Should the electric vehicle be equipped with a ranging shed?


Today, I took a battery car and took my son to school. The two people wore a raincoat to cover the sight. I can experience the feeling of rain wearing raincoats. I could n’t do this when I could install aushed. Some people would say that you can drive. Everyone has a child if everyone can buy a car and buy a house? Yes, but everyone knows at the environment at the gate of the school. The smaller the transportation of the transportation, the larger the space for parents. Riding until 30, I urged me every day, I am really depressed!

Many people say that the bus is hit by the bus on the rainy days. The problem is that 70%of our sides are raining all year round. The place where we live is biased, and the buses are not over. It is difficult to deal with. You say that the rain shed is dangerous, is it dangerous to hit the umbrella on a rainy day? If you do n’t pay attention, you can easily be rolled …

Do you have considered the feelings of our ordinary people, do n’t sit in the four -wheeled car all day for the driver to bring you the way, and come out to experience the life of the world! People travel, don’t cut it!