Your shoes should be changed! This winter is popular to wear these 3 pairs! The temperament is good -looking


Sisters, I found that after winter,

Warm and fashionable boots are essential.


I have also shared a few winter shoes shops before, but I also found a problem.


It is a big bug if you can pick your shoes and not to wear it!


For example, Meizi bought short boots, but she was ready to go home for cultivated land.


Or buy the current popular boots, but there is no sense of fashion to match.

Moving, autumn and winter boots are really not as casual as small white shoes and sneakers.

So I watched the wearing of major fashion bloggers overnight, and took the essence of boots to match. Today I don’t talk about how to pick up boots.


Instead, you talk about [How to match different boots]!

This time I divided the three common boots of leather shoes, short boots, and boots.

Small leather shoes can be regarded as evergreen in the shoe.


As a pair of wild -attribute shoes, you can wear it from summer to winter,


No one will not love!

And whether it is going to work, class or dating,

Small leather shoes can be handy on various occasions,


Stop holding.

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The “small leather shoes” here is quite large,


For example

Sisters first see if they have these shoes ~

Take the most conventional black leather shoes here for example.


This kind of leather shoes is the easiest to match,

You can switch with pleated skirts, skirts, straight pants, and different underwear. Salt and sweet style can be switched at will.


Let’s talk about these three colors in detail. After learning these three, you can contracted you to wear at work.

Leather shoes+pleated skirt


The combination of leather shoes and pleated skirts,

It can be said that it is a super strong college wind dress,


This combination is not to say that it is a boy, even a girl will be deeply attracted.

(Figure source:@(II)


Do n’t believe it, if you replace the pleated skirt with an ordinary A -line skirt, either says not to look good or lacks a little attractive.

But change the pleated skirt,


Just turn into a princess girl in an idol drama!


The sisters of Apple -shaped figure can be completely COPY,

The exposed legs just highlight the advantages of the slender limbs,

The pleated skirt with high waistline can also perfectly optimize the body proportion ~

You can also match the hottest baseball jacket this year,

With calf socks, there is a sense of college,


You are the elementary school girl of the Ministry of Sports!


And on the basis of small leather shoes+pleated skirts, whether it is matched with shirts, sweaters or vests, it can allow us to stay eighteen years old forever!


查 <


Leather shoes+skirt

How to wear small leather shoes+skirts,


It is more suitable for pear -shaped sisters with fat lower body,

Take notes here.


First of all, don’t choose a thick woolen skirt to keep warm,

The waist folds are too large, so that a small belly with a flat abdomen has a small belly out of thin air.

Or this kind of very elastic knitted knitted hip skirt,

The upper body immediately turned into a Michelin tire

(Don’t get close to knitted hip skirts, it will make you unfortunate).


If a sister with a bit meaty belly,


You can choose a skirt with a stiff waist or a local loose design behind the waist.

It can perfectly cover our cute little belly.


This folds with small skirts,

There is a sense of drape, which looks lighter,

At the same time, it will appear to be thin and neck ~

You can also choose a limited -e -corduroy and denim fabric in winter, with small leather shoes, with retro BUFF,


No matter what bright items are matched, there is a sense of story, and the classics will not be out of date.

(Picture source:@(@(()

Leather shoes+straight pants

Leather shoes with white straight pants,

Will be more British style,

Especially with a suit jacket, he immediately transformed into a urban beauty working in a fashion company in Paris.

The essence of this match is to roll up the trousers of straight pants and expose socks. If you are fashionable,

You can choose a more glamorous color to go to the end.


With denim straight pants, it will feel American retro ~


(Picture source:@(吖 吖)


But the above is more suitable for tall sisters.

Little sisters can wear thick -bottomed dwarf leather shoes, with straight pants,

Stacking shirts, vests, and baseball uniforms, pull up 10 centimeters in place and transform into a little hot girl.

(Picture source:@((:)


Let’s talk about it here ~

No matter which kind of lower leather shoes match,

If you want to match the overall match, the details of the socks cannot be underestimated,

Corresponding to the color selection of socks, the whole fashion is MAX!


Autumn and winter is simply the main battlefield of short boots, especially boots that happened to the ankle height.


It is also the most time I have played in autumn and winter. I see me when I look at me when I look at me every day: How do you wear short boots?

(Figure source:@016sss)


Especially thick -heeled short boots, wearing legs, long and thin, although with a little heel,

But it’s very comfortable, walking up like a flat ground ~

But this kind of design is too design, and the short boots are not recommended to buy it. If it is not easy to match, it is particularly old -fashioned.


It is also very rich in matching,


Even the neutral Chelsea boots are ease with floral skirts and pants.


In contrast to leather shoes, the short boots have a few girly atmosphere, and the style will be mature style. Don’t worry. When you see these three types of wear, the combination of short boots will be held.

