Nine kinds of flowering plants that are very suitable for raising baskets can be raised on the south balcony of the township.


There are many flowering plants that are suitable for camida, including common flowers such as dwarf cattle, begonia, three -color 堇, green butterfly flowers, phoenix flowers, and geranium. Some of them like sufficient sunlight, and some are suitable for nourishing in the semi -yin. You can choose the appropriate flowering plant according to the environment at home.

The first is the golden bell




Many flower buddies’ potted gold bells hang up in summer. It is afraid of heat. It is difficult to raise it with shadow and cool environment in summer. After the autumn weather is cool, it is very suitable for re -planting the golden bell. They are very afraid of hot exposure, and they like sufficient scattered light and cool and warm environment.

If you like to hang the lantern -shaped flowers in the golden bell, you may wish to buy a pot. Its price is not very expensive, the amount of flowers is extremely rich, and the flowering period is extremely long. As long as the environment is warm, it can continue to bloom.


The maintenance of the golden bell must have sufficient scattered light to maintain the warm and humid environmental temperature. It grows best between 18 and 25 degrees. Pay attention to thin fertilizer application in the growth season. Pour directly on the pot soil when watering, do not pour it on the leaves and flowers. The other is to ensure timely fertilizer, especially during the flowering period, basically given potassium dihydrogen phosphate every week.

When maintaining the golden bell, keep the environment ventilation and maintain a certain air humidity. Be careful not to let the environment change too much. Do not move freely during flowering, let alone change the pot.

The second, black -eyed Susan

(Thunbergia ALATA)


Black -eyed Susan is a vine plant that can develop hanging pot flowers to grow its stems and leaves. Black -eyed Susan has green leaves and charming yellow or orange flowers, while the stamens are black.


Black -eyed Susan is suitable for planting after spring warming. It can buy potted seedlings directly. It especially likes the sun, and it looks particularly good in an environment with sufficient light.

When maintaining black eyes Susan, you must pay attention to replenishing the water in time. Do not allow the soil to dry for a long time. You should also keep ventilation and give sufficient fertilizer. Essence

After the flowers are withered, the residual flowers should be continued. If it is a warm place in the room, you can also buy seeds in winter for sowing and cultivation.


The third, Cui Diehua

(Lobelia Erinus)

Cui butterfly flowers like a cold environment, afraid of heat and exposure. It is a very charming herbal flower. The color of the color has common purple, pink, white, and blue. The flowers are very small and the amount of flowers is very amazing. It starts flowering after the spring is warm, and it has been driving until the beginning of summer. If it can be kept cool in summer, coupled with proper shade, it can safely spend summer, and it can bloom again in autumn.


Planting green butterfly flowers must provide it with fertile and loose and well -drained soil. It cannot keep the pot soil wet, and do not let the soil drought for a long time. Otherwise, its stems and leaves will wither and flowers.


In addition to maintaining the warmth of the maintenance, there must be sufficient scattered light to avoid exposure. During the flowering of long leaves, you must pay attention to replenishing the water in time. Basically, when you see the surface of the surface dry, water it in time.


The fourth type, Ma Yantan



Ma Yantan is what we usually call five -color plums. It is a small shrub plant that can also develop suspension flowers, which can make its branches and leaves fall down.

If you have sufficient sunlight at home, the kind of potted horses will become very simple. Its flowering period is extremely long. As long as the environment is warm, it can bloom in all seasons.

Potted horseshuman is in a position with sufficient light. Be sure to replenish water in time, so as not to let the soil drought for a long time. During the flowering period, it is necessary to apply thinly to ensure that flowers are splendid.

The fifth type, the drooping geranium

(Ivy Graniums)

In addition to upright varieties, geranium also has some hanging types of ornamental varieties. Their colors are extremely rich and the amount of flowers is particularly suitable. It is particularly suitable for the window sill or balcony with more sunlight.

Geranium will temporarily stop blooming except when it is overly hot in summer. As long as the environment is warm in other seasons, it can continue to bloom.


Geranium is a relatively easy to take care of it in the suspension flower. It is easy to adapt to the indoor environment. Occasionally forgetting watering, at most, the leaves at the bottom of the plant are yellow and dry. It is suitable for nourishing in the semi -yin, and also likes sufficient scattered light. During the maintenance process, pay attention to avoid frozen and ensure that the pot soil is dry and translucent. Pay attention during the growth period, and supplement water dissolved fertilizer every one or two weeks. Try to avoid the leaves when watering, so that the leaves do not allow the leaves to remain frequently.


Sixth type, Shizhuhua


Most of the stone bamboo flowers can grow well in the suspension. Whether it is fragrant stone bamboo, long summer stone bamboo, or bearded stone bamboo, it can be kept on the ceramics. It is best to choose some types of short stalks.


Shizhuhua is suitable for raising the sunny balcony and the south window sills. They can bloom brilliantly in spring and summer. The color of Shizhuhua is pink, red, and white. There are even many mixed varieties. The biggest feature of Shizhuhua is the colorful petals of the paper.


Shi Zhuhua must avoid excessive frequent watering during the maintenance process. It is very afraid of water. You must wait for 3 to 5 cm under the pot soil, and then add water to it. Cause rotten roots.

Seventh, horn

(Viola Cornuta)

Corner is very suitable for planting when the weather is cool in autumn. Novice can buy potted seedlings to raise it. The growth rate will be faster. It can be growing before the winter comes. Growing strong, the lowest can tolerate the low temperature of minus 4 to 5 degrees.

In the early stage of growing up, pay attention to the early growth, as long as the plant is slightly taller, it must be treated in time, so that it can promote more new branches, that is, cut off the top of the top. Pay attention to sufficient sunlight, replenish water in time, and do not let the pot soil too dry. The maintenance environment should have good ventilation. After flowering, cut off the residual flowers in time. Of course, regular fertilization is also indispensable.

Eighth, millions of Xiaoling


Millions of Xiaoling is a mini version of the dwarf, also known as “dance spring flowers”. They are the same type of plant, and the maintenance methods are the same. The plant with a million bells is small, the flowers are very small, but the amount of flowers is very large. It is very suitable for developing a suspension flower. When it is full of flowers, the view is particularly good.

If you want to raise a million bells, you can buy blooming potted seedlings directly on the flower market or online, and even buy brilliant flowering potted plants. During the maintenance process, you must pay attention to the sufficient sunlight. It is best to have direct light of more than 6 to 8 hours a day. After flowering, remove the residual flowers and supplement fertilizer in time.

Millions of bells will consume water in particular during flowering. Be sure to pay attention to water in time. Pour slowly when watering, and water it along the edge of the flower pot. Do not let the leaves flowers often dip the water.


Ninth species, Fengxianhua




Fengxian flower is a herbal flower that is particularly suitable for maintenance with hanging baskets. It is particularly suitable for raising on the balcony south or east. It is better in places where there is more light. Sembine, give more light in other seasons.

However, it is important to note that Fengxianhua is more afraid of cold. It is best to keep the temperature of the maintenance of more than 7 degrees in winter. When the temperature is low, pay attention to proper water control.

In the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, Fengxian flowers can continue to bloom. During the flowering period, in addition to ensuring sufficient moisture, fertilizer should also be supplemented on a regular basis. When watering potted phoenix flowers, try to avoid the leaves as much as possible, and do not let the leaves remain frequently remaining.

In the indoor maintenance, pay attention to normal ventilation. Do not let the leaves often dip the water. In addition, there must be good ventilation between plants, which can reduce the breeding of fungal diseases such as white powder and gray mold.