.The paving is super good. Relatively speaking, the spotlight is a bit worse. The brightness in front of it is not obvious. It is used on the tram and it is more than enough. If it is installed on the car, I am afraid that it is a bit difficult.But relative to the original six -lamp bead LED light, it is too strong