Liang Long, the first person in the Northeast Rock, won’t sing on his pants?


At the end of 1999, at a music festival in Harbin, Liang Long was waiting for the second -hand roses to play in the background.


At this time, the dining car came in, and the organizer began to send a group of food to the major bands. Each band got 25 meat buns. When Liang Long came here, the organizer told him:

“Sorry, the buns are gone.”

When Liang Long heard this, his heart was panicked, and he could only drink the beer in his hand.

He was about to come to the court. He was a little dizzy, and he stood up, borrowed a box of cosmetics with the little girl next to the eyeliner, and slammed his face.

High heels, step on your feet–


“Destroyed other bands.”

Liang Long ordered,

Second -hand roses, shining on the scene.

“Mom’s kiss, pure kiss, let me miss it now.”


In the 1980s, in a classroom in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, a little boy sang this word with a tender voice, sang while watching the fearful and shrinking classmates next to him.

They blushed one by one, and they were nervous when they heard the word “kiss”. But this little boy was not afraid, and even he also emphasized the action of this “kiss”. At that time, he thought, what’s a great thing about kissing his old lady? I haven’t kissed my woman yet.

This boy is Liang Long.

Liang Long is very music cells because his enlightenment education is good.

There are two paths for his music enlightenment. One is his father. Dad likes drinking. When you drink too much, you love to sing such a two sentences. Essence


The grandfather was at home, and he could go out of the concert in the pots and pans and the heating pipe. He sang “Mercedes and Mercedes -Benz Bianjiang” and the Northeast. It felt like Liang Long’s memory was still fresh after many years.


The other is the rock music that suddenly rose in the Mainland in the late 1980s to the early 1990s. In the era of encouraging wanton expressions, rock music successfully expelled the main fresh campus folk songs with its unique direct, rebellious and ideological nature, occupying the new campus folk songs, occupying, occupied The dominant position of the music scene.

With Cui Jian’s shouting “Nothing”, the Tang Dynasty and Black Panther looked at the wind, and the Mo Yan Sanjie turned over in Hong Kong’s red and dry. The golden age of Chinese rock music officially kicked off.

Liang Long grew up under such an era.

At that time, he often listened to the black panther’s song on TV. After hearing that, as soon as the melody came out, he could sing the words immediately.


At school, the teacher watched him sing and dare to sing, so he used him as the backbone of the literature and art. When there was any party, he asked him to sing two songs.

At the age of 10, Liang Long’s house suffered a little change and moved from the city to the suburbs.

This is the plot in the family. I never thought that Liang Long ushered in a peak of life.

Because of the experience of living and studying in the city before, the information difference between Liang Long’s inspection and the children living in the suburbs. Using this information was poor, Liang Long soon became the child king.

Because of the high knowledge and high emotional intelligence, the children cordially called him “Lao Liang”.

Liang Long was very patient with these peers and told them the Black Panther Band. Sometimes he was not vivid enough. He also talked to sing two sentences-

“People in the sea, you have me and me! Have you heard of it?”

In the process of getting along with a lot of earth, Liang Longyue felt that he was a bright white moonlight.

By the time of junior high school, Liang Long became the squad leader and was still the most appealing cub in the class.


For a while, he called the whole class boy, collectively abandoned in the wild to go to the wild to go to the wild, and bought a few boxes of beer.

“Let’s go!”

These boys heard the “leadership” speaking, and they were not ambiguous, and they immediately set off. Everyone drank beer while eating skewers with Liang Long.

Although everyone is young, it is not ambiguous at all. The red dust is accompanied, chic, so that the golden bottle is empty to the moon. One by one drinks all the way, it is not saved.

In the drunken eyes, Liang Long looked at the “subordinates” who were loyal to the eastward and crooked “subordinates”. There was really a comfortableness in their hearts.

But he drank a lot that day, so he didn’t remember the later things.

The following things were like this: Many parents heard that their children were absent from school and killed school, and then they saw the children in the field.


Because of this incident, Liang Long was included in the school history and was sanned. Even the local education bureau was alarmed.

But after this incident, Liang Long was still my own, and his personality did not change.

At the third party, Liang Long presented his first original song in his life, named “Evergright Youth Love”.


It means that adolescence is the transition period of love.

