Better than: Xuebu is more comfortable: Robeez princess baby shoes


Robeez is the premier children’s shoe brand in Europe and the United States. It has been recommended by the most scientific shoes brand recommended by the American pediatrician.You can see it in street shooting.

比呀比: 学步更舒适:ROBEEZ 公主宝宝鞋

This Robeez babies learn shoes and pass the APMA certification of the American Football Medical Association, which can help the baby’s small feet growth and development.The upper material is 98%leather+2%polyurethane, and the high -quality material brings a comfortable feeling to the baby.The magic sticker design is tightly followed, which can facilitate the baby’s wearing, the rubber outsole is non -slip, the thin -bottom design naturally puts the force point and enhances the sense of balance.

Now this scholar shoe pink American Amazon offer

比呀比: 学步更舒适:ROBEEZ 公主宝宝鞋

$ 11.32

比呀比: 学步更舒适:ROBEEZ 公主宝宝鞋

, 4 ~ 6 yards are available, support direct mail China, direct mail

比呀比: 学步更舒适:ROBEEZ 公主宝宝鞋


Freight tax exemption

$ 14.58

, Get to hand

About 90 yuan

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