Boot+floral skirt

Hurry up and take out the floral skirt at the bottom of your box. Don’t think the floral skirt can only be worn in spring and summer.

Putting a floral skirt in winter is true.

Sisters who are afraid of cold can put black and velvet bottom socks, so that both legs and short boots are all colors.

It can reach a good extension, and it is very thin visually ~

(Picture source:@小 ()

Sisters in the northern region can rest assured to match cotton clothes,


The choice of short boots is the same color as cotton, echoing at the end, and keeping warm but not bloated.



Suit+floral skirt+short boots. This match is really sad. It can be worn all year round.

The handsome feeling of short boots can just neutralize the sweetness of the floral skirt,

Increasing the gas field will not look aggressive.

(Picture source: @Cory Carry)

Boots+cropped pants

This way of wear can be said to be a match of Bailing Park, especially wearing a short boots with heels.

The combination of visual and actual combination is that Wang Biwu’s legs have long legs.


This kind of fashion blogger with European and American fashion bloggers is wearing a lot, and the French style,


Even if our amateur is copied 1: 1, the rollover does not exist at all.


Special stable.

Boots with nine -point pants are paired with wide -leg pants and can extend the leg lines,


It is particularly obvious to compare it ~


If it is too late to buy cropped pants, it is the same reason to roll the trousers’ feet ~

(Picture source:@(啊 ()

In addition, give you a small stove, how to roll your pants: (Learning this method to save the money to buy cropped pants)

Boot+suit pants

If you want to try the sisters who drag your sister style, you can try the way of wearing short boots+suit pants.

Let you be handsome directly.

Put the trousers into the short boots to create the vision of wide and lower,

It will be taller and thinner than not to be stuffed. A small sisters who are afraid of wearing short boots can try this way.

This kind of method is very suitable for sisters with slightly fat or legs,

Using the sense of falling and loose of suit pants, the disadvantages of the legs are used for stealth magic.

It looks long, thin and straight!

(Source:@) ()

The same ones are compared with short boots. Although tight pants are more feminine, they are handsome with suit pants, and they have some casual sense.

You can also use a set of suit and short boots,

It feels like wearing a kind of beauty agent,

Even in the middle of 180 boys, the aura is not lost at all.

When it is in early spring, you can also match a sweater,

Neutralizing the sense of neutrality of suit pants,


This kind of matching is full of high -level sense, and it is absolutely 200%in the street!


If you want to say the most warm shoes in winter, many people will definitely think of snow boots.


It’s really a big leak!

I want me to talk about boots


Let it be cold and windy,


Winter shoes that keep warm in MAX!

Like the popular knight boots and V -mouth boots in the past two years, it is the best choice that is the least easy to step on thunder and fashionable.

It is not no reason for such a sought after,


The stiff boots can not only tolerate the flaws of the leg shape, but also the legs can be repaired directly.

Sisters like legs can start with boots decisively.


Even if you are a national football calf, you can immediately become a small leg.

In terms of matching, the most I wear is short skirts and leggings.

There can be a feeling of fashionistas out of the street.

Then take a look at these two colors, how to wear it to make you a fashionable tide in winter ~


Boot+short skirt


After watching a lot of fashion bloggers’ boots, it is the highest on the appearance of short skirts.

Not only did the sense of layering of wear, but also appropriately showed the lines of the legs.

This kind of combination is very suitable for the sisters of apple -type figure. The high -waisted short skirt can just modify the waist and abdomen.

Select V -neck clothes on the upper body, visually prolong the neck lines.


(Picture source:@()

Like when it is not so cold in Shenzhen, I especially like to wear a longer sweater to create a feeling of missing lower body.

In addition to the high, soft fabric and small area of ​​exposed skin, they are intangible.

(Picture source: @lrisquan)


However, the northern sisters of the northern sisters who are dew, and the northern sisters can not carry it.


Keep warm and fashionable instant Upupup!


I feel, this kind of combination really gets up,


It should be a power -like dress with a big power.


Although the figure of Da Mi Mi is the type of God’s chasing rice, we can also learn from ordinary girls ~


This method of wearing is not only kept warm, but also the effect of thinness. In contrast, wearing short boots can easily divide the legs into three sections.

But if you wear boots, you feel that the visibility is full of legs.



This way of wearing is the best choice for the long legs to wear in winter.

Even with a thick lamb hairy jacket, it will not be strong.

Sisters with width width can use the middle and long jackets of the thigh roots, plus the blessing of the belt, and only leave the thigh part.


There is a waistline on the top, and the lower can cover it.

(Source: @nation? Did you go to bed early today)


With cotton clothes and down jackets, it can also reduce the sense of weight,

Others look bloated as bear, only your good -looking crane chicken group ~ This careful machine must get!

In fact, this summarizes that the most white is leather shoes and short boots. Almost all the bottoms can be worn, but the boots also have its unique temperament and style.


So sisters can take their own needs and match them according to their own style ~