This cotton boots are so soft like stepping into the rabbit nest, fashionable and warm family love


Many cities in the north were snowing two days ago, and Guangdong, which failed to fail in winter, also dropped more than ten degrees, and in the cold winter began to “freeze hands and froze”.

Many sisters have turned on the crazy buying model, but the shoes on their feet are always unsatisfactory.


The snow boots on the market are all the bottom of the beef tendon, wearing heavy and tired feet, the whole person looks like


Bloated and clumsy!

Friends in the south prefer


Drag in cotton,

But the sky is cold

Can’t wear outdoors,

Otherwise, it is easy to frostbite! As the saying goes:

“Foot warmth is warm”,

Especially in the autumn and winter rain and snow, you should do the heat preservation of your feet.

Today I will recommend you to wear a home outdoors, lightweight and warm and beautiful–

Snow Mountain Poor Cotton Boots!

This cotton boot


High -help mouth, you can also turn off, keep warm in all directions, warmer than cotton!

Inner imitation rabbit fluff, wear on the feet,

It’s like stepping into a small stove ~


There is a felt helper outside,

Wind -proof and anti -wrinkle,

A pair can be worn for several years ~


Boots lightweight soft bomb,

There is no weight on your feet, it is easy to walk, you can run quickly in the snow!

5 colors, the same paragraphs of parent -child, men and women, 100 times better than snow boots!

Winter cotton boots wear


Very bloated,

It is difficult to find a pair of beautiful boots for your baby.

Snow boots are really ugly!


Today this Snow Amales boots

Not only is the face value online, but it is very warm, and can be worn outdoors.


I believe many sisters can fall in love with it at a glance!

Not only the same men and women, but also parent -child styles,

The family can wear the same boots to go out, it must be very happy ~

Design of high gang bags,


Can surround the ankle and feet, so as not to let the snowstorms be organic. The shoes are as warm as a stove ~

One thread design,

The thief wearing and taking off the shoe is smooth, and the lazy people think they are super happy when they think about it ~

Like us

Shopping, walking dogs, buying vegetables


You can wear it out, don’t worry about frozen feet at all ~

The weather now,

You can put on it with your baby;

If it is snowing, you can also wear it to take your baby downstairs to step on the snow ~

Just put on work and sit in the office for a day, not cold!

If you feel hot, you can still turn the wool in front of the boots and wear it as a normal cotton boots. Don’t cover your feet at all ~

Make cooking, cooking, chasing dramas, and warm feet, warm all over the body ~

You can wear it outside the home, keep your feet warm and comfortable. Such cotton boots my sisters like this!


The cotton boots on the market,

Stuffy and impermeable, easy to stinky feet

And wearing the upper for a few days, there are folds, very ugly!

This cotton boot is different from what I bought before,

The windproof felt outside, the imitation rabbit velvet inside.

Everyone may be rare to make boots, but in Russia, winter felt boots are the necessary winter artifacts for everyone must have!

Most of the Mongolian bags in my country are made of felt, everyone who has been to know, know it,

The temperature inside is as warm as a small stove!

This is all because the felt has

Keep warm, heat insulation, shock absorption, rebound


Waiting for performance, so the warmth effect of cotton boots it does is also better.


The excellent rebound performance of the felt, so that this snowolita cotton boots have a certain


Anti -wrinkle, even if it is bent hard, it can quickly recover the original ~

There is no trace of folds on the upper, how long it is to wear as the newly bought,


PU upper with snow boots ~

The felt is breathable but not leaking, and we put it on it.

Don’t worry about the sweat of your feet,

As a result, the problem of foot odor ~


The inside is

The skin -friendly soft imitation rabbit velvet, the delicate and dense fluff is very textured, and it will not lose hair ~


Use ring drying technical support to create a microcirculation air layer in the shoes,

Effectively lock the temperature on the feet, the air in the circulating shoes, the more warm the warmth ~

Putting this cotton boots is equivalent to two warm “Mongolian bags”,


The feet are warm, and the whole body is warm ~

The cotton boots I have bought either the soles of the shoe, not warm, or heavy and heavy, and walking is tired!

The soles of this snowolus boots surprised me, although

The outsole is thicker 3.5cm, but it is very light,

It feels soft and waxy on the feet.


Effectively isolated cold air on the ground,


Comprehensive protection of both feet ~


It uses

EVA material of running shoe level,

Fully ensure the lightness of the sole ~


With the strong rebound ability, even if I bend strongly,

It can not deform for 180 °, and it will not break the bottom for a long time!

The soles made of this material are very wear -resistant and resistant,

I can wear a pair for several years ~


In addition, in order to wear more comfortable, 5 layers of soles are added to the soles:

Shumiandong, mute sponge, non -woven fabric, 60D high -bomb sponge and 15mm EVA pad.

Shu Mian velvet has a good breathability, not afraid of covering his feet on your feet ~

EVA pads and 60D high -elastic sponges are full of elasticity. Walking on it is like stepping on the sofa, it is softly rebound.


The non -woven cloth is on the sponge, which can protect the cotton boots well

Wear it for a long time ~

It is 5 layers than normal cotton boots, softer to step on the feet, and can still

Slow down the impact of walking movements.

The sole production uses midsole technology, so whether it is walking or exercise,

It can cushion the pressure and not tired at all.

What’s more important is that it is very light,


Only 180g,

It is much lighter than the snow boots on the market ~

Such cotton boots are super comfortable,

“Steel Step Step” feet, enjoy every step ~


There are many weather in autumn and winter, and it is easy to fall on the road. It is easy to leave water stains in the bathroom of the kitchen, and it is not safe to wash and cook.

There are elderly people, children, and pregnant women like us who should pay more attention to safety ~

This cotton boots soles are made

Non -slip design,

Improved the shape of the tire gear

Increase grip, friction with the ground!


After putting it on, stand firmly and properly,


Even if you walk slope, you are not afraid of it ~

After I passed it myself, I immediately bought a few pairs of people in my family, and I changed it back and forth ~

The weather is warm outside the house. Everyone put on it at work, sitting through the office all day, and the bottom of the feet is not cold ~~


The parents -in -law’s in -laws are old and like to visit the morning market. In the morning, the road is slippery and not assured.


And many fashion bloggers and Baoma on Xiaohongshu have put on it, and took the children to take good -looking art photos ~



Without a shoelace, the baby can put it on itself,

Can I still exercise independent hands -on ability ~

Whether going to kindergarten or going to the park to play, the baby puts on this cotton boots, it is absolutely fashionable ~

These cotton boots have 5 colors, divided into men, women and children ~

Men: Navy blue, meteorite lime, size: 40 ~ 45 yards.

Women’s models: barley white, rust red, jungle green, size: 35 yards ~ 40 yards.

Children’s models: jungle green, iron rust red, barley white, size: 24 yards ~ 34 yards.


If this cotton boot is worn at home, the size is just right; if you wear socks, I suggest you buy a big size ~

Frozen in the cold, brothers and sisters are better for their feet, and warm cotton boots ~


Or a pair at home, the company puts a pair, wherever you go, you can warm up, better to yourself, life will be happier.


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You Tune Snow Mountain Sinoccup Cotton Boots

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