Small knife new car evaluation: equipped with 1500W dual -power motor, high -power output, climbing is more powerful


The mountains in the southwestern region of my country are steep, and the ordinary two -wheeled electric vehicle power is too small to climb. Basically is the world of gasoline motorcycles. However, there are always some brands of swords, and they mainly attack the mountain market. Such as the brands such as Ta at Ling, Ren, Xiaodao, and Xinlei. Because of their high -power electric motorcycles, the performance is enough to match home motorcycles. Let’s evaluate the new car of the knife today-the king of mountain climbing!


The little knife is sailing and climbing the mountain king, as the name suggests, designed a high -power electric motorcycle for the steep road conditions in the southwest mountainous area. The vehicle is full of atmosphere. The front face uses a car -level penetrating headlight. The built -in three lens LED headlights are dazzling Bright. The housing metal rear coats and metal trim along the line are made of gold decoration, which looks more atmospheric.

The car uses a high -fidelity large screen suspension duct, which shows cycling data stereo.


There are highlights in the workmanship. The electric vehicles running in the mountains must be “rough and thick.” The sword’s sailing mountain king uses double -layer ABS engineering plastic shell, which is double the thickness of the ordinary electric vehicle. The frame is fully adapted to the motorcycle steel pipe, which can resist more than 3 million vibrations, vehicle seams, screws, etc. The details are in place.


The front fork of the vehicle is used for the φ27 pipe aluminum tube hydraulic ink, and the shock absorption is reduced after dual damping hydraulic.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 1500W dual -power motor, and the 18 -dedicated controller of the pipe can be achieved, which can achieve high -power output, with a maximum speed of 55km/h. At the same time, support three gear changes. The tires use the front and rear 3.0-10 long-distance runner’s vacuum all-terrain tires, with good grip. The battery uses a 72V23AH graphene battery, and the battery life of the mountain can reach 60-80 kilometers.

The car is equipped with a 265 -in -one anti -braking disc brake and the rear 180 drum brake. The braking effect is still good. In the details configuration, the car is equipped with a smart charging USB interface, and the multi -function rotation lock hole. Start it and turn it. A storage compartment of the front IL, the water of the 500ml of 500ml of the bottle farmers and a mobile phone.

In terms of other configurations, there are many new functions such as effort and wide brakes, one -click through, and ACS repair. Well, are you satisfied with the king of the little knife? Welcome your message!


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