These “abnormal” details in Japanese kitchen seem to be inconspicuous, but all of them are very practical


When it comes to the details of the room, I have to talk about the Japanese kitchen. Many designs seem to be inconspicuous, but they are actually very practical and full of humanization.

Let’s take a look today, maybe it will bring you new inspiration.

Sinks integrated design

The edge of the countertop and the sink is basically curved, no gap

The Japanese kitchen tables and sinks are basically integrated design. This is to maximize the production of the surface gaps, avoid water stains or dirt accumulation, and virtually reduce the burden of cleaning.

Embedded induction cooker


In addition to the common gas stove, many families in Japan will also choose

Essence On the one hand, it can save table space, and on the other hand, it is also convenient to use.

However, the Japanese are very detailed about the design of the induction cooker. For example, in the top area, a baffle is specially designed.


It can effectively prevent the exhaust port from splashing to oil stain

This is more convenient to clean, and there will be no dirt in the dead corner of the gap.


In addition, a grilled rack is also equipped under the induction cooker, barbecue while cooking, not disturbing each other, and improving the efficiency of cooking.

Enamel plate wall


Most of the Japanese kitchen walls are not tiles,

But enamel board


Essence It has a good waterproof fire and moisture -proof performance, which is very suitable for the kitchen environment.


the most important point is,

Its oil anti -pollution capacity is strong

Essence Even if it is contaminated with oil, it will not penetrate into the gap and floats to the surface. It is very easy to clean with a rag or kitchen wet wipes.

Unique sewer

The water port under the sink adopts a three -story design, which are


Broker-filter-card slot


The biggest benefit of this design is: layer of filtration to avoid the ingredients from entering the sewer, blocking and reverse.

Above the water outlet, the cleaning tools are designed. Washing dishes, rag sponges, etc. can be placed here, and the water is automatically pipped into the water mouth, so don’t worry about residual scale.



Pulling faucet is basically standard in the Japanese kitchen, but the best point is,


The buttons on the faucet can directly adjust the form of water out of water.


Drinking water, hot and cold water, and tap water, the function is clear, it can be adjusted at any time, which is very convenient

There are usually two types of raw water and water purification. The water purification is pure water and can be drunk directly; raw water is tap water. It can be used according to demand, and it is very cost -effective to buy an additional water purifier.

Functional drawer


In addition to the large storage space and can all have no dead ends, there are many details:

① blade

On the side of the drawer below the sink, it comes with a blade. The commonly used knives can be stored in it, which is convenient for use. And bring your own children’s lock, don’t worry about the child being scratched by the knife.


Scattered tools and cleaning products can be stored for easy summarization.

③ kicking cabinet

The bottom design kick drawer, the feet are opened (can also pull), which greatly expands the storage space.


④ silent

All drawers have their own damping design, smooth switches, no noise, automatic deceleration, use super smooth hand

Putting the cabinet partition can be pulled

The Japanese kitchen cabinets are usually opposite the stove. This is designed,

It is mainly easy to operate small home appliances when cooking, without running back and forth;


Moreover, the barrier can be pulled. It is not necessary to get a small appliance at all. You do n’t need to push it back to save space. The kitchen looks neatly neat.


Measuring rice box

Not only insects and moisture and moisture, but also can be quantified. With the slope design, no remaining meter is left; the inner bucket can be removed and washed at any time, which is very suitable for home use.

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Embedded induction cooker