When writing this song, Liang Long knew nothing about those shit, and it was impossible to mention any composition, arrangement, and recording.


At that time, he had listened to many rock songs, especially liked the kind of critical lyrics. He also learned to operate so much.


It was such a “hand workshop” song that had received a warm response. After that performance, Liang Long floated.

High school? What are the use of high school?

He said to his father when he went home, Dad, we won’t go to school anymore, we want to play rock!

Liang Long’s father looked at the child in front of him, took a certain gaze, and then gently said:


“It is not easy for people to have a dream. If you can survive with this dream, it is even harder to be worth it.”

“Even if you go to Beijing to find Cui Jian, you have to recognize the words in the future, you have to recognize the words. You do n’t even have high school.

As soon as Liang Long heard it, it made sense. In order to write the lyrics in the future, this high school must be read.

After arriving in high school, Liang Long’s music was enthusiastic. He not only learned the guitar, but also made a college student rock music festival, which was very sensational.

After graduating from high school, he went to Beijing who was thinking about the first time. He had to go, and Cui Jian was still waiting.

After arriving at the capital, Liang Long immediately killed the Midi Music School of the Third Ring Road. The first sentence entered the door:

“Where is Cui Jian?”

After listening to the teacher, he was confused and returned to him: “Then you have to ask Cui Jian to go.”

Liang Long wanted to learn music in Midi, but the tuition thief was expensive. He couldn’t figure it out. The principal Zhang Fan asked him to pay the year and one year, and he couldn’t pay so much money.

The first trip to the north, just like this, Liang Long understood for the first time that Beijing was different from what he thought, and Cui Jian didn’t want to see it.

After returning to Harbin, Liang Long became a security guard from a certain office, at the end of 1997.


On New Year’s Eve that year, Liang Long was on duty, and the Spring Festival Gala was placed on the TV. The track was “Meeting 1998” in cooperation with Faye Wong and Na Ying. When the cold was frozen, Liang Long glanced at the TV in the room. At that time, he was the master who pointed out Jiangshan and stimulated the text. How could he fall to this field today?

The more he thought about it, the more he took out the cigarette butt, and he inserted it at his arms. In an instant, the smell of the burnt of the meat was filled. That night, Liang Long smoked 5 cigarettes in one breath, and hot 20 cigarettes. scar.

“I gave myself a vow at the time. If I couldn’t be a valuable person at the age of 40, I would make up 20 more.”

But the next day, Liang Long regretted it.

What scars are okay? What is the use of scars?

The scar on his hand turned pus, sticking to the clothes, and when he was torn off, it was so painful that the clothes were still sticky.

Soon after, Liang Long returned to Beijing. During that time, the work of singing in the Beijing night show was particularly difficult. Liang Long was highly heart -up and looked at the group of monsters on the stage. When it was time, I couldn’t write it.

Two drifts in the north ended in failure.

When he came back from Beijing, Liang Long drank with his friends and was drunk. After being drunk, he cried and died. His full arms were uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

In the days of hunger and cold, another road was in front of Liang Long -the countryside.

At that time, my friend told Liang Long that there was a brigade in Xinhua Village nearby called Su Yongsheng. This person had a unique life. He was able to sing and sing. When he was there, he could practice the piano and save life costs.

When Liang Long heard it, got it, left.


As a result, the second outskirts of the suburbs after childhood changed Liang Long.

Walking between Black Mountain and white water, the rural customs sentiment gave Liang Long a lot of nourishment. The people here are very simple. There will be someone to do it there. The young and old sites sit together and listen to the two, and all of them are happy.

Such a day deeply touched Liang Long.

“No one cares about your thoughts, no one cares about your identity.”

Here, Liang Long really put down his identity and began to think about the elements of the traditional two people. Is it possible to combine with the rebellious rock.

One day, Liang Long was practicing the piano in the yard. Su Yongsheng’s sister just passed, and Liang Long immediately said: “Old girl, you can tell me 3 numbers from 1 to 7.”

The girl answered without thinking: “6, 4, 3.”

Immediately, Liang Long wrote a song “Flower” with 643 as a chord:

“There is a girl like a flower, and another man says you don’t have to be afraid. Do you accidentally become home?


Both play and realistic.

