Design and appreciation of Lingbi Stone base


Lingye stone golden sound jade, which belongs to the deterioration rocks of jade, produced in Lingbi County, Suzhou City, Anhui Province. The volcanic sour rain washed, and it was formed by the natural weathering water for hundreds of millions of years. The history of the Tang and Song dynasties was called “tribute.”


Lingbi Town’s house to open up evil, stones are running, and the first four famous rocks in ancient China are the first to integrate “wrinkles, leakage, transparent, thin”, and integrate “shape, color, pattern, quality and one. The stone is unique, and from discovery and discovery to the process of giving its cultural connotation. The stone appreciation culture is an important part of the splendid culture of the Chinese nation. From ancient times to the present, to the officials and emperors of the officials, to the literati The ordinary people are obsessed with the charm of strange stone.


I am also a member of the stone appreciation family. From the beginning of the carving base, and then there are more stones, I am deeply convinced by the unique charm of nature and the unique charm of strange stones, and gradually fell in love with the strange stone collection. Today, I will introduce the design concepts of this Fang Lingli Stone and the base. This is the pictograph of the spiritual stone of the spirit, which looks like a character sitting meditation, watching the hustle and bustle of the world, and understanding the true meaning of life.

The base design style adopts bold exaggeration style, very creative, puts the characters on the fairy -like mountains and stones, carved a fumigation furnace in front of it, and the smoke came into a faint fragrance, setting out the atmosphere of meditation and understanding. A round of the clouds on the top of the head is lingering, which reflects the sense of space and the base of this square stone, so that it can better integrate the strange stones with the base. This is the key to doing the base. Some bases are exquisite in craftsmanship, but they are not related to stones, and they do not echo, so no matter how good it is to do.

Thank you for your attention, and continue to share the concept of base design and stone appreciation in the later period.