The first “snow” in 2021 -Emei Snow Bud Flying Snow was grandly launched



Emei Snow Bud Flying Snow was grandly launched.

This “snow” in 2021

2021年的第一场“雪” ——峨眉雪芽飘雪隆重上市

The same years arrived as scheduled.

Emei Snow Bud Flying Snow

It is made of refined Emei Snow Bud Tea and Jasmine Flowers. The unique craftsmanship makes the fragrance and tea fragrance wonderful, so that the tea leaves absorb the fragrance of the flower, and forms a unique jasmine tea.

The shape of Emei Snow Bud Flye is evenly neat, the soup is yellow, green, bright and bright, and the flavor is mellow and sweet. During the process of 窨, we pay more attention to the quality of the shape.


2021年的第一场“雪” ——峨眉雪芽飘雪隆重上市


2021年的第一场“雪” ——峨眉雪芽飘雪隆重上市

Soup color–

Yellow -green bright aroma fresh spirit high -sharp

Emei Snow Bud Flying Snow has three ruler

2021年的第一场“雪” ——峨眉雪芽飘雪隆重上市

1. The origin of the tea billet must be about 1000 meters above sea level. Such tea grows long, the internal quality of tea is good, and the finished tea is strong.

2. Jasmine must choose varieties with white flowers and good aromas, and have a good aroma. It has the effect of relieving cough and phlegm.

3. The hot summer is the most suitable time for processing.

2021年的第一场“雪” ——峨眉雪芽飘雪隆重上市

“Drink Chen, tea to drink new”,

2021年的第一场“雪” ——峨眉雪芽飘雪隆重上市

The newly listed Emei Snow Bud Flying Snow

As always, it has maintained excellent quality,

What’s more in “

2021年的第一场“雪” ——峨眉雪芽飘雪隆重上市


“The word was made on the article.

The aroma of Emei snow buds and snow is long -lasting, mellow and refreshing, the soup color is yellow and green, and the bottom of the leaf is tender and soft. Tea fragrance blends with jasmine fragrance, refreshing. It is a healthy drink to help soothe the nerves, relieve depression, strengthen the spleen, and improve the body’s immunity.

2021年的第一场“雪” ——峨眉雪芽飘雪隆重上市

In the midsummer, the fragrance of tea, Emei snow buds and snow are waiting for you! The long -awaited jasmine tea is fully listed today, with excellent quality and complete variety. Welcome everyone to buy.

Emei snow buds fluttering, the first “snow” in 2021, brought everyone a cool summer!