In less than a month, Liang Long wrote 10 songs, including “Tricks” and “Train Fast” are all works of that period.


After that, Liang Long took the original and prepared to show his fists.


However, at the Harbin Music Festival at the end of 1999, the scene of the story happened, which made Liang Long particularly angry. That night, Liang Long began to draw a glamorous costume and stepped on high heels. It was a replacement of identity and a kind of self -protection.

In 1999, the “second -hand rose” was officially born. (Because rock music is in the eyes of many people, it is the exotic product of the West. Using “second -hand” is both a metaphor and a warning)

The audience is called “national punk”.

After the millennium, with the original second -hand rose, he began to fight Beijing again with the song. This time he succeeded.

It happened that the rock songs of Cui Jian, Zheng Jun and He Yong needed to inject a little “vulgar” genes. The style of rumors of second -hand roses was really unique.

It soon caused a sensation.

In 2003, the second -hand rose signed brokerage company, Huang Yan, the agent of the Tang Dynasty band, was originally responsible for operation. The happy band became hot, won countless awards, and performed all the famous Livehouse in Beijing. “Snow Mountain Music Festival” is still a concert that symbolizes the highest honor. This is the second rock band with this honor after Cui Jian.

In just three years, Lianglong Sparrow became a phoenix.

Now I do n’t have to find Cui Jian. Cui Jian came to know Liang Long himself and gave him a evaluation:

“You are the worst technology in the band I have ever seen, but the direction is very good.”

Faye Wong also trusted people to know Liang Long.

At that time, when Faye Wong and Na Ying sang “Meeting 1998” on TV, Liang Long was still a security guard in Harbin. Why did Liang Long not expect that one day, he could touch the goddess.

The two confirmed the relationship after a one -hour phone call.

But after the real relationship, Liang Long discovered that the goddess and his own extension were much larger than expected. Although Liang Long at the time, although Liang Long fire, the band did not make much money. Come over, what about Faye Wong?

As soon as he heard that Liang Long lived in Wangjing, the first sentence was:

“Which villa in Wangjing?”

Later, this relationship could not be left.

In 2004, SARS was raging, and the band was difficult to sustain.


During that time, Liang Long often went to some artist friends’ studios.

“By observing their creation, life, and talking about the creative motivation of art works, I suddenly felt like I opened another door, appeared a new desire to express, and began to record myself with modern art.”

Gracing rock and modern art together, this road, Liang Long’s exploration is 10 years.

He first engaged in the five modern record exhibitions, handling Chinese rock exhibitions on both sides of the strait, and then rock games. From the northeast to Hong Kong and Taiwan, the band performed by the band. Let Xie Tian laugh and throw a javelin.

He is rich in imagination and lack of good operation.

After several years of tossing, all his “original accumulation” all lost.

“There is no way, you enjoy this, so you lose money, lose the opportunity, and have no sense of frustration. He is right, I just feel fun.”

After such a blind date, he rejected the invitation of “Lexia”, but became the teaching director of “Son of Tomorrow” and became a beauty blogger.


In 2019, Liang Long “forced” to take a few beauty VLOG to the meager, which caused nearly 10,000 reposts within a few hours. “Rock Mother” label.


Later at the talk show, he teased his opponent Li Jiaqi and said:

“When will you come out a beauty blogger to play rock?”

In “The Trout”, Liang Long sang his famous Slgon:

“Brother, do you use rock? What is the use of rock?”

Looking back, Liang Long’s more than 20 years of music career seems to have done a lot of “useless things”.

Maybe, the biggest meaning of rock and the greatest significance of art is their “useless”. Use non -utilitarian and pure to interpret another kind of fried life.

Like Nietzsche’s sentence–

The greatness of man is that he is a bridge, not purpose.

Liang Long is a bridge. He is a phenomenon, and he represents a living method. You don’t like him, but you can never ignore his existence.


As early as the second -hand rose debuted, Liang Long and Huang Yiyuan’s positioning to the “second -hand” was not “entering the history of Chinese rock” but entering the “history of Chinese cultural”. Because the life of the band is limited, how powerful the tube is, and the culture is long.

As for how to define, in the history of cultural history, “the name of the Qing history”, Liang Long said:

“At least what to leave.”


How many people are the youth of how many people are relying on their son

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