“Shopping Guide” New Year gifts do not know what to buy? Start these to let you open all the way in 2022


In the busyness, we spent 2021 safely. Looking back at this year, how many new black technology products have been listed, and I have not had time to experience it. In expectations, we are about to usher in 2022. It is better to take this opportunity to prepare a gift for ourselves who have been busy for a whole year and start a new journey of 2022.

Play anytime, anywhere, and the happiness is full instantly

Product recommendation: Nintendo Switch game console

Reference price: from 1949 yuan

Near the New Year, Nintendo Nintendo Switch Portable Gaming Machine is definitely a treasure product that must not be missed. Nintendo Switch is a game console that can switch forms in different occasions and play various games anytime, anywhere. And there are various gameplay, full of freshness, its lightweight body, portable design, high -value appearance, and classic IPs such as Mario and Serida are the core of attracting countless players. Connect the TV, projector, display and other devices to enjoy physical fitness games. When you go out, you want to play with your friends and just pull out the brackets on the back of the host. Share the handle and screen with your friends to play and cooperate. New Year with friends and relatives to play with this game console, play around anytime, anywhere, happiness is full!

Gaming performance accelerate, unlock the new experience


Friends who have high requirements for the quality of the game and the exclusive game who likes to be fine and more operable. Presumably, I must start with the new “router” Play Station 5. The amazing immersive experience is also the main feature of users. It is precisely because the player’s requirements for the game experience are getting higher and higher, the capacity of PS5 comes with SSD, but supports PCIe Gen4 x 4 m.2 NVMe, as long as you choose to read the reading speed of not less than 5500MB/s, PCIe 4.0 SSD can be expanded to get PS5 built -in SSD -like performance experience. The launch of PCIe 4.0 SSD products in 2021 can be the goal you choose.

Product recommendation: Dahua C970 Pro PCIe 4.0 solid state hard disk


Reference price: 1198/1TB from the start of the yuan

The Dahua C970 Pro solid -state hard disk can be said to be preferred by domestic storage. It adopts a new generation of PCIE Gen4.0 technology and reads as high as 7400MB/s, bringing a new speeding experience. The main control of the new generation 12nm FinFET CMOS manufacturing process provides a wide track for ultra -high -speed data transmission. Even if it works for a long time, the game screen can make the clouds flow smoothly. Starting this SSD, united with the game console, bringing unprecedented unprecedented gaming experience. The most worth mentioning is that ten years of warranty services and leading industry competitive products, while proved domestic high -end storage strength, also made users more at ease.


Kingston KC3000 PCIE 4.0 NVME solid state hard disk

Reference price: 2799 yuan/2048GB

Kingston KC3000 PCIE 4.0 NVME solid state hard disk uses the latest generation of group joint E18 PCIE 4.0 main control with 3D TLC flash memory particles, independent cache, the actual measurement speed of 2048GB capacity is more than 7300MB/s, and the writing speed also reaches 7000MB/s, breaking the current current PCIe 4.0 SSD competition is written on the market. This is a stunning choice for the geek players who are pursuing the game of the game. New Year, don’t entangle budgets, just start with high -end platforms!


Release the mobile phone space, save the king at the critical moment

Short videos can be described as the hottest areas of development now. Taking photos and videos to become everyone’s small habit, editing VLOG has gradually become a must -have skill for modern people. However, the pixels of the mobile phone are constantly improving, the memory is in a state of urgency, and the mobile phone transmission editing is very troublesome. If you can transfer the data in the mobile phone anytime, anywhere, you don’t have to worry about the storage space.

Product recommendation: Flash Di Huanxin I enjoy the mobile phone flash drive

Reference price: 269 yuan/64GB

The iPhone expansion, choose Flash Di Huanxin I enjoy the mobile phone flash drive. The eye -catching all -aluminum alloy metal body is strong and durable, small and portable, and it is not easy to stain in the fingerprint or scratching flowers from a practical perspective. At the same time, Sandisk IXPAND LUXE “C port” and the “lightning port” design is very suitable for transmitting files between iPhone and other devices, which is quite friendly for mobile phone photographers, VLOG bloggers and travel experts.

Product recommendation: Dahua T70 series mobile solid -state hard drive

Reference price: 359 yuan/500GB


If you are using the Android phone of the Type-C interface, the selection range of the expansion tools will be wider. The Dahua T70 high -speed reading and writing mobile solid -state hard disk is the new PSSD series of products stored at the end of the year at the end of the year. It uses high -quality flash memory to ensure the stability and lasting performance of performance. With USB3.2 Gen2 interface, the read speed is as high as 510MB/s. And this mobile solid state has only a business card size, light and convenient, you can carry it with you, easily put in your wallet and pockets, allowing you to expand anytime, anywhere. In addition, this Dahua T70 mobile solid-state hard disk supports the Type-C interface, which is adapted with mobile phones, computers and tablets. It stores a large amount of audiovisual resources and learning and office materials. Available. Dynamic mobile phone information at a critical moment to complete the mission of expansion. High value, high speed, can also be used as gifts for gifts and friends.

WD Elements SE new element mobile solid state hard disk

Reference price: 759 yuan/1TB start

WD Elements SE new element mobile solid-state hard disk is small and portable. It has a read speed of more than 400MB/s. Whether it is matching notebooks or connecting with mobile phones through Type-C interfaces, it can quickly read data and perform mobile office, game battle, etc. Essence If you choose a large -capacity specification, you can use it as a fixed expansion container, that is, plug and play, you can perform data exchange and access between different devices, which is quite in line with the needs of users who are rapidly disseminated by information technology in the new era.

Buying guidance:


Choose New Year gifts, of course, choose what you like, and also use practical. Based on the needs of most users, I don’t know if you like it? Near the New Year’s promotion, it is recommended that you pay more attention to price changes, grabbing coupons, combined purchase, buy it!